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Cyber Risks in Emerging Markets

The article includes a description of major threats and concerns, as well as particular recommendations as to companies' further development in the area of cyber security.

Spot Mini Robot by Boston Dynamics

While the bigger robots by Boston Dynamics are designed to operate in extreme conditions, Spot Mini is a household robot, which makes it marketable to a wider community and, therefore, profitable.

Types of Learning Environments

In addition, when the information is pre-recorded, it is possible to schedule the class according to the individual needs of a student.

Website and Application: New Opportunities

The targeted idea is to design a website and an app that can support the needs of graduates from different parts of the world. The proposed website will be linked with the app to ensure [...]

The Digital Revolution Creating

The efforts and activities of these innovators made it possible for numerous gains to be made in the future. The second interesting thing is that most of the achievements made in the world of technology [...]

Mass Disaster Investigation

For this reason, it is vital to investigate reasons that predetermined the failure and guarantee the creation of the efficient solution needed to avoid the same incidents in the future.

Emerging Risks in Cyberspace Security

Therefore, the security requirements of cyberspace infrastructure and flow of information coincide with some of the national security imperatives and have to be protected by government actors.

Li-Fi as the Future of Wireless Technology

It is important to discuss the problem associated with the use of wireless communication technologies, accentuate the goals and significance of this study, present research questions, and review the recent literature on the topic of [...]

TransAsia Airways Flight 235 Accident

The purpose of this paper is to review the Flight 235 accident, as well as to analyze the causes of its origin and the importance of the human factor, which made a critical contribution to [...]

Falcon 24 Aircraft: Project Management

According to Cooke-Davies, the project involves the design and production of an aircraft that has a supersonic speed of 2,400 km/h. The aircraft uses the state of the art technology that has been tested and [...]

Cyber Security and Employees

The major factors that define the thriving of cyber ganging are the insufficient level of employees' competence, the lack of knowledge about the technical side of information protection, and non-compliance with safety standards.

Car Accidents in Kuwait

Foreigners are in a hurry because they have a lot of things to do and fail to meet the deadline. Thus, it cannot be denied that the improvement of traffic safety and driving behavior is [...]

Virtual Reality’s Main Benefits

The rapid development and the growing popularity of virtual reality raise a logical interest concerning the advantages and disadvantages that are related to the application of this new technology in various spheres of knowledge and [...]

Monitoring Toddlers and Technology

The interactive elements are very engaging for toddlers and the unlimited nature of the video on demand services such as YouTube and Netflix, and game programs can be addictive to the children who have not [...]

Cybercrime and Digital Money Laundering

The result of the investigation was the indictment of Western Express and a number of the company's clients for several charges including stolen credit card data trafficking and money laundering.

Information Security and Potential Risks

Meanwhile, it is necessary to admit that the implementation of the new IS strategy implies a series of risks. Lastly, a pilot test is likely to be useful in terms of the expenses' assessment.

Television, Its Invention and Technical Evolution

The history of television involves the contribution of several engineers from different parts of the world. This paper seeks to explore the technical evolution of the television from its invention to the current developments.

Cybersecurity and Vital Elements

The focus of any risk management effort is a standard system or a framework that help organizations and individuals to manage integrity, confidentiality, and data and ensure critical resources availability.

Network Security for Mobile Devices

The main concerns of security are maintaining the functionality of the network environment, securing privacy, and providing the integrity of confidential information.

Computer Viruses, Their Types and Prevention

A memory-resident virus is one of the most resilient types of viruses out there since it resides in the RAM of the computer and comes out of stasis every time the computer's OS is activated.

Nintendo Game Innovation: Wii’s Principles

In this case, it has to be mentioned that Sony's PlayStation was paying substantial attention to the quality of the image, sound, and speed of the processor to build a perception of one of the [...]

Virtual Reality Technology in Referee Training

Referees need to experience the practical nature of the profession during the training process, and the VR technology will eliminate the underlying challenges to the development of experience in the profession.

Digital Citizenship Definition and Problems

In this connection, the paper is devoted to the proposal of the digital citizenship necessity and its safe implementation including such integral aspects as digital literacy, etiquette, tolerance to other digital citizens, appropriate referencing, and [...]

