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Agile and Waterfall Models in Project Management

Agile is a system of ideas and principles of flexible project management, and Waterfall is a project management technique that involves a steady transition from one stage to the next without overlaps and returns to [...]

Zonk Aircraft Accident in Retrospect Analysis

One must admit, though, that the lack of proper corporate ethics and the inability of the organization to establish control over the production process are not the only factors that triggered the disaster.

Fatigue in Air Traffic Controllers

Therefore, it is paramount to be aware of risk factors and causes of fatigue among air traffic controllers, and use methods which would allow for mitigating these factors and causes.

Air Ttraffic Controllers and Their Job Hazards

Given the tight schedule of these participants, and the limited time that the researcher had to conduct the study, a small sample of 20 participants was selected. The researcher explained to them the relevance of [...]

Industrial Hygiene in Air Traffic Control

Industrial hygiene can be described as the "science and art" dedicated to detecting, assessing, and managing those factors and stressors present in the workplace that can affect workers' health or well-being negatively or cause them [...]

Personal Protection Equipment in Aviation

Airline workers are habitually exposed to numerous hazards, the significance of which can vary from minor to immediately dangerous to life and health. It is worth remembering that eye PPE can limit the field of [...]

Information Technology Impact on Zayed University

The structural dimension of an organization refers to concepts that point to the internal environment of the organization. Organizational culture refers to the dominant practices, such as the modes of communication and the hierarchy of [...]

Programming Teams and Development Methods

The concept of extreme programming is essential in an organization and can be applied in management through team work. Integration of programming teams within other aspects of the organizations is important in strengthening the coordination [...]

Internet Replacing Books as Learning Tool

The Internet is an opportunity to save time, find the required information, and use global connections, as well a threat of being isolated, misunderstood, and mislead; therefore, such factors as fashion, the role of parents, [...]

Transformers and Their Service Life Cycle

Therefore, the proper functioning of the transformers is an essential part to maintain the performance of the power distribution system. Corrective maintenance is done when the transformer breaks down, preventive maintenance is the process of [...]

Wireless Sensor Networks in Military Applications

A wireless sensor network can be characterized as a self-designed framework of remote systems to screen physical or ecological conditions such as temperature, sound, vibration, weight, movement, or contaminations and to pass information through the [...]

Internet of Things Security in Smart Cities

Among the goals of hackers in attacks on the critical IoT of smart cities, there is the intentional organization of accidents or power outages, theft of personal information of users, interception of control of devices [...]

Privacy Policies in Information Technology Firms

In addition to the protection of the firms' network, the IT firms must maintain the physical security of the computers. Physical security is important since it helps to protect the privacy of the data stored [...]

Technology in Society, Healthcare and Education

However, the research on this topic is extensive and shows the impact of technology to be a positive one. Further research on this and other topics should be considered due to the widespread presence of [...]

Visual Cameras and Inspection in Fast Food Restaurant

Finally, a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of vision systems and inspection should help to clarify the benefits and the possible impact of this technology being implemented by one of the American firms on people, [...]

“A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink

In his book A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink focuses on a discussion of one of the major changes in the modern society that have occurred under the influence of such professes as industrialization and [...]

Technology Tools for Classrooms

Richardson provides a number of ideas concerning the application of all of these resources for the purpose of creating the innovative and interactive teaching process and the kind of learning that is connected to the [...]

Computer Emergency Readiness Team

The purpose of this case study is to discuss the role of the US-CERT in disaster and recovery management, the importance of the ICS-CERT for addressing the Stuxnet problem, the role of alternate sites in [...]

Blackboard System: User Experience Challenges

Although the technical part of the Blackboard program is designed to be helpful and comfortable for students, its conception might be somewhat misunderstood by the users due to the fact that the system is new [...]

Quality of Social Media in Higher Education

In that way, for the higher educational institutions and their representatives to be able to communicate successfully with the students' many universities and colleges start to create their own campus websites with libraries and helpful [...]

Simulating Traffic Network

The obligatory convergence from the entrance ramp to the correct path of the road is demonstrated by a 'virtual vehicle' remaining toward the end of the blending path.

Construction Projects in China

Since both projects are supposed to be signed with the leaders of the institutions that are under the state regulation, it can be assumed that the provisions of the Model Construction Project Contract are applicable [...]

Microsoft Operating Systems on Trial

The incompatibility of older software and the enhanced capabilities of the new operating system in some cases force users to upgrade to perform their job, meaning that they would not have a choice but receive [...]

