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Interpersonal conflict in the film Essay

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Updated: Dec 28th, 2018

The film that has been selected for analysis in this essay is the Hitch, which was produced in 2005 by Mordaunt and Tadross and directed by Tennant. One of the major interpersonal conflicts seen in this film is lack of proper communication between two persons that are in a close relationship.

According to Sole (2011), clear communication is essential not only in giving but also receiving information. Rather than allowing each other to communicate and evade misunderstandings about one another and clarify intents, they continue to have occasions where conflict results into an ugly eventuality. There are several instances where persons disagree with each other’s opinions. Whenever this occurs, it is necessary to attend to a person’s response and communicate views without causing more clashes.

In the Hitch film, a scene can be seen where the major couple argues over assumptions and conclusions that have been made by a partner. This clash was not controlled efficiently since one person made assumptions which resulted into conclusions and made the matter to become worse than expected.

If they appreciated the need and objective of effectual communication, they could have evaded the clash between each other by explaining their intentions. They could have talked to each other about their work to avoid severe feelings of dishonesty. In the movie, the characters, Hitch and Sarah, start an argument because she discovers that he was the “Date Doctor” from an individual who could not be considered a reliable source (Mordaunt, Tadross &T ennant, 2005).

Sara goes by the perception of her best friend’s misunderstanding with a man who asserted that Hitch had arranged to set them up for a one night stand. However, this was not true. Sara, who became unhappy that her friend was abused by the “date doctor”, decided to write an article against him providing several details that spoiled the connection that Hitch was trying to work on for his client.

Sara then went to Hitch’s place, since they planned to have dinner, and began showing strange feelings towards him because she was disappointed and believed he played her. Hitch could not understand why she acted like that but still attempted to carry on with their dinner plans. Eventually, she enquired about his occupation but he declined to give her any information because he was upset at the way she was acting.

As a result, she became more disappointed and began throwing food at Hitch, making him throw back food at her. She then walked away and went home. She absolutely presumed that Hitch was the one who gave other men the means of going around and playing with women (Mordaunt, Tadross, &Tennant, 2005). However, this assumption was incorrect. She would have confronted him by applying basic assertion, which according to Sole (2011) is the lowermost level of assertion in solving clash.

This kind of interpersonal conflict in the movie could have been avoided if Sara enquired from him if the allegations made by that person were true. Most likely, the night would have continued in better terms. Actually, the next time they meet they communicate effectively and solve their issues. Had they sat down and communicated to solve these issues completely they could have understood each other better and faster. Had Hitch made it clear to her about his occupation she could have never been shocked and could have better understood him.


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