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Films Comparison Essay Examples and Topics

“Some Mother’s Son” and “The Boxer”

Unlike Some Mother's Son, which introduces a unique dilemma and promotes an entirely different image of a woman as a nurturer and a fighter, therefore, subverting the traditional stereotype of women being helpless damsels in [...]

Robert Altman: Global Popular Culture

After all, as it can be seen in the film, it is such their sense that weakens their ability to act as the agents of progress, which in turn undermines the integrity of the American [...]

Metropolis and Modern Times Movies

Thus, this supports the scenery of consumption in the city of Metropolis since the growth rate and development of the city is so fast and in the process supports the scenery of production.

Film Analysis: Korean War Films

One way of looking at the movie it to examine it in the context of its historical period and attempt to discern its unique aspects, the fact is the movie is set within an era [...]

History of Disaster Films

This is the fundamental difference between the disaster films of 1950s and the present day films that are more of hybrid genre. The historical events captured in disaster films showed how a disaster happened and [...]

History of Movies

The purpose of this paper is to compare the two movies, Bonnie and Clyde and Breathless in the way ethical situations of the main characters are handled.

The Story of Qin Ju and Ermo

Concerning 'The story of Qin Ju', the main actress Qin Ju although she is expectant and she was in her last trimester could not burry her head in the sand after seeing her husband kicked [...]

Comparison of Two Sequences

The sequences taken from the films To Live and The Road Home can present a different use of formal elements; however, one can argue that both of them eloquently portray the despair of women who [...]

The Comparison and Analysis of Sequences

Thus, the sequence from Red Sorghum is started in red in black colors to reflect the tension of the characters' feelings in the mise-en-scene when the sequence from The Road Home is in vivid and [...]

Peter Pan and Hook

There is also a major difference in the atmosphere evoked during the story retelling and in the attitude or the way the storyteller presents the participants of the action.