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My Favourite Mobile Apps Report (Assessment)


Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android gadgets and ipods are gaining popularity and being used in various fields of study. These mobile devices have seen the development of advanced applications that can be used in learning programs to assist learners in and out of classrooms.

More apps are expected to be created as mobile technologies continue to advance. Mobile applications make learning easier by enabling students to access materials wherever they are and at any time they want to (Lytle, 2012).

Although there are so many mobile learning applications, my favourite apps are Evernote Peek, StudyBlue Flashcards, and Trello.

Evernote Peek is an educational mobile app that is extremely easy to use; it is available on iPads and for students to access it, they only need to own such devices. In the out-of-school environment, Evernote Peek is used by company secretaries to take and organize notes in meetings.

Evernote Peek is endowed with the cloud service, which speeds up the process of note-taking (Murray, 2012). The mobile app enables learners to organize their notes according to the available study materials and derives study questions from the re-arranged content.

Evernote can be used together with Smart Cover software, which is also installed in iPads, to view the derived questions and answers simultaneously (Baig & LeVitus, 2011).

Evernote Peek also provides a way through which students can hide their answers, especially in a situation where they do not own the Smart Cover application. Unfortunately Evernote Peek is currently unavailable for other tablet computers (Costello, 2012).

The StudyBlue Flashcards app also provides a great improvement in mobile learning. It is user friendly and does not require the use of complex technologies.

Outside the school environment, the mobile app can be used by interviewees to memorise key terms and answers to the questions they feel are common in interviews (Alley, 2009). In schools, the mobile app is used by learners to memorize important information when they are about to sit for tests or major examinations.

The mobile app also provides learners with an opportunity to test their understanding in a particular subject and helps them identify the areas in which they need to work on (Quinn, 2011).

Students who are apt at using this app can easily set reminders on it to assist them in maintaining a proper study plan before an examination (Brock, 2013).

This mobile learning app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and iPods. Like Evernote Peek, the StudyBlue Flashcards app is also provided free of charge (Lytle, 2012).

Similar to the first two mobile learning apps, Trello is also easy to use in schools and in the outside environment. Collaboration is an important element in group discussions and group projects (Tomei, 2012).

Group projects help students to break down a big task into smaller parts; each of the tasks is then assigned to one learner. Consequently, the method increases the speed with which students do class tasks (Druin, 2009).

However, group tasks may be confusing and difficult to break down into small parts. With Trello, students can successfully divide a task into small bits and assign each to the group members without difficulty.

The app can also be used by teachers to assign tasks, create deadlines for assignments, and enhance collaboration among the students (Iskander, 2008). Trello is also available for iPads, iPods, iPhones, and Android devices; like in the first two mobile education apps, the Trello mobile learning app is free of charge (Lytle, 2012).


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