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Future for mobile handsets in UK Proposal

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Updated: May 28th, 2019


Mobile handsets are the most interesting technology I have ever seen. Initially, they were only used as gadgets for conversations only. As years went by, more and more companies came up with different utilities for the gadget. Because phone work more or less the same as computers, they have been tailored to do the work of the computer at presents (Amanada 2010).

Everybody wants to make work easy for himself or herself hence people have applied the new services to ease communication and work. Phone gadgets have revolutionized both the world of communication and business. Nowadays, the technology has turned out as remote control for human beings.

This has been seen in the several applications that are using phone to access the services. Many sectors such as the entertainment industry, security companies, commercial institutions and organizations are all smiles because of the development of the mobile phone technology.

The mobile phone industry has had a firm and steady development with increasingly high sophisticated software’s that are reliable for use by consumers.

The introduction of smart phones has set a blow on computers and other PC devices. Soon, the smart phones will overtake the PC because they have applications to do what the PCs can do. In addition, they are more portable than PCs. Their portability is due to their ability to be carried even in the smallest pocket of clothes.

The main mobile telephony industry in the UK is the Orange (Dixon 2011). There are many mobile phones being used in the United Kingdom than household components. The consumers in the United Kingdom are approaching an era where it will be seen as strange not to own at least on mobile phone. Since most operations have become electronic, the need to increase the mobile phone technology is advancing day by day.

This advancement is not just in terms of quantity but also quality. One thing that threatens the increased use of mobile technology is the negative effects of radiation on health (Stewart 2000). This is however being looked into by scientist to provide an anti radiation device that is inbuilt with the mobile phones.


This paper’s perspective is to learn the revolution that the mobile industry has brought in the United Kingdom. It is also to study the effects that the mobile technology will be having in the future industry.

Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to identify the following

  • Mobile Phone Gadgets and their use in the United Kingdom
  • Technological advancement of the mobile phone Gadgets in the U.K
  • Threats that the mobile phones pose to the consumers
  • Advantages of the revolution in the mobile phone industry


This project will check on effects of this mobile handset technology on consumers. The consumers of services provided by mobile phones companies are numerous. They range from banks, which use the phone technology for pay in and pay out to the public users who utilize the technology for entertainment and as a medium for informational store.

In addition, being able to access the internet has resulted into even making the world to be a global village where transaction are done at home, in the village provided there is internet access. This has resulted to additional job provisions which are internet related such as creation of web contents.

Project Sponsor

The project should be financed and requires enough finance and time to be able to accomplish the research. The following are the key activities to be held out. Also indicated is the cost of carrying out the project.

The financer is a member is an international granting agency who has initiated a global statistical survey on mobile telephony and its revolutionary effects. The amount provided here is for a single individual for about two weeks stay on the ground.

Task Amount
Making online questionnaires (30*$10) + (50*$7) =
Meals and Accommodation $700
Expenses for stationary e.g. printing $80
Interview packages and Questionnaires $800

Figure 1. Showing amounts for the project tasks.

Project Manager

Project management will be done by an officer from the Ministry of Commission for Communication Control. The agency is involved in vigorous updates of the phone products in the dynamic market. They will be able to provide a good directive on the challenges and strengths that have faced the mobile handset industry in the United Kingdom.

Having a vast knowledge of telecommunications and technology, the project manager will act as the supervisor of the research team as a whole.

Also, having a project manager from the United Kingdom would give me an upper hand in the research activity because he is fully aware of the trends and behavior of the operations in the mobile handset industry. In addition, he has firsthand information on the use and future expectations by the consumers.

Background to the Project

The most significant aspect of the project is the effects of future use of the mobile handset. If trends are to go by, then the next technology we are going to have is the phone wares. People would turn into having clothings that are “smart” in the same way the smart phones were introduced. The United Kingdom happens to be a one stop shop for all mobile technology requirements.

This makes it even predictable to ascertain the next gadget that would fill the market place. This kind of change is so rapid that it calls for some control. The painful aspect of rapid change is that the technology for curbing the counter effects are made later hence it is impossible to ascertain a disaster as soon as it occurs.

