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Wireless Headphones from H2pro Company Essay

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Updated: May 7th, 2019

H2pro Company has invented wireless headphones that can work without connection through wires to electronic devices that transmit sound. These headphones will work well with smart phones and other mp3 devices that have applications of Bluetooth.

These headphones are waterproof and, therefore, can receive sound impulses even under water. These headphones will be very significant to swimmers and athletes that could be distracted by wired headphones in the course of their activity.

With their property, that makes them to apply Bluetooth, they can receive sound impulses from devices to which they are configured from as far as fifteen hundred metres in the air and up to eight hundred metres in water.

These are new inventions that will improve concentration of participants in any competition as well as keeping them updated during competition.

H2pro Company sales team are set to make sure that these headphones are made available to all people in the competition in football, swimming, and athletics. Through this device, competitors in athletic and swimming will be kept updated on the progress of events.

These headphones will also be very crucial gadgets to football referees that are supposed to hear some comments from linesmen so that they can make well informed decisions about some fouls that they might not have seen clearly.

The gadgets are light and, therefore, will not create discomfort to their users. On the other hand, they have voice adjustment system that will ensure that regulation of voice is made.

Sales team will carry out training on the device to ensure that team members have adequate information as they go to market the gadget. Sales team members will be taught on how to express themselves to potential customers and how to maintain good relations as customers seek to get more information about the headphones.

The sales team will also be trained on the usability of the wireless headphones H2pro have produced so that they can be able to explain it to customers.

Another thing that will happen to H2pro sales team is that they will be sent to different market areas where they will be expected to conquer the market by ensuring that those headphones win the favour of players in comparison to wired headphones used by potential customers.

Another area where the sales team will be informed is the sector on prices and different qualities of H2pro wireless headphones. In that way, they will have enough information about these headphones and their usability. Information about retail and wholesale prices will be given to these sales team members during the training.

Marketing team of H2pro Company will ensure publicity is done to ensure that these earphones are known. After extensive advertisement is made about these headphones, the marketers will be sent to major sports shops to sell these headphones.

They will also do promotion activities with a few headphones to catch the attention of athletes and swimmers and other sportsmen. These will involve attending major events that have great potential to convene many players and participants.

The headphones will be sold at slightly reduced prices during these events, which will attract players to buy. The sales team will also target major cities that have busy sporting activities that will increase the probability of creating awareness to as many people.

The sales team at H2pro will send sales representatives to major sports shops with business proposals, which will seek to open a seller-buyer relationship that would lead them to be usual buyers of the headphones.

Retail shops that will be selling H2pro wireless headphones will be subjected to offers and their prices will be reduced as according to the orders they will make.

The sales team at H2pro will acquire the schedule IAAF so that they can partner with major athletic retail shops to carry out promotion activities during the time of competition. These promotions will make the athletes from all corners of the world to be aware of these wireless headphones.

In carrying out the sales of these wireless earphones, H2pro will take into consideration the competition it will face from producers of wired headphones. Some athletes might be reluctant to purchase these new headphones because they are relatively more expensive than other headphones.

However, although wireless earphones can be used in various sports like swimming and football refereeing, H2pro Company targets athletes. This is because of their growing number and the comfort they will be at when they are using this kind of headphones than when they use other wired headphones.

In innovation of wireless headphones, however, H2pro is the first on this line. This product is made with unique qualities that will attract customers to buy.

For example, some of its qualities are that it is light and it is easy to operate. Connection and configuration of these headphones to a phone will take a few minutes and it will ensure that the individual can be able to use it easily.

The sale of these headphones target athletes from around the globe. Therefore, they will offer a wide market for H2pro Company. H2pro is offering them at competitive prices although they are a little more expensive than wired headphones.

Their price is unmatchable with the efficiency and comfort its user will enjoy as they use them. On the other hand, cash flow that takes place within athletics competition is targeted by this company. What the company has not been able to achieve by now is popularity of these headphones.

However with the work done by the sales team, it is predictable that H2pro wireless headphones will not be a new thing in the mind of many athletes all over the world by the end of the first year.

H2pro Company is organized in terms of the owner of the company who is the chairman of the administrative team and the CEO.

There are departmental managers who include sales and marketing manager, who oversees marketing unit of H2pro Company; human resource manager, who is involved with acquisition of employees to the company; innovations and invention manager, who lead the innovation and creativity team, and is also the chief coordinator of any usability test in the company; and public relations manager, who represent the company in various forums in the country and outside the country, this manager is also the general manager to the company and a chief decision maker in any of the other departments.

These lie in the second rank of H2pro Company organisation. They lead project supervisors who oversee execution of plans of H2pro Company. The lowest rank in H2pro Company is the employees.

Employees are categorized into two groups i.e. permanent and those who are contracted when work increases. Of this rank, the permanent employees are ranked higher than the contractual employees.

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