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Behind closed doors Expository Essay


The term “domestic violence” is used to denote the physical or emotional abuse that occurs in the homes. It is the repeated abusive act or behavior of one spouse directed to another who is in an intimate relationship.

Physical abuse includes beating or hitting of the victim. On the other hand, emotional abuse includes threats directed to the victim meant to intimidate him or her, which leaves the victim living in psychological distress (Bolin, 1). Domestic abuse has devastating effects on the members of the family. This includes direct victims and other family members such as children who may be affected indirectly.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a vice that happens in many societies around the world. In China, the vice is on the increase. This has prompted an online campaign against domestic violence. Most of those supporting the campaign agree that there is no legislative support for the victims of domestic violence. This makes the victims afraid or ashamed of speaking it out. The lack of legislative support is a major challenge to fight against the vice (Bolin, 1).

It has been argued that the vice is widespread in the country. In fact, domestic violence is witnessed in more than thirty percent of families in China (Ribbons, 21). This is partly because China lacks legislation that protects domestic violence victims or even defining what constitutes the vice.

In addition, this can be attributed to the fact that the vice is entrenched in the Chinese tradition. In this case, it was normal for men to beat their wives. This practice was encouraged by mothers-in-law. Therefore, it has contributed to the spread of domestic violence in the country. The use of alcohol and drunkenness is also a probable cause of domestic violence. Though many women have been victims of domestic violence, there is no openness in saying it in the public (Ribbons, 23).

The case of Kim Lee brought to the light the fact that most Chinese Women are persevering in their intimate relationships. Indeed, many women in China are victims of domestic violence. An online discussion prompted by the case of Kim Lee revealed that over forty two percent of women had been victims of this vice (Ribbons, 23).

Nevertheless, it was asserted that many things have led to the revelation about domestic violence in China. This has been attributed to increased women economic independence, changed attitudes of men, high incidences of divorce, and increased awareness of domestic violence.

These aspects have contributed to the revelation of what is happening in marital relationships. The vice is likely to reduce with increased activism. In addition, the drafting of a national law against domestic violence in China will be essential in reducing the vice (Ribbons, 23).


Domestic violence refers to the abuse inflicted on an intimately related partner like those in a marriage relationship. It can either the physical abuse, which involves beating or emotional/psychological that involve threats of violence. This vice is caused by a number of factors.

They include traditional beliefs that women ought to be beaten by their husbands, drunkenness and lack of laws that prohibit the vice or that protects the victims of domestic violence. Increased sensitization of the existence of the vice and a drive to change men’s attitude towards women can significantly reduce cases of domestic violence.

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