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Technology and Life Standard Expository Essay

The twentieth century shall be remembered for the emergence of various technological breakthroughs that have had a dramatic impact on the social, political, and economic sectors.

Although it has not been an easy ride, different stakeholders have done a commendable job in helping to achieve these technological achievements. Some of the major technological achievements of the 20th century adopted in the essay are the internet and computers.

The internet and the computers are two technological achievements that go hand in hand. To start with, the internet can be described as the interconnectivity of the global system through the use of computer networks (Ko, Chen & Chen, 2004, p.1).

A computer network entails businesses, academic, public, private, and state networks that are locally and globally interlinked through optical, wireless, and electronic networking technologies. The internet can be traced back in the 1960s when it was extensively studied (Ko et al. 2004, p.1).

Currently, the internet is used as a means of communication as people can send emails, browse, chat, and run businesses, among many other uses. In addition, the internet can be accessed from anywhere using mobile phones, cellular routers, game consoles, datacards, and laptops. One can also use a wireless connection to access the internet (Ko et al. 2004, p.1).

On the other hand, a computer is an electronic device which has software and hardware that utilizes program commands to carry out multiple tasks (Ko et al. 2004, p1). Computers are the backbone of information and communication technology as they offer a platform from where ICT can be exercised. All technologies depend on computers as does all sectors of the economy.

Although life went on even before these two technological achievements were discovered, the internet and computers have however changed our living standards immensely. Socially, the internet has enhanced a mode of communication where people can communicate and share information in real-time (Colley, 2002).

Economically, both computers and the internet have led to an increase in the means of production and specialization (Colley, 2002). This has resulted in increased economic growth and improvement in the lives of all people.

For example, with a sustainable economic growth, social amenities and infrastructure are made available. These are major drivers of human lives. It is imperative to note that although the inception of the computer has replaced humans in the workplace, it has also created jobs in related fields.

In places like hospitals, the use of health information systems which are made of computers and internets have improved the welfare of patients. Data can easily be managed and patients are able to receive adequate and quality healthcare services which boost their lives. Operations and surgeries of life threatening health conditions like heart diseases can easily be carried.

Students, researchers, and people in the academic field have had their lives empowered in the sense that information can is accessible easily online (Temmel, Theuermann, Ukowitz & Vogrin n.d). Wide varieties of reading materials, research papers, and studies can be accessed easily from the comfort of our homes.

Both the internet and computers have enhanced globalization to the extent that people from different social, political, and economic backgrounds can share information making the world a global village (Temmel et al. n.d).

Network connectivity has boosted education as students can now undertake online classes and examinationss which are cheap and time saving compared to the traditional methods of learning.

The pressure on the environment was first discussed during the first UN conference in 1954 (Lehner, 2011, p.21) where different stakeholders convened to collect information and data related to population and the effects population had on the environment.

The meeting was convened as a result of the increased changes in demographics and climate change especially in the least developed countries. On the other hand, technology impact came to be realized in the 1960s where technological discovery was at epitome.

The rapid decline in natural resources like minerals used in technological advancement has been putting potential pressure on the environment. Additionally, most of the waste products and used parts of technological devices are non-biodegradable hence having negative impact on the environment.

When the population hit 7 billion at the end of 2011 (Engelman (2011), environmentalists, economists, and policy makers come out strongly citing the effects the increase in population may have. The world carrying capacity is estimated to be 5 billion, so an increase by 2 billion is expected to increase pressure on environment and economy.

The major economic implication is that the rate of unemployment will increase and governments will be unable to sustain the population. Politically, governments will be forced to devise ways of accommodating the population. Philosophically speaking, human beings need to be very afraid as some of the plants on the face of the earth will soon the extinct.

With the population surpassing the 7 billion mark, laws will be set which would ensure that birth rates are checked for sustenance supposes (Engelman 2011). Policy makers will have to redraft their policies so as to accommodate the increased population. According to Engelman (2011), the consumption of natural resources like food, water, and other products will definitely be impacted negatively.

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