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Mobile Computing Technology and Accounting Essay

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Updated: Sep 11th, 2022

The essay is an examination of mobile computing technology and accounting. Issues addressed include importance of the concept in the businesses today, the effects of mobile computing on accounting as well as business system, the relation of the technology with emerging technology and the future impact of the concept to design as well as accounting systems (Newby, 2006). It is widely accepted that in this competitive business world, firms are compelled to offer consumers with high quality services while at the same time cutting costs and increasing productivity. Various efforts put in place by organization have not yielded positive results and the major reason has been established to be important information is not available in the hands of the mobile employees when dealing with customers. The solution to this was to adopt mobile computing and accounting (Jagst, 2011).

Typically mobile computing allows workers in the field to “access vital information locked in the organization systems through handheld devices” (Fraser & Soumitra, 2008). Mobile computing is thus an important concept in business today as it helps an organization to use it as a competitive advantage. The ultimate result if it is well used will be an organization that will prosper in light of stiff competition. An example of an organization that has done so well in terms of mobile computing and it has worked to their advantage is the Apple Company.

The major effects of mobile computing include increased productivity. This is attributed to the ease with which data is acquired making those in the field save on time that could otherwise be used on unproductive activities. Organizations known to adopt this concept have tremendously cut down on their operation costs. Organizations have successfully streamlined how they acquire data. Additionally mobile computing has addressed the issue of data duplication. On the same note paper work as well as paper costs has been saved by adopting the technology of mobile computing. It also goes without saying that the cost of travelling as well as calling has been reduced. This has made it possible for organization to report increasing profitability. Similarly, it is a fact that knowledge is power. As suggested by Jagst, 2011 organizations that embrace mobile computing and accounting have the ability to access information with regards to customers needs, they are better placed to be responsive firm which separates such organizations with its competitors down the streets. On the same note, real time data acquisition translates to making quicker and better strategies to meet the ever changing customers demand hence an organization will be seen to provide its customers with high quality services (Fuller & Millett, 2011).

According to Fraser & Soumitra, 2008 social network ensures that individuals who share common interests and activities are connected. It is no doubt that mobile computing individuals will have an avenue of sharing information whenever they deem fit and at their convenience. With regards to emerging technologies such as Web 3.0 and Windows 8, mobile computing and accounting is enhanced through such platforms.

In my opinion, it is no doubt that mobile computing will have tremendous impact on design as well as accounting systems. Having in mind that there is rapid improvements in “applications and capabilities that has allowed scanning, editing, ability to view documents in their full stretch, full editing while in the field, ability of clients accessing their tax returns from their mobile phones” (Fuller & Millett, 2011: 25) there will be plan to enhance these capabilities. Applications similar to Mobile CS released by Thomson Reuters that provided organizations with real time data, client information including all notes and project status, and staff-related data will be made available. All these will change the manner with which current accounting is carried out as it will no longer be done in an office but whenever the user will be. However issues related to privacy, control, protection from malware, data management will continue to attract attention more than ever (Inskeep, 2011).


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