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The Weeping (Melting) Earth Essay

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Updated: Oct 9th, 2021

My creation “The Weeping (Melting) Earth” demonstrates the actual picture of the earth as it is today. The melting of the cool clue mountains and ice caps by the fire created through the inactions of the humans the world over, actually shows that the earth is weeping and lamenting the activities of selfish humans and this melting (weeping) of the earth could lead to natural disasters and calamities. The title has been chosen to illustrate the inactions of humans and the resultant consequences which they have to face due to these inactions. Man’s selfish nature has distorted the face of the earth, due to the serious effects of pollution and global warming. The rapidly changing structure of the industrialized world is resulting in the rapid change in the beautiful structure of the earth.

The creation was deeply influenced by the themes and ideas of David Hockney and Edward who is a photographer with an environment focus. The prominent theme in the works of both these artists is the way nature and natural beauty is being transformed through the heavy industrialization which occurs by man’s actions, the underlying message of my creation as well. The environment and the debilitating effects of pollution which is the direct result of the irresponsible acts of humans, has resulted in serious problems with regard to the earth and it s atmosphere. This creation of mine, ‘The weeping (Melting) Earth’ aims to highlight the problems caused to the earth due to the unthinking nature of man and how these problems have ‘angered’ the earth and caused its face to change, which could cause serious natural disasters due to the melting of the ice caps and the polar mountains.

Additionally, Hockney’s mosaic style inspired me to try the technique, which in turn motivated me to try using gypsum for bringing out the desired effect. The creation has given me the confidence and determination to try and evolve my qualities through the process of hard work and trial and error. This is definitely not an easy task as the play of hands is not without faults. However, the techniques can be perfected only through hard work.

I had begun the process of creating the globe, but the more I worked on it, each time I did something, I got an idea to better it. I had initially begun working on the globe painted in red, depicting fire. I had decided to keep the two halves differently, with the upper half painted and the lower half done in mosaic. However, while working on it, I suddenly hit upon the idea that the upper half of the globe could be done in blue to depict the melting ice caps which are dripping due to the effects of pollution and global warming.

Having decided to paint the upper half, I was well aware that it is indeed a big challenge to do so, since I had never ever used it or tried doing it during the course. However, to my surprise and great ecstasy, the effect was truly amazing. The effect of melting came about fantastically with the globe really looking as though it was melting, the ice caps, and the mountains……all melting and dripping into the deep blue sea. This also represented my idea very well, that the earth is ‘weeping’ due to the fire created by man. The fire at the bottom half, is due to the irresponsible activates of man and as a result of which the heat was causing the Polar Regions to melt. The horrible effects of this are now known to the world and this point has been depicted by the two portions of the earth. Indeed, I was proud of what by my new innovation and what I had achieved on my own.

With the bottom half completed in the beautiful stark colors of orange and different shades of red to illustrate the fire with the mosaic texture, the upper northern part in gypsum, which is in stark contrast to the bottom half, painted in shades of blue and white to give the effect of the melting ice and snow, too was looking great when it was completed. I felt a sense of great achievement and pride when I succeeded at my experiment and courageously made the changes. I also painted the base platform of the globe with shades of blue, giving it different strokes and the effect was truly amazing. I do admit that this is the trial and error method I used, but confidently went ahead and tried it, and the results were simply fantastic. I definitely gained more confidence from this and realized that in order to achieve good results, u need to work hard and try new things fearlessly and confidently.

In the process of painting the upper half of the globe blue in color, I had to swop the two halves of the globe. The half with the mosaic fire had to at the bottom and the other half prepared with gypsum had to at the top, since my idea is to depict the melting ice caps by coloring the upper half with blue paint. This was not at all an easy task to do as the gypsum is heavier than the mosaic portion; nevertheless, I tried my level best and ultimately succeeded in achieving the true meaning through the two portions of the globe.

Additionally, I had the double task of breaking the rings which I had earlier prepared, as I had swapped the two portions of the globe. So, with the new sizes, new rings were required for both the portions of the globe. After breaking the rings, I had to take them to a shop and then fix them back together. I also had great difficulty on putting the stick through the middle portion of the globe as the globe is placed on a base and I wanted it to move like a real earth rotates on its axis. I was finally successful in making the globe move and rotate on its axis.

Formal Analysis

The use of two different materials for making the globe, red mosaic for the lower portion, and gypsum paint for the upper portion proved successful in achieving the purpose of appropriate effect to the structure and the finish of the globe. The final effect has been good with the use of contrast colors, red and orange at the lower half of the globe to depict fire, and blue and white at the top to achieve the melting effect.

