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Historical Drama Essay Examples and Topics

“City of Life and Death”: Film Analysis

The reason for this is that the film's specified feature indeed provides a certain rationale to refer to Chuan's masterpiece as being rather unconventional, in the sense of helping to relieve the Japanese of at [...]

Rivera’s “Marisol” Drama on the Stage

Rivera looked at the troubles of homelessness, social disorder and inequality, as well as identity loss, from a poetic point of view and placed them in the setting of apocalyptic New York, in the world [...]

Native Americans History in “Thunder Heart” Movie

It should be stated that the historical significance of lands and the population living on it during centuries should not be underestimated and cannot remain underdeveloped notwithstanding the contradicting political views as they might hinder [...]

“The Last Emperor”

There is a vista at the beginning of the movie when Pu Yi, sat on the Dragon Throne, attended by his subjects, and he jumped anxiously from his position and ran in the direction of [...]

Europa Europa: Film Studies

Europa Europa is a 1990 movie outlining the autobiography of Solomon Perel, a Jew who lived in Germany during the reign of Hitler and managed to survive the persecutions of the Nazis.

The Battle of Algiers

The movie concludes that the French worn the war using the tactics, however, they soon lost as the Algiers later worn the battle to achieve independence.

City of Sadness

The title of the film is controversial and seeks to interpret events that influenced history of Taiwanese. Women in the film choose to suffer silently and represent family institution that is crucial to identity of [...]

Analysis of Inherit the Wind Film

Even through the producers of the movie state in the beginning that the movie does not represent the chronology of events, it is shown clearly that the movie portrays a historical account.

The Battle of Algiers

The soundtrack is sombre and is played to signify the real feelings of the victims as they are recovering the bodies of the dead children and women.

Critical Analysis of Elizabeth I

That notwithstanding, it is essential to note that the Queen possess practical wisdom that enables her to effectively reign and enhance the wellbeing of her people regardless of challenges.

Historical Film Review: Schindler’s List

The film Schindler's List tells the story of a famous German entrepreneur Oskar Schindler who saved the lives of many Polish Jews during the Holocaust. This is one of the main points that can be [...]

Glory (1989)

Colonel Shaw eventually started enlisting soldiers into the regiment thus leading to the emergence of the other actors depicted in the movie. The black soldiers also has the desire to secure the freedom of their [...]

Raise the Red Lantern

The sequence under analysis reveals the protagonist of the film, Songlian, who witnesses the murder of the second concubine of the master.

No One Is Perfect

Bertie is a prince of one of the most powerful states in the world, while Logue has a humble background. Bertie is under pressure from his father, King George V to satisfy the high expectations [...]

Flags of Our Fathers

The narrative construction of Flags of Our Fathers is an enigma with the development of the themes of heroism and nationalism.

The Historical Drama “Thirteen Days”

The president is reluctant on the decisions by the Joint Chief of Staff; to invade Cuba and destroy the missile site, as this will make the Soviet Union to invade Berlin, which was supported by [...]

There Will Be Blood

This essay analyzes the perspectives presented in the title of the film and how they help in understanding the concept' There Will Be Blood.' Daniel Plainview is a complicated character in the film who is [...]

Film Analysis-Danton

Despite the fact that the armies crossed the borders, the fierce battles of the revolution took place in Paris and its environs.

The King’s Speech

The film, The King's Speech is a story filled with intricate anti-stereotypic images and paradigm shifts within a larger plot of the British royal family.