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Tech & Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

The Elizabethan Knott Garden Project Management

Project initiation involves the selection of the best project that will meet the company's limited resources, preparation of the proper documentation and the assigning of responsibilities to a project manager.

Electronic Postage, Its Pros and Cons

According to Bushman, the click and ship services offered by the USPS is an online system that uses the regional system to consider the weight of the package and the distance to the destination.

Airline Industry Development

This paper will, therefore, attempt to look at the reasons of the growth of the airline industry that has been evident lately, as well as consider competition and the influence of the Internet on the [...]

Pumps Concepts and History

The imbibing and suppuration nozzles in a single stage horizontal split centrifugal are integrally built in the lower half of the chamber and on the same horizontal centreline.

Telegram Role in Communication

The telegram was the easiest and the fastest means of communication in the nineteenth century. I was very excited and any other scheduled activity came to a standstill as I focused my attention on the [...]

Gas Turbines and Its Types

In 1872, Stolze of Germany received the first patent marking a milestone in the development of the gas turbine. The gas turbine is one of the most flexible machines in the class of turbomachinery.

Internet Usage Role in the Social Life

Focus is laid upon the use of the internet in Canadian businesses and current affairs, the cultural background and various internet activities engaged in by both the young and old generation together with the consumption [...]

Health and Safety in Tight Gas Production Field

How do Gas Companies ensure that their employees and the public in general are protected from the stated hazards from the time the discovery of the gas is made, to transportation through pipelines and finally [...]

Information Management in Modern Business

However, the problem that needs to be discussed that some essential data is not taken into account most of the time, and it needs to be considered because it is possible to find correlations that [...]

Technologies: “Big Data” Term Definition

It is very difficult to control such a huge stream of data, and sometimes the information obtained with the help of the Internet or different cloud services can be unreliable or false. Having analyzed the [...]

Green Vehicle Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid car that is touted as the best among the green car generation that is quickly taking its place on the automotive market.

Workplace Accidents: Causes and Prevention

The safety regulations which prohibit any employee from walking under the moving crane were not handed to the employee despite having been in the company for more than two months.

Defense Measures for Receiving Electronic Data

The biggest motivation for protecting electronic information is to prevent the exposure of an individual or a business to harm that can arise when other people know personal and business secrets that can allow them [...]

Technologies: Holograms History and Types

The reference beam travels independently through a series of mirrors to the film plate while the object beam passes through a series of mirrors to the object and finally to the film plate.

Arduino Board: Components and Usage

One of major peculiarities of Arduino is connecters that can be used to connect the board to different shields. Arduino is often used by designers and hobbyists as the boards are easy to use and [...]

Recording Studio Equipment: Hardware and Software

The purpose of this report is to present the information on the necessary equipment to purchase; the justification of the equipment choices; the discussion of the equipment connectivity and the diagram; and the budget table [...]

Short-Haul Operations in Airline Industry

The liberation of the market has seen a change in the ownership of airlines from government owned to private owned airlines and airports. With advanced technology, short-haul aircrafts are easy to use for the majority [...]

Texting Effects on Students Academic Performance

The use of abbreviation and manipulation of the phonological sounds of words improves the imagination and creativity of students. One of the benefits of texting is that it improves academic performance by promoting the spelling [...]

Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Assessment

In May 2013, the investigators announced that they were unable to "determine exactly what started the fire that was responsible for the explosion of ammonium nitrate at the store".

Cybercrime, Digital Evidence, Computer Forensics

The website "howstuffworks" carries an article discussing the basics of computer forensics, this is a good example of a website that is useful in explaining or understanding the reality of cybercrime and digital evidence. Not [...]

The Best Material for Making Toolbox

The shop believes that the short-termed life of the kits is attributed to the materials used in making the toolboxes. Similarly, it was noted that the cost of acquiring aluminum alloy was cheaper than the [...]

Human Overdependence on Computers

It is through this process that they are able to demonstrate that they can live without the use of computers. There is no going back to the time when people are not too dependent on [...]

Safety and Consumer Protection in US Airline Industry

This paper reviews and discusses one safety recommendation by the NTSB and one consumer protection by the Department of Transportation, with the view to demonstrating how safety and consumer protection issues are entrenched within the [...]

Ethics of Ubiquitous Electronic Connection

One of the biggest issues brought out by the ubiquitous electronic connection is the problem of privacy. In the contemporary world, the majority of individuals own mobile devices that connect with the Internet and have [...]

The Northern Sea Route’ Safety Management

The company discusses the opportunity to trade some of the vessels with the help of the NSR. The NSR is discussed as an attractive option to decrease the time spent in the voyage while comparing [...]