Cyber Attack: “Guardians of Peace”

In the next month, GOP threatened the company and urged it to cancel the release of the film "The Interview". Sony accepted the demand and did not let the film run on the cinema screens [...]

Graphic Card Industry and Evolution

A graphic card, usually, referred to as a video card or a graphic accelerator card is an electronic circuit installed on the motherboard inside the central power unit, mostly on Laptops and desktop computers.

Students’ Mobile Learning in Higher Education

The current concept of m-tools as the household strategy for implementing the teaching and learning process is flawed to a significant extent due to the lack of guidance and support from the tutor that it [...]

Tablets Instead of Textbooks

The emergence of tablets is one of the recent inventions in the field of education and it is clear that it is soon replacing textbooks. What are the benefits of using tablets in learning institutions?

The Big Data Definition

It can be used in any field that requires operations with the big data sets, including the fact that there is a possibility of utilizing the Big Data techniques for the purposes of resolving various [...]

Embedded Intelligence: Evolution and Future

The importance of mobility in the current business context has motivated the use of embedded technology to design systems. It is used in the management of energy systems such as production, distribution, and optimization.

Problems of the Software Piracy

This paper examines the modes of software piracy, the reasons behind it, who are the offenders, the cost of such actions, and how and who to control them.

Incident Command Models in the US, the UK, Qatar

The current paper will consider the basic features and the structure of the three incident command models or systems: the National Incident Management System, the Joint Decision Making Model, and The National Command Centre.

Life Without Computers

One of the major contributions of the computer technology in the world has been the enhancement of the quality of communication.

Graph Theory Application in Computer Science

Speaking about the classification of graphs and the way to apply them, it needs to be noted that different graphs present structures helping to represent data related to various fields of knowledge.

Advantages of Fresnel Lenses

A Fresnel lens possesses a large aperture and a short focal length, which allows it to capture and focus more from a light source than a conventional lens, and project it over vast distances while [...]

Max Bögl Company’s Procurement Management

The list of the identified risks is provided in the following table where each risk factor is rated on a five-point scale according to the likelihood of its occurrence and potential impact on the project [...]

The Impact of Technological Change on Business

While it is obvious that effective and diverse means of communication have been at the disposal of entrepreneurs for more than a century now, it is undeniable that the development of the informational technology, especially [...]

Network Administration and Its Importance

The term "typology" is used to define the geometric arrangements of the computers in a given network. The term network administration refers to the process of monitoring, maintaining, and upgrading computer systems and infrastructures in [...]

A South Korean Copy of Snapchat

Snow has become popular because it is focused on the Asian market and, in fact, it introduced Asia-specific features earlier than Snapchat managed to develop them and offer local-language versions of the app.

Rügen Bridge: Plan Procurement Management

During this time, the company in charge of the project had not only built a bridge, the core part of which is 4100 meters long, but also contracted other businesses to prepare the surface, smooth [...]

Digital Transformation: Hyper-Connectedness and Collaboration

The guiding principles for E2E economy formulated by the authors include the ability of organizations to provide optimal customer experiences through the right partnerships, capacity to use contextual and predictive analytics to generate customer value, [...]

The Cultural Impact of Technology

In a third paragraph, the author argues that such things are not regarded as technological innovations now, and the term "technology" is limited to the description of new electronic devices and digital services which have [...]

Cultural Impact of Technology

In the present-day world, the technological advances entailed a significant transformation in the mode of life, and it is possible to say that the new stage of social development is provoked by the growth of [...]

“The Dark Side of Big Data” by Tom Goodwin

The rise of social media and the improvements in data aggregation led to the collection of large quantities of user-generated data, and it was only a matter of time until businesses started using this data [...]

Cultural Impact of Technology on Life

Indeed, much to the credit of the authors and the participants of the conversation, there is a strong tendency for people to view technology as a thing in itself.

E-Books: An Interactive Technology Tool

Since the topic of the lesson is "Domestic Animals," an e-book can provide meaningful and engaging opportunities for the young learners to develop their phonemic awareness and reading skills.