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Art Essay Examples and Topics

“Bird’s Hell” by Max Beckmann

The picture Bird's Hell was painted in 1938 by Max Beckmann, an outstanding German portraitist and printmaker, one of the greatest masters of the interwar period of the 20th century.

“Joint Security Area” by Park Chan-wook

The film starts by introducing stories that demonstrate the tension that exists between the North and the South. The Lawyer, under the script name Lee Young Ae, is half Korean, and according to her investigations, [...]

Disorder in “As Good as it Gets”

The author of the current paper explored the depiction of this phenomenon in a popular movie. The author showed how the main character in the movie is affected by the condition.

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

The film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind explores the nature of people's memories and romantic relationships. The film makes the viewer understand that memories are pieces of people's lives and it is impossible to [...]

District 9: Film Studies

The themes of purity and contamination woven into the story of alien refugees are also addressed in other works by observers of South Africa's problems, for example, Too Late the Phalarope.

Artist’s Role in Society

These artists support the best national ideas and traditions in order to make every society successful. Artists can "encourage their followers to support the best activities and decisions in the society".

The Book of Mormon by Matt Stone

As the political message is brought to the foreground, it is necessary to analyze that aspect of the play in great detail in addition to its aesthetic appeal. The performance of the actors was astonishing [...]

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Film Analysis

Although Lisbeth Salander is often considered as the modern active female character to support the feminist ideals, the heroine should also be discussed from the point of Haraway's cyborg feminism because Lisbeth is the vivid [...]

English Film Director Danny Boyle Film Analysis

Perhaps the most talented and successful man in the filmmaking industry is the English filmmaker and film director, Danny Boyle. Much of the movies that Danny Boyle directed reveal his unique philosophies in the field [...]

Edward Rusch’ Biography

Ruscha was born in 1937 in Omaha, the largest city in Nebraska, and is currently based in Culver City, California. In 1969, Ruscha also worked as a guest professor of art at the University of [...]

Ancient Greek Art and Sculpture

It is possible to trace this change through examining two sculptures pertaining to different periods of Ancient Greek art. Of course, to understand art, it is necessary to understand the epoch.

“Gattaca” by Andrew Niccol

Gattaca is a futuristic film set in what is dubbed as a 'not-too-distant future.' The movie elicits the longstanding debate on the role and place of genetic engineering amongst human beings. Anton is a product [...]

Incendies’ Film Analysis

One of the major promises in the film is Nawal's promise to find her son. It is possible to distinguish one of the points of no return at the beginning of the film when the [...]

Music Industry Corporate Policy and Strategy

The public and fans are habitually supplied with images planned to boost their aspirations and leave them attached to an industry that supports the mostly referred to as attractive images while the music assumes a [...]

Music Talent Shows and the American Dream

Talent search shows, like American Idol and The Voice, have suffered a lot of criticism for different reasons. Stanley says the main reason for this cynicism is the failure of such shows to focus on [...]

Photography as a Mass Medium

To demonstrate this fact, the study explores the works of Sontag in her article titled, On Photography, and shows how digital photography changes her analysis about the "photographic way of seeing" life.

X-Men: Days of the Future Past

One of the characters, Pryde, decides to help the mutants run away from the sentinels' wrath using his ability to return the consciousness of the people around him back in time.

Banksy’s Graffiti Artworks in Palestine

It is in this location that the anonymous graffiti artist Banksy has placed 9 suggestive pieces along several well travelled areas of "the Wall" in order to create social thought regarding the moral and ethical [...]

Teen Social Systems in “Mean Girls”

The article by Denby David identified two characters among the teens that were popular for all the wrong reasons, and therefore, they were again the most hated. Having briefly examined the article by Denby and [...]

The Hispanic Project” by Nikki S. Lee

One of the most complicated and at the same time the most essential problems of the modern world, the racial segregation, and the racial hegemony is to be considered because of the growing number of [...]

Movie “The Help” by Tate Taylor

In the movie The Help, Tate Taylor, the director, paradoxically explores racism as a social crisis in the American society. Taylor presents the disgusting treatment, torturing, and killing of the black people in the broad [...]

Turtles Can Fly Film Analysis

In effect this is to take the baby's point of view communicating a theme of confusion, and also the helplessness of the situation because almost all the characters in the film are young children.

Art Work’ Defending – Hauberk

The central piece of analysis is hauberk, a shirt of mail dating back to the beginning of the sixteenth century. Some features as length, size, form and texture of loops, as well as the materials [...]

Yacoubian Building Film Analysis

Hatim, a successful journalist of a French language daily newspaper is also another main character in the film. Azam was a shoeblack who later turned to be one of the wealthiest men in Egypt.

“Paradise Now” Film Analysis

Said's determination to accomplish his mission by blowing up in bus is cut short by the presence of a child in the same bus he is to blow in; hence, making him to quit and [...]

Super Size Me Film Analysis

The food sold in fast food shops are not of the required standard and thus they have led to negative health impacts on the victims. The movie was intended to check the effects of taking [...]

Art’s Comparison

There was also a distinction in age of the painters whereby, impressionism painters were generally older as compared to post impressionism painters.

“The Story of Qiu Ju” by Zhang Yimou

Although Qiu Ju and the family intend to rebuild shed for the chili peppers, the chief flatly rejects the proposal. She wants the chief to acknowledge the fact that kicking his husband in the crotch [...]