Films Comparison Essay Examples and Topics

Robert Altman. Global Popular Culture

Throughout the course of recent decades, the rise of a global popular culture and the manner in which it is being reflected by movies have been discussed from a variety of different sociological perspectives. As a rule, the individuals that discuss this particular socio-cultural phenomenon do agree that the emergence of such a culture has […]

Compare and Contrast: «The Searchers» and «Dances with the Wolves»

Introduction It seemed to be an American tradition to be fascinated by films that depict the western culture of the United States of America. During the 20th century, novels and movies that depicted the western culture of the country were widely spread and sold within the country. Perhaps, The Searchers directed by John Ford and […]

Metropolis and Modern Times Movies

The two movies, Metropolis and Modern Times relate the consumption of a city to its rate of production and ability to satisfy its citizens. The movies illustrate how individuals struggle to fit into a society that is industrialized and highly developed beyond their imagination. The city’s pace of production and development is so fast that […]

“The Breakfast Club” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” Movies

During the 1980s, the prevalent generation was known as ‘baby busters’ because the term Generation X had not been coined at the time. Just like in the present, the movie industry of the 1980s paid much attention to teen culture. According to demographic experts, half of the world’s population is made up of people who […]

Film Analysis: Korean War Films

Pork Chop Hill The movie “Pork Chop Hill” is based off the 1953 battle between the 7th infantry division of the U.S. army and the forces of the combined communist forces of China and North Korea. Interestingly enough the movie was actually released in 1959, six years after the Battle of Pork Chop hill. Whether […]

Illustration of Major Themes in Movies

Introduction Movies are not only entertaining, but are also educative. Moviemakers use movies to bring out varied themes, trends, concepts, and stereotypes that are prevalent in the society. The society ought to identify its shortcomings and correct them by watching movies, which are in most cases organized in a manner to expose the weaknesses and […]

Films Comparison: “The Fields” by Roland Joffe and “Hotel Rwanda” by Terry George

Introduction Movies and films play an important role in reflecting on real life issues in societies besides entertaining. Such issues include; moral decay, corruption in government, infringement on human rights and poverty. This paper will examine two movies; “the fields by Roland Joffe and Hotel Rwanda by Terry George”. The review focuses on similarities and […]

Transgender issues in “The Crying Game” and “M. Butterfly”

Historically, community has difficulties with accepting not only peculiarities of the others but even their own nature. The acceptance of the phenomenon of transgender status in contrast to widely spread stereotypes on it is one of the central themes and moral messages of the 1992 movie The Crying Game and the 1993 movie M. Butetrfly. […]

History of Disaster Films

Disaster films are films that tell a fictional story or a true story based on a disastrous event. Disaster films, which are mostly feature films, have dominated the commercial cinema since the coming of classical Hollywood. The major feature of these films is their element of spectacular disaster (Mast & Kawin, 2010). This element allows […]

The Taxi Driver and the Dance with Wolves films

Introduction A movie is a visual medium and normally attempts to portray certain parts of written piece of thoughts of characters not explicitly expressed. The film Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese displays the frustrations of an ex-marine officer in New York City who becomes a taxi driver to contain his chronic insomnia condition. The customs […]

The two films ‘The Story of Qiu Ju’ and ‘Ermo’

Introduction The two films ‘The Story of Qiu Ju’ (1992) and ‘Ermo’ (1994) are films that were produced in order to show the viewers some of the social changes and practices in the Chinese society. The Chinese society during Mao era had a completely different social arrangement and practices compared to the new (present) era […]

History of Movies

Introduction Bonnie and Clyde The movie, Bonnie and Clyde can be considered as one of those films that changed the course that the American Cinemas had taken. It is a rare film that best gives a presentation of cruelty absence. As a result, this absence of cruelty causes an off balance to the people watching […]

The Story of Qin Ju and Ermo

Introduction The essay is a comparison of two major films, ‘The Story of Qin Ju’ released back in 1992 and ‘Ermo’ released in 1994. It is worth noting that both the films are of Chinese background. The two are under the genre comedy drama films directed Zhang Yimou (The story of Qin Ju) and Zhou […]

The Quintessence of Independent Films – Daughters of the Dust and Lone Star

Cinema/film industry has become a very conspicuous and phenomenal form of mass entertainment with the extent of its popularity, influence, and proliferation having a global impact. Artistic expression and development via technological expediency has made it an unequaled facet of visual/fine arts since the inception of the 20th century. The American (United States) film industry […]

Analyzing Movies: “300”, “Valkyrie”, “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”

Introduction Film critique plays an important role in attracting audiences to theatres. Whether a film is a high budgeted movie with flooded cast or a small movie which is released limitedly, the analysis of the movie play a crucial role in the future business. There are various independent organizations that carry out the analysis to […]

Putting the Incompatible Elements Together: Avatar Meets Gladiator

The issues of power and political difference have always been of great interest for scholars, politicians and mere mortals due to the controversy around the former concepts. As a result, the two have spawned countless number of artistic interpretations, Cameron’s Avatar and Scott’s Gladiator being the landmarks of the XXI century take at the problem. […]

