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Updated: Sep 18th, 2022

Probably the most critically important issue, which is addressed in the film V for Vendetta, is the issue of terrorism. During the development of the film’s plot, its directors constantly address such important questions as to whether terroristic actions are justified by their exalted objectives, whether numerous casualties among civilians are approved by the desire to overthrow the oppressive government, and whether terrorism is a phenomenon should exist. In the following paper, the issue of terrorism in the world and its consequences for civilians will be discussed. Overall, the evaluation of the facts shows that the achievements, which became possible due to the use of terroristic measures, are much less than the harm that has been done; thus, terrorism must become a part of the past.

Terrorism is one the saddest phenomena, existing in the modern-day world. Each day people hear numerous reports featuring the most mind-blowing messages concerning unbelievable cruelty that the victims of this terrible realia of contemporaneity had to face. Although the world is fighting terrorism, resorting to the use of the most effective and thoroughly elaborated measures and strategies, this problem appears to be ever-growing and more and more complicated from day today. It evolves more and more territories, which were not affected before. Besides, there are significant complications of the situation in the lands, where the fight with terrorism has been led for decades.

Speaking about terrorism as the world’s pain, the legal aspects of terrorism are to be addressed. Even since the days of Julius Caesar, there existed a strict system of punishment for those, who participated in this terrible practice. Nowadays, a row of strict measures is also developed in order to prevent terrorism. According to Kis-Katos, Liebert, and Schulze (32), political “systems have coercive apparatuses that inhibit or reduce terror operations… [and still] their felt grievances may not be reduced substantially through democratic means of opposition”. Thus, legal measures against terrorism and their constant update are to be taken seriously. Criminal justice professionals thwart or disrupt terrorist activity through the legal investigation of suspicious activity and crimes as it can be often heard in numerous reports in the newscasts. For instance, the success of such important measures can be seen when as a result of such measures, international terrorists are identified and destroyed (LaFree and Dugan 182).

Still, the success of those, who try to combat terrorism in the world, is rather modest if to compare it with the horrifying consequences of global terrorism in many lands (Winsdor 44). Professionals in the field of fighting terrorism stay current on the law on the reason of constant developments in this area, but this does not affect the situation in the world terrorism significantly (Abadie 52). According to Piazza (470), the average annual rate of growth in the number of terrorist attacks in the world reached 4.5% in 2011. Unfortunately, the effectiveness behind the efforts of terrorist fighters in the world is not sufficient enough to even stop terrorism in the world from its development (Kis-Katos, Liebert, and Schulze 33). Regrettably, terrorism affects more and more territories. For example, the peaceful country of Ukraine, which never saw any difficulties in this area, faced them not long ago as the reflection on the events of preparation to the football tournament of Euro 2012 (LaFree and Dugan 185).

The sad facts regarding terrorism, mentioned above, prove that the harm done by terrorism to humanity is far greater than the benefits it may bring to particular individuals, who are defending their position. There are no doubts about the fact that the issue of terrorism is to be solved, and this is to be done as soon as it is possible, and without returning to it in the future. Thus, popular film directors such as the Wachowski brothers should make films with new concepts, vindicating peace in the world, and motivating people to reject the harmful practices of terrorism.

Concluding on all the above-discussed information, it should be stated that terrorism can be evaluated as one of the most troubling phenomena existing in the world nowadays. Despite so many efforts by the powers, to fight this terrible phenomenon, its development is ever-growing. Due to such an actuality of the issue of terrorism, it is no wonder why the creators of the V for Vendetta movie, the Wachowski brothers and Joel Silver, have put such a deep significance on its discussion in the movie. It is true that each viewer will give his or her own evaluation of the vision of the terrorism issue by the creators of the film. Some people will say that they approve of it whereas others will state that it is not so. Anyway, the evaluation of the facts regarding the consequences of terrorism in the world proves that humans have much more harm than benefits from it, and for this reason, it is important to implement all the possible measures that would help stop terrorism in the world forever.

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