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Tech & Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System

Sensors and control relays transmit data to RTUs and PLCs deployed in specific locations of the managed system, and this is where data acquisition occurs. RTUs and PLCs send the acquired data to the master [...]

Penetration Test, Its Methodology and Process

In this regard, the team tasked to carry out the penetration test must ensure that the company's chief information security officer recognizes that any figures or data acquired in the analysis will be deemed private [...]

E-Governments and the Environment of Anonymity

The invention of the Internet and the following increase in the online communication process has posed a range of questions to the people engaging in these new activities, the principles of communication, and the effects [...]

Texas City Disaster in 1947

The severity of the disaster was primarily attributed to the captain, who ordered the crew to close hatches in order to preserve the ammonium nitrate.

Safety Management at Construction Sites in the UAE

Safety management is the process that helps to define the principles of work and measure the processes to prevent different types of accidents and injuries that can lead to the negative outcomes for an organisation [...]

Profiling and Maintaining Passenger’s Travel Experience

Governments and passengers are required to comply with international aviation standards and legal requirements that have further strengthened the need for more stringent rules to profile customers, leading to the accusations that profiling is intrusive, [...]

Charity Fashion Show: Project Management

In this project, we will be seeking to achieve some of the preparations in advance. Time is of the essence in this project and the way we react to it will influence our success.

Mobile Learning Plan

To address the challenges and prospects offered by the use of mobile phones in learning, the stakeholders need to address the above issues with urgency.

Internet Usage and Privacy in the Army

Historically, the army had been banned from the use of the internet for communication or for socialization. From this time onwards, the army has been able to use the internet for communication and well as [...]

Communication via Electronic Mail

Electronic mail is exceptionally straightforward to comprehend and in the vein of postal mail, electronic mail gets to the bottom of two fundamental predicaments of communication.

National System of Innovation’ Contributions

While many proponents highlight that national systems have done a lot to facilitate the commercialization of disruptive technologies, I suppose that the national systems have done little to commercialize disruptive and sustaining technologies.

Mobile Applications to Quit Smoking

A critical insight that can be gleaned from the said report is that one of the major factors linked to failure is the fact that smokers were unable to quit the habit on their own [...]

The Effect of Twitter on College Students

First, they wanted to address the question "what is the effect of encouraging the use of Twitter for purposes relevant to education on student engagement?" Secondly, they wanted to answer the question "what is the [...]

Virtual Learning Environments: Effective Use

Tutors often face the challenge of effective delivery of lessons in the classroom given the diverse categories of students. Learning objects basically refer to blocks of content that can be interlinked to produce a course.

The Katarist Mobile Application

It is anticipated that if this application is successfully implemented and distributed to the general population of Qatar, a significant amount of interest will be developed and, as a result, this will promote Qatar's cultural [...]

How to Curb Cyber Threat to the US?

According to the Council of Europe, cyber terrorism is the use of the internet for terrorist purposes. The best option is to be on the offensive that is, to identify and cripple potential sources of [...]

Cyber Threat to the United States

In the current international system, the United States of America is the only super power. The incident clearly demonstrated to the world that the United States is vulnerable to cyber crime.

Small Business Security

Both the physical security- in terms of physical structures- and the security on the computers data is fairly strong because as at current, only the owner of the business and the permanent employees can access [...]

Cybersecurity: Stuxnet Virus

Cyber security is one of the major concerns of governments in the contemporary world. It is important to note that in case of Stuxnet the three aspects prove to be vulnerable.

Shop Extension Project Management

In this paper, the project that is being defined is that of expanding the store of the organization so that new clients will be added to the organization.

Current Trends in Web 2.0

This is due to the fact that the server architecture needed to maintain sites such as MySpace has significant costs in terms of the amount of data utilized and the rate of users per day.

Mobile Technology in Japan

The popular culture of Japan is known to reflect the issues of the current period as well as creating a linkage to the issues that happened in the past.

Nurse Ring Project Development

The non-formal education setup will relieve working mothers from the stressful childcare role, as the school will provide all the custodial needs of the enrolled children.

Technology Support Team’ Building

In a well orchestrated team the operation is so smooth it is difficult to recognize the role of the team leader. This can be taken to signify the absence of egocentric motives and personalities in [...]

Different Programming Languages Analysis

One of the fundamental aspects of computer programs is the ability to control the behaviour and operation of the machine. With regards to the application of prototypes, a specific programming language is used.

Mobile Culture: Texting Effects on Teenagers

Given the abilities of smartphones to access the Internet and social media platforms, teenagers have turned their smart devices to tools of socialisation and communication in which texting is the most preferred mode of communication.

