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Lunacy and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” Essay

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Updated: Aug 18th, 2022

This paper analyzes the two films which are known as Lunacy and the one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. The responses of both the films are actually analyzed in the paper which would easily make it a response paper.

The story of lunacy revolves around the western front. This movie revolves around the scenario of an ideological debate and actually starts with a direct address by Svankmajer. Certain analyst actually believes that this film is not a successful film but this film fascinates the viewers. However, the director of the film actually believes that it’s a horror film and this cannot be classified as the work of art. He stressed on the point art can be classified as dead anyway. The entire film revolves around the ideological debate of running a lunatic asylum. However, it can be said that the first thirty minutes of the movie revolves around some preliminary business. But the majority of the film is based on the philosophies of Marquis de Sada and they are actually filtered through two stories based on Edgar Allen Poe. There are several psychological nightmares that are attached with this film. It’s a two hour movie and in the initial stages of the film people usually get bored from the film while everyone would rejoice the ending and the plot of the movie. The entire film is based on two stories which are known as the “The System of Doctor Tarr and The Premature Burial” by Edgar Allan Poe (Triska and Svoboda).

This movie is quite interesting and it is based on the scenario of insanity which actually means mental illness. The entire film is based on criminal who decided to move towards a mental institution to avoid prison work. However, the doctors ordered McMurphy that he cannot leave the mental institution unless and until he is found fit for the society. McMurphy’s relationship with other patients in the ward grew rapidly and such an environment started to prevail in the institution that differences were created between the authorities and the patients. The main character of this story McMurphy in collaboration with the head nurse tries to understand the mentalities of other patients in the ward. However, the entire movie revolves around the scenario of insanity and how people view insanity in others perspectives.

The next chapter of the book revolves around the scenario of the term society and the society is presented in a beautiful manner when McMurphy is admitted in the hospital. The social influences of other people are depicted in this chapter. The interactions of patients in the institutions were limited and many patients have differences with each other. They follow their daily routines and these daily routines are characterized by a society which is known as the society of order and regulations (Kesey and Faggen). In the similar manner the culture of this society is same and it is known as insane. However, McMurphy plays a vital role in the society and he develops relationships with other individuals of this society and an atmosphere is developed in which interactions are quite easy with each other.

In the similar manner it can be said that a proper group was actually formed and this group was led by McMurphy. The core characteristic of this group was that this group interacts with each other and they were involved in different activities. After a certain period of time this group becomes a primary group and the patients that were in this group possess common thoughts and desires. In the next chapters of this book cultures are philosophically defined in this book. These cultures and norms are prevalent in the entire story that focuses on the actions of McMurphy and other patients. The violation of norms was initiated by McMurphy when he engaged in a fight with certain other patients. In the similar manner he attached the hospital and that is the reason why he was given electric shocks to control his behavior and emotions.

The seventh chapter of this book discusses the scenario that medications were provided by the hospital staff to control the illness of the patients and usually the head nurse of the institution provides the medicine.

The number of wrong doings by the customers is characterized by the term deviance and the deviance of the patient is basically defined as the action, idea or attribute which is usually strange for the society. McMurphy was actually involved in a statutory rape and this situation is considered as the element of immorality which was committed by McMurphy. Because of this immoral act McMurphy was actually sentences to work in a camp. Furthermore, it can also be said that the element of group think is also present in the society of patients and McMurphy in many instances pressures the patients to follow his instructions.

The ninth chapter of this book discusses the element of bureaucracy in the society and how a society follows the structure of bureaucracy. The fifteen chapter of the text actually discusses the element of social reconstruction and how it is implemented in the entire scenario of this movie.The ideologies of the patients are discussed in this chapter and it actually depicts that patient’s need mental freedom and they also want changes in their institution. The patients of the institutions take collective actions against the administrations policies and regulations.

Thus, in a nutshell it can be said that society is comprised of different behaviors and different individuals with collective behaviors form a certain society (Kesey and Faggen). This book depicts how different characters and ideologies in a society are different from each other. Furthermore, if we analyze this movie then one can easily learn different sociological concepts. In the similar manner one can easily analyze the concepts related to mental institutions and the living methodologies of mental patients. This film depicts an analytical approach and it gives a deeper analysis of the aspect of lunacy and it also depicts that how it is perceived by the society (Kesey and Faggen). However, major aspects that are attached with sociology and psychology can be discussed through this film. Finally it can be said that through this film the sane side of life can easily understood.

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