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You Cannot Live Without Mobile Phones Argumentative Essay

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Updated: Jun 18th, 2019

While communication technologies have penetrated to the lives of contemporary society, it does not positively contribute to its adequate cultural, psychological and social development.

Ladies and gentlemen, today my team plan to prove the affirmative speaker’s argument is not well-grounded because it distorts the current data on negative influence of mobile phone use. My argument will provide a wider picture on social, cultural, and political contexts that are negatively influenced by the wireless technology.

My first speaker will elaborate on the negative impact of mobile phones on human health, which can persuade the audience that living without mobile phones is possible because this lifestyle is much healthier.

My second and third speakers will focus on detrimental effects of living with mobile phones in cultural and political terms. The exploration of all these outcomes can prove the living without mobile phones is much better.

Affirmative speakers recognize that mobile media and communication networks have captured the entire global community that cannot imagine their daily activities without phone use.

All meetings, conferences and appointments are now arranged by means of these portable devices because it is incredibly fast and convenient. However, overuse of mobile phones deprives people of face-to-face communication and makes them less interested in visiting their friends and relatives.

More importantly, daily use of cell phones can pose harm to human health due to the influence of phone radiation. In a broader sense, use of telecommunication technologies makes people more dependent on social opinion and political power that often manipulates society for their own purposes.

Power and mobile communication, therefore, shape a dangerous synthesis depriving people of personal, objective evaluation of various events.

The fact that society is constantly developing is undeniable and the invention of mobile inventions is a logical outcomes. However, technological progress does not always contribute to the improvement of societal welfare.

Hence, emergence of wireless technology creates a wider access to information and people, but deprives people of face-to-face communication (Ganguly et al 2011). Reference to previous history of development proves that society can flourish without use of mobile phones.

The point is that older generations are not so dependent from cell phones as their descendants (Walsh et al., 2010). Indeed, young people embracing technology are more likely to employ wireless technologies rather than take advantage of live communication.

Despite this face, the possibility to minimize the use of cell phones is possible as soon as numerous researches introduce the persuasive arguments about the harmful effect of their frequent utilization.

As it has been mentioned previously by affirmative team, mobile phones constitute an inherent element of daily life. However, within a health care perspective, mobile phone radiation can have negative consequences for human health.

Although recent studies have not approved the connection between radiation emission and cancer emergence, there are still other negative outcomes, such as thermal heating, which pose risks to human health. According to Ganguly et al. (2011), hazardous influence of mobile phones is under the focus of most scholars due to the increased demand for wireless technologies.

In particular, the researchers insist, “most of the heating effect occurs on the head surface, facial nerves and surrounding sift tissue causing increase in temperature by a fraction of a degree” (Ganguly et al. 2011, p. 370). Many other negative outcomes can make the modern society think over the reduction of mobile phone use.

Certainly, total refusal to use mobile phone in daily life is impossible, particularly for the representatives of Generation Y and Generation Z. These layers of population have grown up along with the simultaneous invention of these telecommunication devices. Therefore, their lifestyles could not be changed immediately.

Although the affirmative speaker focuses on the development of innovative technologies as the way to societal welfare, the emergence of innovative technologies has had an adverse effect on social and psychological development of the global communities.

This is of particular concern to the shifts in communication approaches, as well as daily activities. However, these changes could not be regarded as absolutely positive, although these technological introductions contribute to the emergence of a new society with new moral and ethical values that differ much from older generations (Nassiri et al. 2012).

Dependence on these cell phones in these terms can distort individuals’ understanding of social and cultural identity. Nassiri et al. (2012) have also found interesting data about the connection between personality traits and mobile phone use.

In particular, they have discovered, “…extraversion and neuroticism have from two major personality factors related to dependent on mobile phones” (Nassiri et al. 2012, p. 114). The studies, therefore, prove that use of wireless technologies creates an overwhelming impact on human behavior, personality, and consciousness, leading to loss of self-awareness and self-esteem.

The possibility to live without mobile phones can also be supported by the greater concern with political influence and its dominating power in the sphere of media and telecommunications.

In this respect, Goggin (2011) focuses on historic perspective to underline the insignificance of communication in lives people. In fact, most media companies have become dependent on mobile phones as the most popular media platform for mass mailing and advertising.

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