This has been the main challenge facing the mobile gadgets and their development for future use. The effects are only seen after a long period of use by consumers. For this reason, it is therefore impossible to work out a risk management control before the product is used by the consumers.

This project has had several clarion calls from the ministry of communication and even the environmental sector. This is because there is need to study the evolution of new technology to check on the threats and strengths that these technology poses to the community and environment. It will not be advisable to get innovations that would lead to tragedies in the future.

As much as technology is going rapid, there should be a section of the government that deals with development, control and management of new technology.

This project will look into the aspects that contribute to health risk factors and also the trends in development of new technology. It will also study the aspect of counterfeit dealings and the aspect of originality in the world of technology. The research will provide a basis for even predicting future trend in the industry.

Statement of the Requirements

This project will perform research on the problems caused by incurrent use of mobile phone gadgets by different consumers. Since the consumers have different purpose for mobile use, the research will be categorized into two areas.

These areas will be, the effect on social community and the effect on the business community. This will be able to give a clear differentiation on the impacts of these gadgets on the economy and lifestyle. The major effects would be on the positive side because technology has a main goal.

That is has been stereotyped with idea speed and effective service provision (Olk 1999). The negative effect is probably on the social side of which the project will address the forms of change that have occurred and the once that are purported to occur in future.

The effects of mobile phone gadgets are both positive and negative. The positive effects are mostly aligned to the consumers who are gaining large amounts of profits every single day. The mobile phone gadgets work just the same way as the PC. Therefore, to carry out actions that a PC can perform someone needs to hook up with the smart phone and all will be fine. The advantage of this is that

The needs that the project will address will be on the issue of counteracting environmental effects. This will be done by collecting resourceful materials on the health trends that have been noticed in the use of the mobile handset by the citizens in the United Kingdom.

The research will also inquire if there are agencies that have been put in place that advocate for the safety of consumers who utilize the mobile handset and the possible health threats that they are prune to.

On the other hand, the project will also focus on the availability of alternative innovative products of mobile handsets (Josh 2011). This will also focus on their viability in the market. In addition, the project will focus on major positive impacts of mobile telephony use in communication and how to improve on it.

Business Case

This project will focus more on the case factors such as social factors, legal factors and customer oriented services. The business proposal will provide customer need services that are realistic, for example, the customer will be able to understand the value that the research would provide to them.

The consumers of mobile handset technology desire to have better understanding of the effects of the technology on their lives. This project will carefully analyze the viability of the technology and the interest that the clients want. The project will also look into the legal factors that encompass the use of the technology and health effects.

Project Scope

The scope of the project is to identify how current and future changes will affect the utilization of mobile phones. Currently, consumers who buy the handsets have specialized use for the devices. This has resulted into a high acquisition from retail industries and the huge outlay of the products by specific manufacturers. It is important for consumers to know how these handsets will influence their livelihood.

It has been a common finding in the United Kingdom that some set of phones are “generic” so to speak. Some of these so called “generic” handsets are not of quality in nature. Therefore, they predispose the consumers to various health risks. In addition, the project will discuss the major results that the future use of handsets would bring to the economy of United Kingdom.

Mobile handset benefits both the users and the economy. The manufactures are also affected in one way of the other. When these handsets sell well, the manufacturers earn big time, but, when they don’t sell well their businesses loose.

This project will also research on what effects the economy has on the manufacturing industries. For instance, the future need of products that cater for health issues will require the manufactures to adjust their manufacturing options that would adhere to customers’ needs. This means that the manufacturers will also be affected directly or indirectly.

Stakeholders Analysis

Stakeholder’s analysis is very important in project management. The stakeholders here will be both primary and secondary. The consumers and manufactures will be both affected by future changes in mobile handset usage. In addition, the assemblers of these products will also be directly or indirectly affected by the changes.

There will be analysis of the stakeholder’s attitude towards the probable changes that will affect them. This research will also seek away to merge up the entire stakeholders’ to collect their point of view on the changes on the mobile handset usage in the United Kingdom.

Feasibility Study

The study will look into the weaknesses and strengths of carrying out the study (Amanada 2010). This will include environmental factors, availability of resources that will be used to carry out the study for the success of the project. Good marketing research and policies that are well elaborated to gear the project to a successful end.

