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Jeff and Julia Woods: Passion to Making Photos Essay

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Updated: May 23rd, 2019

The world of photographing is unique indeed: it is quite possible to read the whole story with the help of one or several photos, fell in love, be disappointed, or just be happy. For someone, it is very easy to take a camera and start making photos, and present really wonderful pictures.

However, it is not enough to be born to be a photographer; it is very significant to develop photographing skills, get certain knowledge, and improve awareness day by day. Such great photographers like Jeffery and Julia Woods have already amazed lots of people by their unbelievable works and talent.

Their abilities to find something unusual in rather simple things cannot leave indifferent viewers: a smile of a girl, a wave of an old man, or a young man’s wink. Their story of love, their passion to photography, and their abilities to make happy moment happier and leave them for a long period of time – all this proves once again that these two people are to weddings, like love is to any marriage.

In this paper, the works, skills, and achievements of Jeffrey and Julia Woods will be analyzed; their awards and contribution to the world of photography is really magnificent, because they do not want to create some kind of fantasy, but prefer to concentrate on the images, which play important role to their clients.

Lots of people still believe that family business may easily destroy good and loving marriages: financial difficulties, unpredictable costs, desire to get higher position, etc. Of course, all these points may be crucial for some people and for some families, however, the Woods, Jeff and Julia, and their works prove that there are always some exceptions. These two great photographers create own business and develop it to such extent that there is not married couple, who, at least, has not heard about Jeff and Julia Woods.

They have a really glamorous studio, they like to travel in order to satisfy their clients and present the best photos of their weddings, they enjoy sponsorship of lots of people, and they are respected by many people from different spheres of life. “Jeffrey and Julia Woods operate a successful wedding and portrait studio that specializes in highly personalized images that reflect the tastes and experiences that make each client unique” (Perkins, 56).

This is why their photos always interesting, beautiful, and full of real emotions. This famous studio can be found in Washington Illinois. However, their first works appeared at more modest place: they start this business as many other couples at their own home. With time, they earned enough money to change the location of their studio, buy all the necessary and modern technologies, and start promoting their services to a wide range of people.

Their marriage lasts for about 18 years, this is why they know much about relations in families, understand the importance of properly planned weddings, attention to each detail on ceremonies, which open doors to absolutely new life, and have enough words to tell in order to encourage other people to take this serious step. Such a slight overview of Jeff and Julia’ personal life provides us with an opportunity to get a clear understanding why their works are in such great demand ring the bells with couples.

Now, let us talk more deeply about the works, which Jeff and Julia offer to their clients. “Photographing your wedding is allowing us to be a part of the most intimate day of your lives. We are committed to pouring our hearts and souls into your love story” (Jeffrey & Julia Woods). In this paper, we take one of the weddings, where Jeff and Julia were hired to engrave people’s emotions, actions, feelings, and love. It was Brian and Jennifer’s wedding; the peculiar feature of this very wedding is close attention to each member of family.

Jeff and Julie admitted that it was a real pleasure to work with their family as they have already got a chance to learn something about their traditions and preferences, because some time ago, they have worked with their relatives. In Appendix # 1, several photos of this wedding are presented. Jeff and Julia make both coloured and black-and-white photos. With the help of the light, it is possible to underline how wonderful and warm the day of this wedding is.

Very often, the photographers focus on the sky and sunlight. The photo of the bride with sun against the background attracts my attention. This very picture presents rather captivating story: a women is happy, she does not close her eyes because of bright light, because her wedding veil protects her. From this very moment, she is under some kind of protection, offered by her future husband. She does not afraid to look forward and she knows that someone very dear is waiting for her in future.

Another photo of a wedding dress deserves attention as well. This dress seems like to be in the air. It is a black-and-white picture; I comprehend such choice of colours in the following way. This dress is the thing, presented by bride and groom’s parents. It is one its way to the bride, but still, has some roots from the past, where parents and grandparents still are. This dress is one of the most important things during the wedding, and Julia and Jeff concentrate certain attention on it.

Of course, the wedding is impossible without a groom, this is why several photos present the groom with his happiness and confidence, his power and care, his calmness and solidity. On the photo under consideration, there is no attention to the past or present, because right now, his emotions and feelings play the most significant role. He is ready to take the chosen woman and make her his wife. He does not afraid, and he is happy.

There are no extra details on this photo; the Woods choose neutral light to attract the viewer’s attention on a person only. To my mind, this photo is really great. The last photo from the wedding under consideration is a kind of reunion of two loving people, who have not seen for some period of time, and now they are happy to be close to each other.

On the background, there is a bright sunlight. It may present a kind of God’s consent on this union. Their wedding is blessed by God; they have the roof to be protected against nature whims; their movements are directed to each other, and their smile serve as the best proof of their desire to be together till the end of their lives. And, as it should be – they are happy and confident in their actions and thoughts.

To my mind, it is not that easy to represent such story of life by means of photos. However, I really do not know all those people of pictures and my words are only the imagination, based on Jeff and Julia’s work. This team presents really great pictures. Their work amazes many people; this is why the recognition of their works is obvious.

In 2002 and 2003, Jeff and Julia Wood got the award WPPI’s Best Wedding Album of the Year. However, it is not the only one award they may be proud of. “Two Fuji Masterpieces awards, and a Kodak Gallery Award” (Hurter, 119) can also prove that their works deserve attention, analysis, and admiration.

These two professionals realize how it is important to observe all technological innovations and present to their clients only modern works and services. For example, Julia and Jeff always adore films to present their photos; however, nowadays, many people use such services like Facebook or YouTube, this is why digital preference takes leading positions.

One of the major purposes of the Woods is to provide the best services for their clients, meet all the clients’ preferences, and feel some kind of contact to comprehend what way of photographing should be chosen. The photographers admit that it turns out to be crucially important to feel at least some part of clients’ emotions in order to represent them on photos, but still be true professionals and create worthwhile pictures.

The life is the major subject on the photo. It is not enough just to make a photo of someone or something and present it as high-quality piece of work. Photos are the pieces of this life, and Julia and Jeff realize this truth and use it to astonish their clients and ordinary viewers. Properly chosen light, focus on one figure/event/movement/emotion, and love to clients – all this make Jeff and Julia’s works unique and unbelievably beautiful.

Without any doubts, the works by Jeffrey and Julia Woods are the significant part of the history of photography. So many people want to keep in mind some moments of their life for ever, and these two photographers help people to achieve the desirable purposes. There are lots of unbelievable moments in people’s life, and wedding is one of them. This is why with all respect to clients, weddings, and love, Jeffrey and Julia Woods continue creating more photos, which present a unique story of a happy wedding.

All their photos are connected to each other, this is why they present a story, love, and real life emotions. Julia and Jeff underline that it is their clients’ love that inspires them to create such masterpieces. The Woods’ passion to love, people’s emotions, and good photos attract so many clients. It is not enough to be a doll or a hero on the photo; to demonstrate the significance of the chosen moments turns out to be more important.

Jeff and Julia Woods correspond to all above-mentioned requirements; their works cause so many emotions, and even single people are eager to find out couples to experience those emotions, represented on photos by Julia and Jeff. All their awards and admiration of people have enough reasons, and their works dwell in the memory of each person, who faces these works for at least one time in this life.

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