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Updated: Oct 10th, 2018

It may seem like a surprise how the world is interconnected through a web link not seen by many. As human beings, we do not pause to think how interconnected things are.

This is one of the reasons why there is a lot of violence in the society. We are filled with too much negativity and this leads to a lot of harmful actions; all this because we do not see the interconnection between ourselves and other things. When we fail to be mindful of others, we only feed the negative energy in us and this result in violence. Being mindful gives us a chance to reflect on our impending actions.

It also feeds and nourishes the positive energy of peace, patience, and courage. As such, we become mindful of others and see things in a new light and this gives us the chance to extend natural warmth and love towards others. What this means is that being mindful of our behaviors and our impending action is the power that feeds our tendencies to remain nonviolent on other beings.

In this life, all things are interconnected and as such, everything we do has some ripple effects capable of either causing harm or good. Back in college, I remember a day when I had to sit on the balcony for several hours feeling desperate after failing in one of the units. I recall banging my hands on the table before going to bed, only to toss and turn all night long.

This kind of violent behavior tends to build a lot of frustration among students, leading to failure in the examinations. I had a very hard time maintaining a spirit of nonviolence. That evening, m mind was preoccupied with thoughts about my past and how I had reacted to the tough unit.

In a moment, I realized how such negative violent behavior towards the unit had affected my attitudes and in effect my studies. I should have been mindful and restrained myself. This helped me to change my attitude towards the unit. Such a reflection and mindfulness of my behavior helped me to create a connection between my behavior and failure in examinations (Lasater 20).

Due to the realization of the interconnectedness of things, my behavior has significantly changed. I am a naturally cordial and polite person who is very courteous about the words that I use, lest I offend anyone. I recognize the power of words to either build or destroy somebody.

I am lucky now to have a large pool of family and friends whom I turn to during difficult times. My house is always open to everyone. I am also keen to be mindful of my behaviors as I know it may affect not just my life, but that of others as well. I am now adopting a more healthy eating habit by avoiding the harmful food styles and such other living habits as over sleeping, overworking myself , and the way I treat others.

I am also learning albeit slowly the important of buying only what I need to consume to avoid wasting food (Haskvitz 54). The notion of nonviolence has helped me to find peace of mind, soul and spirit. It has also helped cement my relationship with others, God, and nature.

Being mindfulness about our actions and the notion of nonviolence is also relevant on the global scale. Many of the world’s greatest rivalries and injustices have been settled effectively through nonviolence. Those who are really concerned about justice resulted to nonviolence as the only way of appealing to their enemies.

This is being mindful of their action of not turning to violence when demanding for justice. Such figures include Martin Luther King junior who sought to win the opponent with friendship and humility. By propagating nonviolence not only did King bring the change he wanted be but also helped bridge the gap between the white and the black races in America (King and Carson 67).

A lot of problems in the world today can be attributed to one thing; failure to pause and be mindful of the consequences of our actions. At a personal level, I have known the power of letting my natural warmth led me to express love to others. Nonviolent verbal and nonverbal behavior has helped me establish a healthy base of friends.

I am now mindful of my behavior and this has led me to alter my life and adopt a more beneficial behavior socially, health wise and economically, leading to a more balanced peaceful life in mind, body and spirit. On a global scale nonviolence creates social order, societal harmony, and the realization of justice.

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