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Technology and Causes of Using It Essay

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Updated: May 7th, 2021

Over the past century, the global community underwent a phase of rapid technologic advancement until technological devices have become incomparable in their complexity and efficacy. Nowadays, technologies provide multiple opportunities to improve human lives and facilitate development. They can be utilized for various purposes, including entertainment, communication, education, and so on. The two of these causes for using various technologies will be discussed in the present paper.

One of the major reasons for using modern technology is information sharing. The internet and mobile devices have drastically increased individuals’ capacity to produce and disseminate information. As stated by Tae et al., by fostering more rapid and productive information sharing, technologies managed to facilitate learning and knowledge development (218). The Internet plays a uniquely valuable role in supporting information creation and sharing capacities.

Today, both individuals and organizations can utilize this technology to access data, exchange concepts, and solve a great variety of problems. Moreover, one may say with certainty that it has become possible to disseminate data through computers in a more reliable and fast way than by using printed and other traditional media. In this way, computerized technologies give an opportunity for continuous self-improvement and growth. It is worth noticing that technology facilitates information sharing on the global scale as well, increasing accessibility of up-to-date data and knowledge in remote areas and developing regions and allowing people from all over the globe to learn about distant cultures. In this way, to a large extent, information sharing supported by contemporary technologies helped change the view of the world and make it more integrated.

The second important cause of utilizing technology is its contribution to the improvement of performance quality, productivity, and efficiency. According to Johnson, along with training and education, the creation of new technologies is one of the major methods to improve workforce productivity (2). The given outcome of utilizing new technologies is possible because they can complete routine tasks instead of employees/individuals, providing them with sufficient time and capabilities to engage in other professional activities, which require more critical thinking and a creative approach. In this way, technologies help elevate and complex any professional role.

Partially due to rapid technologic advancement, which has influenced the creation of new professions and occupations, nowadays “workers must do things that were once performed by many different individuals” (Johnson 4). Thus, the further integration of technologies in the daily lives, as well as academic and professional performance, will likely increase the level of skillfulness and adaptability of people to future technological changes. In this way, the utilization of technology can lead to significant social and economic progress, which may be regarded as an important developmental objective.

Overall, the review of causes for using technology revealed that new devices serve mainly to facilitate numerous processes yet allow the creation of more complex systems of knowledge and foster the identification of new links between different units of information. It is possible to say that when people start to interact with technologies in multiple spheres of life in a meaningful way, the former may start to observe growth, which can encourage individuals to explore and try new things and be more innovative. There is no doubt that technologies play and will continue to play an important role in society and its development. Even now, they assist in strengthening the interconnectedness among communities, increasing efficiency and skillfulness, and changing the overall worldview.

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