The Wild One (1954) and Quadrophenia (1979)

Subcultures can be regarded as byproducts of development of certain trends in the society. At the same time, they also shape the development of the entire society. The films The Wild One (1954) and Quadrophenia (1979) reveal the impact certain subcultures have on the society and individuals. It is necessary to note that the protagonists […]

Maggie Fitzgerald in Million Dollar Baby and Betty Ann Waters in Conviction

The essence of the characters – Maggie Fitzgerald in Million Dollar Baby and Betty Ann Waters in Conviction – are completely different. Hilary Swank plays both the characters in the movies. In case of both the films, it seemed that the characters were right for Hilary Swank. The tomboyish character of Maggie is strong both […]

Film Studies Discussing Problems in Northern Ireland

A close examination of two separate films centered on problems in Northern Ireland, which are Patriot Games (1992) and The Boxer (1997) one is able to see the ways in which different filmmakers, making films for different audiences approach themes. This can be evidenced by the use of violence to achieve political ends, the splintering […]

‘A Walk in the Night’, ‘A Dry White Season’

Introduction In the recent past, there have been numerous movies shot as well as books written highlighting the way violence and discrimination affect Africans and people of different from white skin color. People may assume that apartheid or discrimination due to the color of skin no longer exists, but research proves otherwise (Matsinhe 58). Apartheid […]

How war is depicted in films of different generations

There is a sharp contrast in the manner in which war is portrayed when comparing old generation and new generation movies. These differences are attributed to changes in technology and the tactics employed to tackle war. The general perception of war has also contributed to this contrast, taking an example of the movies; “Top Gun” […]

The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) is one of the best films ever made as it teaches several important lessons about life. It also teaches a lot about business. The movie tells a story about a successful banker who is accused of murder. He is sentenced to two life imprisonments. He becomes an inmate in the Shawshank […]

Gone with the Wind (1939) and Dr. Zhivago (2002)

Introduction Conventionally, movies underscore common issues that touch on the society and thus they share common themes because they present issues that affect people in society. For instance, romance movies integrate several other themes into the romantic scenes, which allow them to focus on other pertinent societal issues such as wealth, violence, and politics among […]

Film Studies: the Sequences of Camera Movements

Sequence chase-RH and sequence chase-Hero can be regarded as good examples of how different formal elements (camera movement, color and sound) convey different ideas. Of course, these formal elements are means of communication for a film director who starts a dialogue with the audience. The sequences are very short (chase-Hero lasts 19 seconds and chase-RH […]

Comparison of Two Sequences

The sequences taken from the films To Live and The Road Home can present a different use of formal elements; however, one can argue that both of them eloquently portray the despair of women who has lost people extremely dear to her. This paper is aimed at discussing and comparing the way in which different […]

The Comparison and Analysis of Sequences

The two sequences taken from Zhang Yimou’s movies Red Sorghum (1987) and The Road Home (1999) can be discussed as the illustrations of the director’s approach to using the theme of exchanging glances in order to emphasize the definite relations between the characters. Thus, to demonstrate the relations between the woman and the workers and […]

Peter Pan and Hook

Peter Pan is a story about a boy who refused to grow up. The book depicts awful feeling experienced by those who are going through a transitional stage of development, from childhood to adolescence and from adolescence to adulthood. Escaping responsibility and various changes that accompany maturity are the central themes of an original story. […]

Analyzing the main character in two Latino films

Introduction Movies have grown to become of different importance to different individuals. Since the inception of movies in the 1860s movies have continued to evolve and the modern day movies can be classified into numerous categories such as educational, documentary, action, horror, thriller, drama and so on (Hill and Gibson 169). As such they offer […]

Similar Themes in the Movie “King Lear” and “About Schmidt”

Introduction The film that I consider to contain similar theme as the ones in King Lear film is the movie tilted About Schmidt. Some of the most noted themes in both the movies include justice, loyalty, family conflicts and power struggles. It is clear that both the film directors have used these themes in order […]

White Zombie and The Thing on the Doorstep

Introduction The aim of horror films and books is to cause fear and trepidation while at the same time entertaining and fascinating the viewers and readers. This discussion will look at two works of horror fiction, the film White Zombie by Victor Halperin and the tale The Thing on the Doorstep by H.P. Lovecraft. The […]

The Male Warrior in Film: How America Shapes Its Men

Introduction The United States of America is a developed nation with different and unique forms of entertainment. Film or movies are the major forms of entertainment in the US especially during leisure time. The film industry is special in the US, and this aspect led to the establishment of Hollywood, a famous acting industry. Besides […]

Similarities and Differences between Iron Man And Super Man

Introduction Iron man and superman are two movies that entail characters stepping in to perform tasks that seemingly grew beyond the capacity of the security officers in the localities. In the iron man, the character Tony Stark is introduced as the man at the top helm of a “military contracting” company. As Stark travels to […]