Project Constraints

Project constraints are of different perspectives. These are environmental based, resource based, delivery based, budgetary based and functionality based. All these constraints will be considered in the event of carrying out the project. Most important will be the resource based constraints.

This will involve hiring staff at a full time basis to be able to carry out the project full within the selected period. There will also be provision of computers that will be helpful for data entry services. There will be the need to employ use of lap tops or any portable computer device that are chargeable and able to retain power.

Project Assumptions

The assumptions for this project are that all the required stakeholders will be available by the time the project will have kicked off. This will require a prior contact with the stakeholders of their availability during the time the project will be carried out. It should be done in an earlier date before the event starts.

In addition, it is assumed that there will be enough staff and resources that will enable smooth running of operations (Amanada 2010). Another assumption is that there will be a favorable environment to carry out the study activities. This will involve putting the project plan in place; no industry would be functioning during the study. Lastly, it is assumed that the staff will also be able to work in the said environment in the project study


Task Amount
Making online questionnaires (30*$10) + (50*$7) =
Meals and Accommodation $700
Expenses for stationary e.g. printing $80
Interview packages and Questionnaires $800
Equipments for study (laptop) $540

Figure 1. Showing amounts for the project tasks.

The budget shown above will be for a single individual. The number of staff that will be employed will be about one hundred and fifty. This will involve the stuff who will do survey study in the manufacturing industries.


Activity Date
Completion of Analysis 3rd March 2012
Completion of Design 11thApril 2012
Completion of Development 11thJune 2012
Test Completion 1stAugust 2012
Completion of Training 4thAugust 2012
Project Completion 20thAugust 2012

Execution Strategy


This involves quality control techniques. The type of project will adhere to the requirements of control and assurance techniques. This will involve the control of activities for operational procedures, actions and management issues.

Project Methodology

This would provide a road map or plan for the Project. This will help in the implementation and development of project goals. Every project is geared towards a successful end. The project will also involve processes like delivery and control of management systems. This is will help the manager of the project to use the budget provided in implementing the goals of the project.

The methodology provides an extensive analysis of the project management systems. As the proposal involves the study of future of handsets, the manager will know which inputs to consider and resources that are mentioned in the budget (Dixon 2011). His allocations will be carefully implemented for the success of the project.

Project OBS

Organizational structure is an important part of protect lay out. It refers to the delegation of different duties to different staff members for easy coordination.

In this project, the organizational structure will involve appointment of duties to different staff members who are part of the project plan. This will help make the project official and encourage communication through coordination. The organizational structural systems will also lead to a focused team.


Project communication plan should include all stakeholders. This will involve all their contacts and names. The project manager should be aware of the stakeholder’s expectations. This project will involve rigorous awareness programmes for all stakeholders.

This will help both the research team and the stakeholders aware of the project process. Information dissemination to every person will be done in a clear way with no biasness. This will ensure a smooth progress of the project activity or plan. This part of communication is critical hence will not be delegated to any other person.

Communication documentation does not only involve contact information of the stakeholders but also meeting schedules, reviews and the list for forms of communication. In addition, the members of the research team and stake holders will be addressed on preparations for any impromptu meetings. It is important to document every communication.

This project will ensure that information is stored in electrical form using computers. There will be data entry during interviews sessions. These will be printed out hence can be provided as a policy brief. Other information will be backed up in the computer systems to ensure future retrieval when the information will be required.

Project Risks

The project manager will be able to identify the risks and factors which could interfere with the project plan and management for a successful end. The manager will analyze the risks of the project and be able to come up with a clear response for the risks.

Some risks are as a result of technological application. These risks will be responded to by using having alternative technology (Stewart 2000). Other risks will be catered for by proper planning, having good and trained specialties. Another reason is that there will be plans for additional resources.

Reference List

Amanda, R 2010, “Concept Cell Phones and Future”. Phone World Journal, viewed on www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/05

Dixon, P 2011, Mobile Phone Revolution and Health Risk, Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, USA.

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Stewart, W 2000, Mixed Evaluation Method, McGraw Publishers, New York.

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