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Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney on Health Care Essay

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Health care providers in the United States include individual Medicare workers, healthcare amenities and therapeutic products. The health care system in the United States of America is subordinate to the private sector, the state, and County governments. The government provides medical cover to workers in the public sector. Medical cover in America is delivered through programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans health administration.

A report by the World Health Organization on Health Care Services identified the United States as the country that spends more on Health Care than any other country in the world. The cost of Medical Care in the United States has been on a rise despite numerous reforms to address the issue. Many people view the current Health Care System in the United States as unjust and ineffective. President Obama said:

As you surely experience every day, we are also seeing substantial movement in the emergence of new care models. Everyone understands the limits of our current system, which rewards increases in the quantity of health care, not improvements in the quality….. (Barrack Obama vs. Mitt Romney par 9).

The value of Medicare delivered does not match the money spent. People have often raised questions on the accessibility, cost, variety, quality and justice in the Health Care System. The existing Health Care Structure is characterized by low levels of life expectancy, high mortality rates and high cost of treatment.

The Health Care System

Heated debates on the necessary reforms in the Health Care System have received a priority attention during the United States presidential campaigns. Both candidates, President Barrack Obama and the former Governor Mitt Romney, promote different policies for various provisions in Health Care System.

In a normal setting, these two leaders would compliment each other’s ideas on Health Care depending on what they have championed for in the past. As a governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney necessitated reforms that included a significant mandate to buy Medical Cover (Barrack Obama vs. Mitt Romney par 9). However, things are different now, and the two are trying to pip each other to the Presidency of the United States of America.

The candidates have differed on a number of areas in Health Care Service. Obama’s theme for Health Care is “Securing the Future of American Health Care” while Mitt Romney’s theme is “Replacing Obamacare with Real Health Care Reform”. Mitt Romney said “I would repeal Obamacare, if I were ever in a position to do so. Obamacare is bad law, bad policy, and it is bad for American families” (Barrack Obama vs. Mitt Romney par9)


This issue expressed the views of the two leaders on the health care in an exclusive manner. President Obama proposes the expansion of the Medicaid program in order to cover more people while Mitt Romney seeks to cut down the number of people covered by the program (Feldmann par 13). President Obama opposes the proposal by Mitt Romney to change the Medicaid program into a plan that offers monetary assistance.

However, Obama does not oppose all efforts geared towards Medicaid money saving. Former Governor Mitt Romney proposes radical transformation in the regime prerogative program that offers health cover to poor and disabled persons. Mitt Romney has said that if offered the opportunity to serve the people of America, he would spearhead the development of Medicaid and slow down on spending that would save the country $100 billion in a year (Feldmann par14).


This issue cropped up in August 2012 after Mitt Romney resolved to have Paul Ryan as his running mate in the Presidential campaigns (Feldmann par 10). Paul was the chairperson of the House Budget Committee and championed the government to offer permanent payments for beneficiaries (Obama and Romney on the Issues: Health Care par2). President Obama does not support the argument assumed by Mitt Romney on Medicare.

Mitt Romney feels that Medicare should allow aged people to access Health Cover with less impending obstacles like he did as the governor of Massachusetts . This move would transfer Medicare expenses to seniors. The goal of President Obama is to counter the flawed development of the program while avoiding a cut back on benefits to seniors (Feldmann par.12). Mitt Romney proposes that implementing Medicare requires a financially sound process regardless of the time taken in achieving the desired goals.

Romney aspires to transform Medicare into an Insurance Payment Support program. Mitt Romney explains that the program would specially consider people aged above 55. Mitt Romney explained what he would keep the Medicare program within its obligations. Mitt Romney said, “We are going to have higher benefits for low-income people and lower benefits for high-income people…” (Obama and Romney on the Issues: Health Care par 3)

Controlling Health Care Cost

The topic addresses the practicability of the Health Care Law passed by President Obama in 2010 (Feldman par 16). President Obama said that he would be willing to make minor changes to this legislation as well as push for its implementation in the second term. President Obama said, “Many Americans do not get the precautionary health services they need to stay in good physical shape. Many people put off preventive care because the deductibles and copies are too expensive.” (Feldman par 16).

The biggest challenge that Obama will face in seeing this through will be the lack of cooperation from different States. A ruling by the Supreme Court said that federal governments should not reprimand States if they do not wish to spread out their Medical programs (Feldman par 17). Mitt Romney the Republican Presidential candidate is against the Health Care Law (Obama and Romney on the Issues: Health Care par 12).

He is of the opinion that various States need to develop their own Health Care Policies that will serve its people well. He used the example of Massachusetts, the State he once governed in order to explain how states could develop their own successful and effective Health Care Policies. Mitt Romney has made some proposals on Health Care that could improve its efficiency and coverage. One proposal is encouraging individuals to acquire Medical Cover on their own from the classified marketplace.


The two Presidential candidates agree on the need to transform individual Health Cover market for people with no employee cover Medical Care. It is also worth noting that only one candidate shows a real interest to renovate Health Care in America. The current system is ineffective, and President Obama deserves credit for encouraging better models that pay medical practitioners for the right things. The policies championed by Mitt Romney are likely to fail. Indeed, the Health Care System in the United States needs transformation.

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