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Effects of Internet use in Society Cause and Effect Essay

The internet has both positive and negative effects on society. It has an impact on adults, teenagers, children and the elderly. One needs to understand how the internet affects education, economy, socialization and entertainment in society.

The internet has an impact on how people work, communicate, learn and trade. Therefore, the internet creates a learned and connected society at the same time a lonely society.

The internet is a major source of information for students, researchers, and traders among other users all over the globe. In learning institutions, the internet provides an opportunity to students to access information from all over the world.

It is a source of educational resources and student communities where they can acquire information they never had. It also helps students to carry out their research projects and exchange ideas with students all over the world.

On the other hand, teachers may contact other teachers by the use of the internet to compare ideas on different subjects. The younger children are also able to do their homework and assignments with a little online help. Researchers can be able to access information with ease, and this has led to the development of research.

Internet has had an impact in communication in the society today. Public and private organizations have access to internet; this enables the availability of e-mail and video conferencing.

Therefore, the availability of this technology has enabled organizations to cut costs on transport and communication. Internet connectivity has simplified communication with other organizations around the world.

Hiring of employees has become simpler as a result of internet connectivity. Organizations may use the internet to post vacant positions and applicants are able to apply for jobs online. This has provided an opportunity to people to work in international organizations thus, growth for developing countries.

Communication with family and relatives around the world has become easier and cheaper as a result of availability of internet. Earlier it was expensive to communicate with people abroad over the phone, but these days, one can chat with others using services available on the internet, for example, yahoo messenger and Google chat.

The social network such as Facebook and Twitter help people to communicate and exchange ideas. Therefore, internet communication is cheaper and easier to use within the same area or across continents.

Internet has led to economic development through digital TV and online shopping. Business organizations are partnering with the government and information technology experts to sell goods and products in the living room.

Availability of home shopping channels and business websites has helped economic growth. People are able to order for goods from their living room, and home delivery is done in a short time.

Economic development is enhanced because of the efficient exchange between suppliers and consumers of goods and services. The consumer has access to quality goods that they trust, and at the same time saves time and money because of home delivery.

Business organizations are able to advertise their goods and services on the internet, and customers can select the goods they require and order online. Most business organizations have set up web sites that they use to sell their goods. This service has also helped to reduce the cost of advertising in print media and other means of advertising.

Internet has enabled users to make money by using the tools and services that are available. One can also work from home and work for flexible hours as a result of internet use.

The internet has also brought about negative impacts on society today. The privacy of an individual is not guaranteed because one user can access another’s account by manipulating the password. Many people have been defrauded by people who hack into other people’s e-mail accounts.

The rate of piracy of copyright material has increased with the use of the internet. People have access to information such as music, books and films which are not easy to protect from opportunists. The producers, artist and government are losing a lot of income as a result of internet piracy.

The internet is a source of unlimited information; therefore, users are able to access pornographic material. The young children learn abusive language from other children as a result of chatting with one another on the internet.

The exposure to this material has devastating effects on the minds of young people and lowers the dignity of humans. The availability of pornographic material to both the young and adults has a negative impact on the moral image of a society.

Excessive use of the internet causes a person to feel lonely and depressed. A person who overuses the internet is likely to isolate him or herself from the real world. Online chatting with unknown people causes a person to spend less time with his family, and this leads to isolation.

The internet may also be used to spread political propaganda, attack communities and promote racism. The information found on the internet may not be true and legal for official use.

Internet use can be addictive to the user, who cannot control the amount of time he or she spends on the internet. Internet addiction can be harmful to the physical and psychological health of the user.

The internet has provided the society with a lot of information both good and bad. The information has also impacted the society positively and negatively; therefore, users should employ effective ways of responsible internet use.

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