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Emerging technologies Analysis Essay

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Updated: Sep 10th, 2022

The emerging technological trends are breath taking; things that were scientific fictions in movies are becoming a reality. The only way to appreciate technology and embrace it, is to review the long past of human kind existence. The first technology invention data back in the Stone Age inventions of shard offs in Mesopotamia, to the nineteenth century of the computer technology. Current invention and innovation in technology are based on the past technological improvements. The empowerment of the human race through knowledge is the base of today technologies. As the tread continue we can only anticipate what the future holds for the human race. Each day new technology are being discovered and being implemented with an aim to improve the human lifestyle. As more advanced technologies are being invented one can not help to wonder if they are good for human kind. Technology has its’ own share of misery, as much as it is positive it has its’ own share of negative effects.

With technology at it’s’ best the future seems bright for the human race; it will affect virtually every aspect of life. The demographic of the world will change significantly; with world population expected to double. This will have a positive impact although it will pose a threat to the existing resources. This will be attributed to the advanced technology in the medicine field. Artificial heart will be developed, lungs and kidney, and later fully functional artificial eyes and peripheral nerves system. Animal organ transplant to human being will help achieve the milestone in the field. Virtually, death cases will be reduced significantly resulting to an explosive population growth. It is expected only 15% of deaths will be attributed to infectious diseases. Application of artificial technologies in medical robots will ensure surgery is carried out with precision. The robot will be able to perform surgery without human supervision (Spencer 1). They will be expected to be able to diagnose a patient and give the appropriate prescriptions without human intervention. The impact will be the life expectance rate on average will exceed 75 years, with new born in developed countries expected to live for more than 130 years.

Industry will not be left behind in technological advancement, it is expected the robots will replace the human workforce completely in industries. Space commercial factories will be established to cater for the skyrocketing human needs and wants. This will impact the human race both positively and negatively, unemployment will increase and human involvement in any task will be reduced to mere observation (Bellis 1). Virtually every task in the world will be carried out by a robot, cooking, feeding us and washing our bodies. There will be nothing to do for human as the robot carry out all the human daily chores. Human will embark on making robots, with time the population of the robots will surpass the human race population.

Computer world will be the leading field in technological development, optical neurocomputer are expected to be in place. The computers knowledge will exceed the human knowledge; and the supercomputer will be as fast as a human brain. DNA computers will be developed and will be in a position to imitate human brain thinking processes. The world will be filled of artificial human being in all aspect; this will pose a threat to the human race and risk being extinct. Family ties will loosen due to conflict of interest among the family members (Spencer 1). This will result to family breakages and distrust among human beings.

As much as technology is a positive thing in human being, it also poses threat to the same human who develop it. The chance of a conflict between the artificial human knowledge and the natural human is inevitable. This may result to a situation where the two try to outdo each other, and the result will be catastrophic. The technology may even result to the extinction of the same human being who developed it. As much as the technology is an essential part of life, extremely advanced technology is harmful to the human kind.

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