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Art Essay Examples and Topics

Islamic Art in Africa

The question of what it entails to be Hausa is briefly addressed to uncover the dynamic nature of Hausa culture and the religion that plays the main role. The study of the Hausa art offers [...]

Music Production: History and Changes

The birth of the music industry happened about a century ago during the time technological innovations started to appear allowing to capture, store of music, and replay the sound tracks within a retrieval system.

Artistic Activism and Tactics

3 The outbreak of violent protests in the capital city of France in mid-1968 was because of the Student dissatisfaction at the Sorbonne University and the University of Paris. 9 Accordingly, the right to the [...]

Archduke Piano Trio’s Live Concert

Thus, this reflective treatise discusses the elements of rhythm and composition in the music of the Archduke Piano Trio during a live concert on June 2014 at the Laidlaw Performing Arts Centre.

Neoclassicism in French Revolution

As a matter of fact, the roles played by art in the social realms could not be ignored during the revolution years. The cruel nature of the French regime was depicted in the Marat's figure [...]

The Role of Music in Films

The objective captures the musical composition by Philip Glass in "The Hours" film and Anton Karas in "The Third Man" film on the significance of these compositions and distinguish unique characteristics in each.

Abstract Painters: Transforming the Reality

4 Subjective response: Reminding of a waterfall, the artwork introduces the audience to a world of the surreal. The mixture of colours creates the environment for developing a synaesthesia and literally hearing the colours create [...]

Javanese Music, Its History and Aspects

Specifically, the gamelan music style uses metallic idiophones and drums, which are the unique features of Javanese music. Two tuning systems are used in the Javanese music, viz.the Sandro and pelog.

Chinese Art, Fashion, and Mass Production

Such attitude invokes the lack of individuality creating the mass production products, proving that along with the promotion of the new artists in the world and sharing ideas the large trade and political institutions can [...]

Graffiti and History of Street Art

Statues of antiquity and great canvas of the New Age and many other works appeared due to the set of reasons which made this very kind of art the main characteristic of the epoch.

Paul Simon’s Music Style

The combination of the different musical styles, the different genres, and the mutual impact of the different cultures gives birth to such a notion as world music.

The “Yellow” Song by Coldplay: Arrangement Plan

Orchestration and arrangement require advanced knowledge of the arranging concepts and the role of all instruments in the orchestra. However, the aim of the current arrangement is to improve personal professionalism and skills via the [...]

Nineteenth Century Romanticism

The works of early composers, writers, painters, and poets evolved from the onset, and in the increased quest for perfection, a spirit of romanticism was born.

The Movie “Cannibal Tours”

The tourist who plays a key role in the movie have travelled from different parts of the world to the Sepik Valley to experience the unique "Primitive People" whom they claim live in a state [...]

The “Wrecking Ball” Song by Miley Cyrus

Officially, "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus is the success of a beautiful voice and a charismatic performance, scientifically it is a brainworm with many layers designed to penetrate human brain on the unconscious level.

Japanese American National Museum

The authors of the museum comprise of the staff, consultants, and scholars who put emphasis on multi-ethnic partnership in the process of planning and safeguarding of the museum.

The Film “Independence Day” Analysis

The general wave of fascination by space adventures has started in the fifties and sixties when humans started to make the first steps on the way of studying the universe and deploying spaceships, satellites and [...]

Jazz Dance Fundamentals

The modern and ballet dance styles can be also applied to jazz, as the kind of popular dance styles involves a wide range of dance elements.

Visual and Performing Arts

As a result, visual and performing arts are crucial for the participators and the society as a whole. The study of visual and performing arts is very crucial for the success in the industry.