Cyber Threats: Incident Response Revamp

It is crucial for the team to be provided with instrumental and technical resources to react to the threats effectively. It is advisable to measure the effectiveness of the team in handling the incidents.

Evaluating Access Control Methods

This classification is grounded in a collection of rules that designate the relations between subjects and objects due to the fact that the former can obtain access to the latter.

Computer-Based Information Systems

The present essay will seek to discuss computer-based information systems in the context of Porter's competitive strategies and offer examples of how computer-based information systems can be used by different companies to gain a strategic [...]

Time Travel: Is It Possible?

This subdivision contributes to the appearance of the debates related to the negotiation of the time barrier and moving in time from the past to the future and on the contrary, from the future to [...]

Video Games as Learning Tools

There are at least three major ways to redeem the value of video games in the context of the development of cutting-edge learning tools based on the same format that developers use to provide violent [...]

Telepresence as a Modern Technology

The success of this invention can be attributed to the development of broadband Internet services that are available in different parts and regions across the globe.

Methodology in Engineering Innovations

To determine the feasibility of the solution for the proposed experimentation, the researchers have reviewed the existing literature to find support for the intervention and justify its effective potential. Since engineering is a practical science, [...]

Online Wikipedia: Threat Analysis

On the other hand, it is limited since a person willing to post information to its website or edit the already available information has to have access to a computer connected to the internet.

Joint Technical Architecture

The components of JTA are budding and consist of interfaces, services areas, and standards that are compatible with the requirement of the DoD's architecture.

Human-Computer Interaction

It is a scope of study that explores how individuals view and ponder about computer related technologies, and also investigates both the human restrictions and the features that advance usability of computer structures.

Aircraft Navigation History

First, people had to use the tactics they utilized moving on the land, but the use of radio, radar, and, finally, satellites enabled people to improve navigation significantly.

Administrative and Academic Software

This enhances the campus ecosystem which comprises of the student information system and mainly deals with the integration of departments as well as regulation of the flow of work within the respective departments.

Optical Tools: History and Development

Nevertheless, as the socio-cultural progress in this part of the world continued to gain a powerful momentum, the idea of using lenses to create optical devices began to appeal to more and more intellectually advanced [...]

The Technology of Drones

Drones are an emerging sector of the aviation industry that has been received differently by the public primarily due to the possibility of misuse, infringement of privacy, and military use in combat.

Impact of Technology on the K-12 Education

The major asset of the present research is that the T-test will indicate the students' performance progression. The paired sample T-test is the core of the proposed quantitative research, which is designed to establish if [...]

Iron Triangle: Project Management

In this regard, the iron triangle becomes not the only measure that could be used to evaluate the nature of a particular business, its outcomes, and success as new and significant criteria appear.

The OPM Security Service

The further investigation likewise revealed that the attack was conducted by the so-called "outsider" an illegitimate user that accessed the system due to the flaws in the information security system.

Oracle Systems and Human Resource Management

The present paper describes the benefits of the technology and assesses the outcomes of the integration of in-house HR systems with Oracle, productivity changes, preservation of time, and mail administration under the new circumstances.

Riverside Community Park Project Management

The project manager communicated with the leaders of the teams to ensure efficient collaboration between all the groups involved. The project manager expressed the willingness to meet the needs and wants of the community.

Human Factors in Aviation Accidents

This fatal accident led to the death of all the passengers and members of the crew. The second framework that can be used to analyze the role of human factors in aviation accidents is the [...]

Hackers Types

The article "They are attacking you: learn the three types of hackers' was written by Jonathan Nichols and explores the three main types of hackers that attack organizations and their clients, and the factors that [...]

Elsevier Publisher: Technologies Solutions

As reported by Gowers, Elsevier has earned the title of a "gorilla of scholarly publishers" because of the way it manages the business and the knowledge that is available to it, the access to which [...]

Deutsche Telecom Company’s Cyber Security

The present work deals with the issue of DDoS attacks and builds a case on one of the well-known IT companies to single out the problem, the immediate solutions and preventive practices, and the lessons [...]

New Textiles Technologies

According to researchers, combining two types of electricity generation into one textile paves the way for developing garments that could provide their own source of energy to power devices such as smart phones or global [...]

Cyberbullying and Suicide

In other countries where religion plays a key role in the values and norms of the people, suicide is a topic that is rarely discussed.