Virtual Private Network’s Project Management

The projects have become important due to the need to adapt to the advancements in technology. Despite the organization's success in the industry, data and network security issues have greatly affected its operations.

Voice Recognition Technology: Definition and Usage

It is against this backdrop that this report explores the concept of voice recognition technology in terms of disadvantages and domain of its use, impacts of this technology on individuals and organizations as well as [...]

E-Learning: Video, Television and Videoconferencing

Some e-learning methods such as videoconferencing are very effective as learning methods because they engage the learner in active learning, while other e-learning methods such as video or distance learning are not very appropriate learning [...]

Thermistor and Its Applications

This paper examines the working mechanism and applications of Thermistors Thermistors are special kind of variable resistors whose resistance changes with changing temperature i.e.a change in thermal temperature results in changes in its resistance value.

Colgan Flight 3407: Human Factors of the Accident

The cause of the accident was attributed to the failure of the flight crew to monitor airspeed according to the rising position of the low-speed cue, the flight crew's failure to stick to the cockpit [...]

Are Cell Phone Dangerous?

Among the first ideas to consider, the one that manifests the use of cell phones as the most logical phenomenon and the key feature of the XXI century is the fact that cellular communications are [...]

Ways to Stop Cell Phones Hacking

Although it is in the view of many that their phones cannot be hacked as they only protect their computers from hacking, mobile phone operators are more predisposed to being hacked since a mobile operator [...]

Inner Space Exploration Vehicles

There are three common types of underwater vehicles such as autonomous underwater vehicle, human occupied vehicles, and remotely operated vehicles. In addition, there are some human occupied vehicles that are simply used to visit life [...]

Smartphones Role in Lifestyles Changes

The fast and quick connectivity of smartphones to the internet provides a wide spectrum of understanding issues that individuals face in their professional and social lives. Creativity and innovation that smartphones facilitate lead to enhanced [...]

Innovation Life Cycle: S-curve Technology

Thus, the S-curve reveals the performance of the product, technology, strategy, service, and innovation. The break point on the S-curve defines the vulnerability of the innovative product over time.

Relationship with Cell Phones

Cell phones are people's new relationship because people use them to execute many of their daily activities. They have encouraged multitasking and solitude because people spend a lot of time interacting with information and communication [...]

Technological Dependence

With rapid technological developments, many people are today concerned with the impact of technology in the life of the modern man.

Wireless Technology Proposal: WiMax and Wi-Fi

After a careful study and research of the available wireless technologies in the market, I propose implementation of one of the discussed wireless technologies WiMax is one of the latest wireless access technologies.

The New Information System: Microsoft Access

The provision of the above-stated functions will go a long way in ensuring the data integrity of the organization and improve the system's performance. The ability to access different data sources is a primarily consideration [...]

Bristol Airport Operations Management

This paper discusses the operations processes at the airport in an effort to evaluate the appropriateness in terms of their contributions to productivity, quality, and overall effectiveness. The transport operations department also uses air-marshals to [...]

The Ballpoint Pen: Materials, Process and Issues

This essay explores the geological information of the raw materials, the processing steps and the environmental issues. With the raw materials ready, brass is obtained from a mixture of the two, with copper dominating the [...]

The IBNOVO Project Charter Development

Since its inception, the firm has managed to establish its operations in more than 170 countries and it specialises in offering fully integrated and optimised stack of business software and hardware solutions.

Maximum Megahertz Project: Management Challenges

To avoid the further development of the problematic situation and to handle the doubtful projects, it is important to work out the plan of action which can be effective to learn from the mistakes, to [...]

Hershey Corporation Project Management

Hershey outsourced the services of three firms to aid in the implementation of the ERP software. An effective criterion to determine the success of the project is necessary in order to evaluate major milestones in [...]

Honeywell: Six Sigma and Project Management

In conclusion, Level 4 of the 5 level project management process maturity model combines and controls a number of projects to attain precision. For that reason, in order to reach level 4, Honeywell must compliment [...]

How Tablets Changed Everything?

In spite of the fact that tablets allow people not to worry about their mistakes, weaken the analysis of the reading and worsen literacy abilities due to reading text with the help of a screen, [...]

Public Key Infrastructure System

The primary purpose of the paper is to evaluate the significance of implementation of the public key infrastructure in the working process and discuss strength and weaknesses of the system.

IPad Initiative Among the UAE Students

Cavanaugh et al.develop the article about the iPad initiatives in the educational process in the UAE and present a thoughtful literature review and an informative, descriptive statistical analysis within the frames of which such sessions [...]