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Drug Abuse as a Social Problem Term Paper

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Updated: Mar 20th, 2019

Drug abuse is the consistent use of drugs, legal or illegal to satisfy ones pleasure. By doing this it becomes a problem to the society at large because many vices arise from continued use of drugs. Something needs to be done and more so urgently to curb this menace called drug abuse. This paper will be looking at drug abuse as a social problem and ways of resolving it.

To get a clear picture, we need to know exactly what can be termed a social problem. A social problem is any condition within a society that some parts of the society’s members find undesirable. Several conditions fall under the umbrella of social problems. They include unemployment, smoking, abuse of drugs, problems associated with the environment, violence, et cetera.

Drug abuse, as a social problem, is associated with several problems. To begin with, the society is crying out loud with the continued increase in crime. A view supported by Natarajan (2010). This is evident with the many arrests we see over the news and the number of suspected robbers killed. The reason for one to engage in crime is so evident and primarily from use of drugs.

Unemployment is a factor that is spreading day in day out. Normally, a substance abuser can’t seek for employment because of the state of mind. And if one is employed, then it’s just a matter of time before they get fired. This poses as problem to the society because many of the people who are unemployed will resort to different ways of seeking money and pleasure (Knowles, 2003).

To add on, families are breaking up with each passing day. This comes about with the instability seen in most families. A family that has members engaged in drugs will feel that strain of ensuring that one is rehabilitated. This often causes a strain in the finances and so there will be disintegration hence family break up.

From the above factors, we will need to find out why the problem is rampant. Usually, people engage in drugs at family levels when they see some members doing the drugs. Quite often, children will emulate what they see from the parents. It is also proven that alcoholism is kind of hereditary unless you say no to it.

Also, a human being will want to live in comfort but when life becomes tough and the future seems deem, many who can’t persevere will find something else to relieve them. That thing will be to use drugs to make them forget the reality.

Peer pressure has an influence to this social problem (Knowles, 2003). Many of those engaged in drugs admit that their peers forced them into trying out some of the drugs. Therefore as time went by, they realized it was too late to go back.

Last but not least, there are people who are addicts and abuse drugs because of health problems. This comes about when someone has been prescribed medicine for a particular ailment. It forces the person not to feel normal without the intake of that drug.

With the continued use of drugs, many people are affected. First, children might be born with abnormalities related to the drug effect.

Use of drugs affects many people. In fact, it affects the nation at large. The nation is affected economically through loss of productive people who are needed in nation building. On the other hand, individuals are affected by drug abuse in terms of their health. Such complications include different kinds of cancer, reproductive system might fail, and also one can experience mental problems (Johnston, 1998).

The environment is also at risk. With growing of this drug producing plants, there is deforestation, pollution from processing of the plant into drugs and hence changes in patterns concerning climate.

Having looked at the social problems that come with the abuse of drugs it is therefore our responsibility to see how we can resolve this (Johnston, 1998). Families have to be a pillar especially parents. We need not to engage in drug discussions in front of our kids. Also talking to the kids and telling them that drugs are bad is the way to go.

Moreover the government has to put strict penalties to discourage illicit trafficking and use of drugs.

Rehabilitation centers should be at the reach of the common man. As per now, there are few centers that are so expensive. This should change so as to accommodate all the addicts that wish to change.

According to Knowles (2003), our schools have to teach and have drug related subjects in its curriculum. This must be done to create awareness of the effects of drugs hence discourage the kids from engaging in drugs.

In conclusion, the social problems associated with drugs as we have seen are, unemployment, and instability in families, crimes, education problems, prostitution and health related problems.

Drug usage has led to many being unemployed. They can’t seek for work and if any work comes by, an addict can’t persevere.

Families as we have seen are at major risk of breaking up. Parents engage in activities that make their kids also engage secretly. The hereditary factor especially in alcohol is wanting.

Natarajan (2010) says that crime in the society is a threat. Drug leads one to commit robberies and murders. They are usually not in the correct state of mind.

School dropouts and attendance is alarming. This is all thanks to kids engaging in drugs and so forgetting anything to do with school.

And finally we have seen that there are prostitution and health problems. Men and women are engaging in this vice at a scaring number. This has led to the rise in HIV/AIDS and other related STDs. Also cancer as a disease is on the spread, reproduction failure, and even mental related problems are dominant.

It is therefore important for everyone to stand up and take up position in fighting this war on drugs. We should also help those in it to quit and embrace them us our people in the society.

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