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The Internet’s Advantages and Disadvantages Essay


There are a lot of different inventions which, having interfered into human life, have changed the way people live. Starting with the ancient times, people tried to invent something new to make human life easier. Nowadays, innovative technologies have entered the life of people and do not stop surprising.

The resent and the most influential invention in the life of people is the creation of the Internet. The Internet has changed the way people lead their lives in many ways. People began to work, study, communicate and even entertain differently and this is the main contribution the Internet has brought into human life, as the changes which have occurred positively affected the way people live.

What happened before the Internet was invented?

Focusing on the aspects under consideration, it should be mentioned that students had to study hard attending libraries, sitting there for hours and writing the reports. In case the mistakes were made, the whole papers had to be rewritten in order to correct them. Moreover, much information had to be noted and then rewritten again as the paraphrases had to be completed.

People had to drive to the places of destination just to share the necessary information. Much time was spent on informing the employees of the possible meeting. Moreover, the accounting took too much knowledge and afford. Considering the entertainment, people had an opportunity to visit cinemas only in big cities.

The information from other countries cost too much therefore, people could just be pleased with the local entertainment which was not too costly for simple people. The communication with relatives and friends who lived in other countries was conducted trough the letters which could be delivered for months. People did not experience any disappointment as they did not know other ways of completing the tasks under consideration.

The Internet has changed the way people work. Nowadays people have much more opportunities in comparison with what they had before. All the accounting operations are completed by the Internet programs and accountants do not have to take the bills to any services, the Internet notifications deal with the issue.

Moreover, the Internet allows to pay the bills and to share the salary, online accounting is spread and many companies use the services of online banking. The international business is run on the basis of the information technologies in general and the Internet in particular.

One of the main reasons of the low spread of the international business before the Internet invention was low level of control and interaction between the brunches.

Nowadays, the invention of the Internet allows people monitor the work of the departments abroad, run relationships with the international partners and solve the problems as soon as they appear with the help of the Internet. Most of the business relations are based on the opportunities of fast information share which has become possible with the development of the Internet.

The Internet has changed the way people study. Nowadays, it does not matter where one lives, he/she can study at any part of the planet without leaving the house. The Internet offers such a great opportunity. Distance learning is one of the most spread ways of education nowadays. The Internet connection is obligatory. Students get the curriculum and the tasks they are to complete due to a particular dates.

Moreover, students are offered the list of materials they have to study. The control is conducted over the Internet. Students have to complete the written assignments. Moreover, there are blogs where students discuss the themes with classmates. Moreover, Skype and other video programs allow to communicate with the teacher. Therefore, the Internet allows students study at home and be a student of another country.

Even taking the entrance and final exams is possible from home. Students are offered a particular period of time when the tasks are to be completed. Speaking may be checked using the mobile phones or video connection. Such studying options allow disabled students get higher education and find distant work on the Internet.

The Internet has changed the way people communicate. Previously, before the Internet invention, people had to go to a person to talk to him/her, or to write a letter using the paper and to wait when it is delivered to the person and then wait for the answer. Modern innovative technologies allow people communicate with their relatives and friends from other countries without waiting too long.

There are a lot of different chart programs which help people communicate online in a written form. One person writes a message and gets an answer almost immediately. The Internet gives an opportunity to communicate in a real time. The video connection is much better. Using the Internet and the web camera, people can see and speak to their friends no matter where they are located. The possession of the required equipment and the Internet are the only conditions.

Mobile Internet allows people to communicate cheaper no matter whether they are, thus, the presence of the desktop computer is not obligatory. It seems that people communicate more with the Internet which harms human face-to-face communication. Many scholars blame the Internet and the computers in it. However, this is not true. People just communicate more with those who they could not talk to without the Internet.

The Internet has changed the way people entertain. Previously, to get entertained people had to leave their homes, to go to the theater or to the cinema. The appearance of the Internet has changed much.

Now, people have an opportunity to download any movie from the Internet or to watch a movie online. Moreover, people can have other ways of entertainment, such as reading interesting stories, writing/reading blogs, commenting on interesting topics etc. The communication on the Internet with others is one more way of entertainment.

Playing online games is an innovative way of spending time. People have an opportunity to play with others that increases the attraction. Social network is one more spread entertainment. People from all over the world create the profiles online and share various things. They share music, photos, news, information, etc. Having many friends online, people visit the social net for several minutes but it appears that they have spent several hours there.


Therefore, the Internet has changed the way people work, communicate, study and entertain. There are both advantages and disadvantages of these changes, however, there are more positive features. Having entered the way people live, the Internet has changed the way people study, communicate, work and entertain and there is no way back. People got used to the Internet in such a way that they often cannot imagine how they can live without it.

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