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Romero Britto’s Art Form Research Paper


Art is a product or process of arranging items so that they can influence and affect one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect, where the arrangement of these items often has a symbolic significance. In art, creativity and innovations are key attributes and art includes music, painting, sculptures, painting, photography, and literature.

Those people who are involved in art are called artists and organize their arts in way that will influence people. On the other hand design is a plan or convection for the construction of a system or an object. Arts and design go hand in hand because; Artists cannot be able to perform their work without design.

Before starting the artwork, the artist first designs the items, object, or music he or she wants to produce and then starts his work. This paper focuses on a world artist named Romero Britto and his art form. It further focuses on the meanings of his works to him and the influences the artist has to the world (Parker 19).

Romero Britto’s Biography: He was born in Recife, Brazil in 1963. At the early age, Romero learned to paint surfaces such as newspapers. At the age of 23, he travelled to Paris where he worked with Matisse and Picasso and combined influences from cubism with pop to create iconic style. This gained him popularity especially through The New York Times that described his work as “exudes warmth, optimism, and love”.

In 1988, Rometo relocated to Miami and became an international artist. During the year 1989, in the campaign of vodka, Warhol, Haring as well as Romero were selected. Since then his pop sensibility has earned him many collaborations, the latest being the FIFA that he created an official poster for the year 2010 World cup. In addition, he has illustrated many books, where Simon, Schuster, and Rizzoli publish his books.

His popularity has grown tremendously and his work exhibited in galleries and museums in more than 100 countries. In addition, he has created several public art installations. Example of these public art installations are John F. Kennedy Airport (New York) and O2 Done (Berlin).

Britto views art as a field of positive change while artists are the agents of this positive change. He collaborates with over 250 charitable organizations which he donates time, arts and resources as well as serving as a benefactor. He also serves in several boards such the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Rometo Britto Art: Through the popularity of his work, Rometo has been active in the production of his arts. The form of his art compared to other artists is of high quality. In our context, form has the meaning of how art items are viewed as a whole piece of visible items and the unity of these elements. During the artwork, the artist shifts the focus of his work to the interrelationship between art and audience as well as the form of relationship between the painter and the model.

There is a comparison of two windows of flowers from Britto and the other from Weinberg. He asserts that Britto’s metal sculpture flower was bright and colorful to be used for both indoors and outdoors exhibition.” like all his work, it is of intellectual content, going for easy emotional appeal, and relies on industrial perfection to achieve its attraction” (Betancournt 41).

This is clear evidence that the kind of art works that Brito produced were of high form, a result of creativity and design used. Britto was attractive just the way a new car is and the flower was happy and engaging what is considered as a standard art world treatment of subject.

Moreover, Britto’s flower represented the local environment. The brightness and colorfulness represented the bright and colorful nature. Looking at this flower could have changed ones perspective towards nature. Brito’s art form focused on bringing meaning that would help the viewer to be optimistic of what is happening in the world (Barbara 14).

In another sculptural piece of art called a mother’s love, he intended to bring meaning of how mothers should have great love to their siblings. It comprised of two elephants sculpture, that is, a mother and a child close together, an illustration that there was communication and love between them (Kirchmar 32).

In addition, another piece of his art but this time a serigraph called American revival that has one big heart with the United States of America flag colors surrounded by smaller hearts with different colors signified how the Americans should be united. His intention of using the heart was to symbolize love that should bind the people of America to their nation as well as the nation to its people (Rectanus 15).

Influence of Britto; According to his biography alongside the meaning of his artwork, Britto is an artist of high caliber. He has been an agent of positive change to the world through his actions. Having the pilferage to speak at the World Economic summit in Davos is an indication of a person who has initiated change to the world.

However, the collaborations with various charitable organizations are a sign of being a good role model. Britto has held countless schools and institutional talks, which justifies that his influence is great in the World since no institution or school would allow someone with negative influence to speak to the students (Wales 19).

Similarly, through his arts Britto has been able to pass great message of love, peace, unity, as well as enlightening the society on different aspects of nature and culture (Rectanus 53). He has produced sculpture with plants and their species, animals and people to pass important information to the people. For the animals, Britto has given the people an insight of how they should treat and love the animals (Ellwood 67).

Britto has been called upon to design various places in order to capture the attention or influence people to have a given attitude to those places. Britto was given the role to create new designs for Land Shark Stadium exterior gateways (Horrow and Tagliabue 53). When the stadium became popular, he turned it into a guest place.

The invitation by the president of Brazil at the beginning of the year 2011 in Rede Cegonha to participate in making a logo reached 61 million people including children and mothers. If his work had no influence, the president would not have invited him for the project (Betancourt 16).

Britto was known to maintain peace and resolve conflicts by international programs for negotiation as a benefactor. In nutshell, Britto can be said to be a person of high caliber, great influence as well as a mentor to people who their career aspiration is in arts. His attitude of having his own principles is a challenge to many who find the world as full of impossibilities.

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