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Art Essay Examples and Topics

Musicians: Guitarist Jimmy Page

Page was the leader of the Led Zeppelin Band. Despite that, he learned most of the unique recording styles while he was a session musician; it is at Led Zeppelin, where Page employed them.

Social Inequalities in HBO’s “The Wire”

Using examples of D'Angelo's communication with his followers the paper demonstrates that the inequalities of the inner-city Baltimore showed in The Wire are deeply rooted in the minds of the representatives of lower class who [...]

Jazz Live Music Concert in Catalina Jazz Club

The performers in the concert were Michael Gulezian, Benjamin Verdery, and Billy Dean as a special guest. Across the concert, I learnt the importance of mixture of form, rhythm, harmony, tempo, and melody to create [...]

The Flaw by David Sington Documentary

In the documentary, Sington narrates about the events that led to the global financial crisis experienced in the year 2008. Based on this, I believe that it is important to analyze the root causes of [...]

The Silk Road’s Impact on Chinese Art

Nevertheless, the most important impact of the Silk Road system experienced in China is the art culture. Arguably, the Chinese art and architecture borrow a lot from the other cultures involved in the Silk Road [...]

Jun Kaneko’s Sculpture Artworks

What this means is that the various shapes and patterns in the ceramic work of Kaneko are not haphazardly placed as seen in the work of Jackson Pollock or Picasso, rather, there is a definite [...]

The Recovery of Art Pieces

The fresco Birth of the Virgin by Domenico Ghirlandaio, the Italian painter, is also of the great cultural and historical significance because of demonstrating the elements of the style typical for the Early Italian Renaissance.

Korean Films’ and Cinemas Transformations

Therefore, the paper explains the similarities and differences of the New Wave and postmodern Korean cinemas and emphasizes the grotesque body and bodily experience as a source of truth and knowledge in the films.

Modern Art: Condensation Cube by Hans Haacke

Thus, obviously being the bright example of the modern art, Condensation Cube helps to author to introduce several questions which are interesting to him and raise the question of the relations between art and science [...]

The Islamic and Mughal Arts

If the objects presented in the Jameel Gallery reflect the standard features of the Islamic art, the objects typical for the Mughal art can be discussed as influenced by the combination of the Islamic and [...]

Pursuit of Happiness Film Analysis

Thus, while the film centers on the theme of "pursuit of happiness," this paper shows that the film distorts the concept of happiness to represent the orientation of earthly goods through which our reality revolves [...]

Man of Steel Film Analysis

For instance, Nokia represents the communication industry; Chrysler is the example of company of the transportation industry and sears of the stores industry. The effectiveness of the product placement is closely connected with the success [...]

Artistic Modernism and Art Nouveau

The opposition of mass production to the handmade artistic work can also be regarded as the opposition of the inhuman and soulless to the infinite and spiritual that is comprised of beauty.

The CSN Fall Dance Concert

Even if a person is informed about some details of the dance concert and the guests, who are going to participate, it is hard to cope with the emotions and attitudes to everything that can [...]

Artist Marcel Duchamp and His Works

Duchamp claimed that the main purpose of art was intellectual satisfaction; he shared that he was tired from the expression "stupid as a painter," and that attitude had to be changed.

“Hot Fuzz” – Social Relations Analysis

In the movie 'Hot Fuzz,' the economy is running itself, it is absolutely independent of the governmental regulations, as the Neighborhood Watch Alliance has the total control over the economy and the population of the [...]

Censorship of Films in the UAE

Censorship of films in the United Arab Emirates is a major ethical dilemma as reflected in the case study analysis because the practice contravenes the freedom of media.

Personality and Music Preferences

Kopacz's article is relevant to the current study because it helps the readers in the evaluation of music structure with respect to the set rules, which are known to composers and listeners.

The Lord of the Rings – Film Study

In the trilogy The Lord of the Rings, Frodo Baggins is the main hero who experiences a lot of challenges during his journey in order to save the Middle Earth from the threat of Sauron's [...]

Art: Magical Realism

The concept of loreal Maravillas was introduced in 1949 to the Americans where the foundations of magical realism were traced from the art world.

The Norton Simon Museum Art Collection

The Norton Simon Museum is one of the most outstanding private art collection in the world. This scene is made more authentic with the luxurious weave of leaves, branches, and blossoms from the characters in [...]

Jackson Pollock Life

In fact, Mural, which is one of his unique pieces of art, was a design for his entrance hall that was executed in a single day.

“Crash” by Paul Haggis – Film Studies

With the key idea concerning the clash of a personality and the society, Haggis managed to reinvent people's perception of a criminal drama, introducing such issues as racism in the present-day society, the way in [...]

“Mamma Mia!” by Judy Craymer

Performing art is one of the major industries that contribute to the economic basket of the United States. The first issue that can be encountered by an entrepreneur in performing art regards the originality of [...]

“Lemon Tree” by Eran Riklis

The main concern of the film is to show the significance of the human nature, proving that all the stereotypes and political conflicts should never become a reason for the hate.

Indigenous Celtic Music: Preservation and Revival

Timeline: Interveners and Music Development Despite the fact that each of the organizations and contributors to the Welsh and the Irish music revival listed above had unique characteristics, there are a range of similarities between [...]

Art and Nursing in Different Periods

Artist: Pietro Longhi Style: Rococo Genre: genre painting Gallery: Ca' Rezzonico, Museo del Settecento, Venice Artist: Mary Cassatt Start Date: 1896 Completion Date: 1897 Style: Impressionism

Battleship Potemkin

In the modern world, it is one of the most popular and influential kinds of art which has a great number of admirers. It is possible to analyze the scene from the film to understand [...]

The Wang Center Museum

It was in the Skylight Gallery that the contemporary Korean artworks were displayed during the March 2015 Korean History Exhibition at the Wang Center.

The Black-eyed Peas Band

The message on the television advert would be the theme of the concert the advert would show the artists perform and the expectations of the D-day to make the targets long for the concert, and [...]

Film Consuming Kids

Today, marketers have increasingly targeted children because of their power to influence the buying patterns of their parents and the income at their disposal.

Men Who Built America

The character of Henry Ford in the film is evident after 1896; a time when Theodore Roosevelt disbands the extant monopolies in the era of William McKinley, the United States president who suffered assassination in [...]

“The Devil Wears Prada”

The first point is personal characteristics that can be considered on the example of the film. Thus, whether it is the latest edition of a Harry Potter book that she manages to find or her [...]

The ‘American Horror Story’

The 'American Horror Story' is a horror anthology that was launched in 2011 to shatter the modern limits of what is acceptable.'Depraved', as they claim, AHS brought along the classical horror themes in the quantities [...]