Microsoft SharePoint as a Private Cloud App

The SharePoint allocation has the capability of efficiently replacing the sandbox and farm solutions thus, guaranteeing satisfaction to the administrators, users, and third-party application experts. In terms of the users' recompense, the SharePoint application enables [...]

Engineering and Technical Communication

The discourse analysis of the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management is the utilization of theoretical and practical aspects of engineering to produce high quality and innovative products.

Vis-Hawal Motorcycles’ Project Management

The project for Vis-Hawal's touring class motorcycles requires an organizational structure that will sustain production and help in the realization of the long-term objectives of the firm.

Laptops of UAE Students: Preferred Brands

It is no doubt that students contribute to a significant market of laptops in the UAE. The study used a survey to identify the brands that were being used by students in different institutions of [...]

Sony Corporation Hacking and Security System

The organization had to stop the hackers and ensure information did not flow freely but it was unfortunate, as the company sought the services of the California court because it had no capacity to deal [...]

Water Tailing Technologies Issues

These challenges remain the major setbacks to the adoption of the two technologies in water tailing treatment. The environmental concerns have affected the adoption of forwarding osmosis and vacuum distillation in tailing water treatment.

Google Chrome Strategies

Chrome is well poised to remain the number one choice for web users because it is available in both desktop and mobile platforms.

Green Computing’s Origin, Issues, Future Trends

The luncheon of the Energy Star by the Environmental Protection Agency instigated a revolution that champions the production and use of information technology in a way that is not injurious to its uses and the [...]

The Future of Web Application Security

Apart from the significance of Web applications in today's business world, the applications come in as a major hurdle to global acceptance of the internet as a central basis of online business transactions.

Agencies’ Cooperation in Airport Security

The airport personnel is the first agency that has the responsibility to ensure security in the airport. The first thing that the airport personnel have to do is to confirm the identity of the passengers.

A Tree Planting Project Management

This project will provide a great ecological value to the university because it will nurture various organisms on the trees, and will even minimise the existence of green house gases in this environment.

Risk-Based Approach to Aviation Security

The only way of improving the security in this industry is to remain alert to possible risks that may lead to serious threat to the lives of the passengers and other stakeholders in this industry.

Robotics’ Sociopolitical and Economic Implications

The foremost benefits of Robotics for individuals can be formulated as follows: The continual development/implementation of the Robotics-related technologies will increase the chances of self-actualization, on the part of the potentially affected individuals.

Net Neutrality and Governmental Control Issues

Despite the fact that the principles of net neutrality are quite reasonable and adequate, they are hardly applicable to the Internet and its users, since these regulations have been designed with the concept of real-life [...]

The M-Learning Concept

There is a positive correlation between the change in technology and the growth rate of digital libraries. M-learning also referred to as mobile learning is a type of learning that involves the use of personal [...]

Networking Technology Project Management

The primary objective of the project entails facilitating the 500 employees at the office to attend the needs of customers within different divisions, including the satellite divisions.

Vehicle Transmission System and Its Development

The development of the transmission system was a very important problem that engineers were struggling to solve because of the many challenges that were experienced in transferring the torque from the engine to the differential [...]

Underwater Welding and Safety Measures

In the past decades, the safety of the underwater welding practice has been put into question, thus prompting the need to address the issue. The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed report [...]

IPads and Tablets vs. Books in English Learning

While focusing on the process of learning English, it is important to state that the main reason to use tablets in the educational settings was the increased mobility and the overall flexibility in adapting these [...]

Heating and Air Cooling Systems

The impact, which the adoption of the latest technological innovations to the design of the heating system had on the urbanization process and the lives of people in cities and towns, is also beyond impressive.

Mobile Internet Consumption and Challenges

The advent of the mobile Internet is directly related to the development of mobile technologies. GPRS functioned on the principle similar to the ordinary Internet: the data was divided into packets and sent to the [...]

Eight Mile Road Incident: Ethical Analysis

As an employee of the company, I have a duty to contribute to the profitability of the enterprise I am working for, prevent possible problems related to improper functioning of reactors it produces, and follow [...]

Cloud Computing: Present and Future Technologies

According to Laudon and Traver, cloud computing refers to the use of a network system of remote servers which are hosted on the internet to facilitate storage, management, and processing of data. However, it is [...]

Pilot Errors: Forms and Fundamental Causes

Through the standard, they are able to investigate the chronology of events before the occurrence of an accident. Nonetheless, a number of aviators fail to keep an eye on their appliances when flying in the [...]

ISURVEY, Dub Interviewer, Voxco Online Software

The present paper undertakes a comparative analysis of three such data collection software namely iSURVEY, Dub Interviewer, and Voxco Online.iSURVEY is the versatile and reliable data collection software that supports unlimited devices and can be [...]