There are several elements and principles of design in the artwork which I have used to create the final effect. The design of the actual earth has been used to create the shape of the globe and the color of the original earth blue, has been used to bring about the appropriate effect. The different textures were created by using paint for the melting effect and mosaic for giving the effect of fire. The principles of art have been included in the creation, primarily by the use of color contrast, which are the cool blue melting mountains and ice caps as contrasted with the hot, orange fire of the bottom. The contrast color scheme brings out the opposite effect of the earth.

Emphasis has been achieved by the dark and strong colors used and the directional movement has been successfully accomplished through the stick in the center of the globe, to ensure its rotation on its axis like a real earth. The balance has been achieved by the rings across the two portions, the top as well as the bottom so that both the sections look asymmetrical to one another. Variety has been thus achieved through the combination of color schemes, contrasts, and the total effect of the earth.

I feel that the composition of the globe by cutting it into two halves and making both the halves with two different materials has been a successful experiment. I am very satisfied with this outcome which has given me the desired results. Indeed this was not an easy task and I faced great problems in doing so. However, with the grit and determination of illustrating my true idea, I experimented and worked hard and the hard work paid off. The globe is placed on a stick which enables it to move and rotate like a real earth would. This has been a focal point of my creation. Besides, I represented two ideas with a single creation. The fire in the earth and the ice caps melting due to the fire.

I was deeply motivated by the idea of creating immense variety in the creation and making it as meaningful as possible, and this is why I included the different textures, color schemes and contrast. Life is in itself extremely diverse and rich with all the color schemes nature has used. I have tried to represent this aspect with the use of different shades of blue and white which I have merged to get hues of nature into the creation of the globe. Similarly, the color schemes of deep red and orange to depict the raging fire on the earth has enabled the creation to look beautiful with the two contrasting color and texture schemes.

The creation of the globe as two distinct halves denote that they are joined yet so distinct from each other, with the top upper portion representing the mountains and the ice caps and the lower bottom portion depicting the fire, the real fire in the center of the earth as well as the fire in the form of pollutants which is emanating much heat and making the ice caps melt. So, I think that the creation has been successful in reinforcing my idea of a globe which is changed due to the actions of man.

The central message which I was trying to convey through this creation of mine, is the beauty of the earth which is continuously being destructed through man’s selfish deeds. This reflection would serve as an endorsement of what has often been said but conveniently forgotten by society. The fire created by man through the industrialization process is destroying the earth and very soon the entire earth would be on fire with no cool, the Blue Mountains and ice caps which are the giver and sustainers of all life on earth. Using the different color combinations of blue and white to appropriately depict the melting ice caps and the mountains was by no means a simple task. However, I tried to experiment and the results have motivated me to continue using similar techniques in my future works as well.

I also aspire to create my own innovations to create a truly distinct style, which I would like to be associated with. The lower red earth in mosaic depicts the fire created by man on earth which is having terrible consequences on the upper, cool blue earth, painted after creating it with gypsum. Blending the two portions and keeping them together was by no means an easy task since gypsum is heavier than mosaic. However, by putting a stick across, I ensured that the two portions would stay together and would also enable the movement of the earth, rotation on its axis.

The base of the globe, for which I chose gypsum, was initially made of clay. But in the process of structuring the clay and giving it a shape and form, I encountered many difficulties in flattening the clay, and hit upon the idea of using gypsum. It was a challenging task; nevertheless, I took it up and was finally successful at it. The creation of this globe has endorsed the idea that nothing in life is achievable and possible without hard work and this creation is a true example of that. The creation truly reflects to my style and the perseverance which I have and which has further developed and strengthened these basic aspects of my nature.

This entire process of creating the globe was indeed a rich experience for me. I am truly impacted by the great artists like Hockeny and Burtinskey, and have learnt to convey the meaning through my works of creation. Designing and creating this work of art was by no means a simple task and it involved my complete dedication, sincerity and motivation. I am happy that I have been able to accomplish all this successfully.

I have also learnt through this creation that I should never fear while attempt any creation, for fear is a barrier to creativity. Initially, I was indeed afraid that if I created the two halves in different textures, it may be difficult to hold the two portions together. Nevertheless, my perseverance and toil yielded good results and I was finally able to achieve what was in my mind, in fact better than that. The final product is indeed truly amazing.

The merger of two different styles is an idea which I hit upon while I was in the process of giving shape and form to my globe. I courageously went ahead with my idea and I am glad that I was able to conquer my fear and inhibitions and going ahead with what I truly believed in. the effects are fantastic and here I am with a creation that has so many different styles, textures and colors in it including gypsum, mosaic, paint, and a globe that actually moves like a real one!

Thus, the creation of this globe was by no means a simple task. I had to encounter many difficulties in giving it the appropriate shape, color, texture, design, contrast, movement direction and all the other factors necessary for creating a work of art. This creation has forced me to think how the entire world must have been created and how we humans are so careless and irresponsible in handling such a beautiful and amazing creation of God (2325 words).

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