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College Technology Application Application Essay

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Updated: Mar 18th, 2022

Since childhood, I have been interested in the exquisite design rides for the Walt Disney Company. My interest in advancing my fascination for design rides into a career stems from my grandmother’s influence who introduced me into the Disney world at the age of two.

I grew up in New York and moved to the state of Florida in 2006. Before my grandmother passed on in 2004, she took me to Disney world every year during my vacations and the great experience I earned has always stirred my interest to want to associate with them. My favourite subjects are mathematics and science. I believe through the study of design rides, I will satisfy my curiosity to join Walt Disney Company.

Through the study of design rides, I will have the opportunity to serve my country. I will blend my good analytical skill with the knowledge acquired in school to design and build unique Disney theme parks and other venues of entertainment at various levels of development. My interest in computer and video games improves my imagination, giving me a wild array of the imaginary world. In the summer of 2011, I attended a technology seminar at Stanford University with People to People Organization.

The opportunity to participate in this seminar gave me an avenue to learn technology and other related issues in the Apple Company. My interest in technology comes from the desire to social advancement. The world is going hi-tech and sooner or later, technology is bound to rule the society (Myers 19). My interest in technology from childhood makes it easier for me to adapt to changes, analyse events and map the associated ideas in an extraordinary way.

When my parents noticed that I had undying interest in technology, they started introducing me to programs related to technology early in life. My excellent performance in the fields of mathematics and science has convinced them that my dreams are achievable. My father has supported me through encouraging me to attend seminars and computer classes to get accustomed with the practice of technology in various companies.

I believe that my endeavour to pursue issues related to technology has enhanced my writing, reading and mathematics skills and this is evident through my exemplary performance. Currently, I’m in a computer academy taking Microsoft classes to gain knowledge and obtain Microsoft certifications.

The fast development of technology has pushed humanity to a new era whereby people are expected to perform less physical work and improve on their mental work to attain the required results (Myers 34).

Technology improves communication and enables people to expand on their intellectual potential. Through the training on technology, sharing experiences with people from the corporate world and observation in various firms, I have understood the advantages and limitations of technology, I have learned how to use computers and its associated software and I have grown to appreciate the effect of technology in the society.

The rate of assimilation of technology has been stalled by the complexity of its use. However, the striking designs of the Disney world are enough to make me go out of my way to acquire what it takes to fit into their team. This is because I also want to give someone else the good experience I got from spending my vacations at the Disney world. I hope to continue developing my technology knowledge and skills in your institution.

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