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How to Have a Happy Marriage Expository Essay

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Updated: Jan 14th, 2020


In any matrimony scenario, developing a happy marriage is not a simple undertaking, as most individual perceive it to be; but rather, it is process, which requires a lot of sacrifices, insistence and, commitment.

This is the case primarily because, as a partnership business, marriages also involves the coming together of individuals with difference backgrounds, values, and behavioral patterns for a common purpose; sharing their entire lives together; as they endeavor to better their lives, and always keep their love glowing (Davis, 2010, p.1).

As concerns the achievement of happiness in one’s life, good marriages are primary sources of delight, to almost all individuals who have tied the knot; hence ready to spend their entire lives together. Although this is the case, as Anna (2006, p.1) argues, delight in matrimony, is a concept that cannot create itself, but rather it depends on the strategies adopted by spouses in their daily undertakings, as they endeavor to keep their promises hold as they face each new day’s challenges.

On the other hand, as Stritof argues (2010, p.1) argues, although the joining together of two individuals with diverse characteristic is not a guarantee, that these individual will be happy forever, but rather happiness in life depends on principles, which couples base their marriage on.

Regardless of whom individuals are, their origin, the kind of life values they hold, or their life patterns, in one way or another or at one point in their life, marriage(s) have affected or influenced patterns in their lifestyle patterns; hence, the respect, which not only the society, but also all single units within the society accord marriages.

As each new day dawns life brings in many individuals’ lives many issues, which need either immediate or later solutions. Such is the case in marriage primarily because; problems never ceases once two individual decide to stay together but rather, marriages mark the onset of other special problems, as individual venture into siring.

Although matrimony life has many associated problems, it is important for all individuals to note that, regardless of the magnitude of such problems, success in matrimony depends on the nature of lifestyles adopted by individuals and mechanisms adopted by individuals as they face each new day’s problems (Bruner, 2010, p.1).

Strategies for a Happy Marriage

In life it is important for all couples to ensure that, their marriages not only lasts, but also brings to them the joy they expect hence, the need for them to adopt workable strategies in their marriages. These strategies at all times should encompass concepts of respect, love, commitment, conviction, sincerity, openness, and above all, a communication mechanism, which should clearly spell out protocols of dealing with problems that may arise as individuals endeavor to make their lives better (Johnson, 2009, p.1).

In life, although a number of strategies of enhancing happiness in life exist, it is important for all individuals to note that, success of these strategies depends on the commitment levels in spouses hence, the need of establishing common goals in any family scenario.

One primary methodology of ensuring happiness dominates every aspect of marriage includes the willingness of couples to give their spouses all the emotional bids they hope or not hope for from them. This primarily involves the ability of any wife or husband to help their spouses to move in the desired direction in life. Emotional bids can be in many forms, which range from the simple nonverbal connection mechanisms to the most complex ones, which involve the development of physical or non-physical connecting methodologies.

One common mistake made by most spouses in their daily undertakings is that, most of them assume that, because they share everything or because they spend all time at their disposal together, they should not have connection mechanisms between them (Johnson, 2009, Para. 2). Frankly asking, what does it cost for individuals to say hi to their spouses?

Courtesy is another important component of any joyous marriage. This involves simple appreciations, compliments, and the acknowledgement of mistakes or failures regardless of whether individuals committed such blunders or faults willfully or unconsciously. In addition, this concept involves the use of humble and loving expressive terms, something that is achievable in individual through control of one’s emotionality or temperament.

In most marriage scenarios; due to variations in preferences, life expectations, wants, which change with time, failures, likelihoods of strife are high. To ensure peace prevails and regardless of the situation, love prevails, it is necessary for all individual to maintain calmness as a strategy of minimizing confrontations, which may occur out of wrongdoing or going against their partners’ wishes.

On the other hand, courtesy involves the simple acknowledgement of anything; no matter how small it may seem, that is good in their partners or given by their partners. When it comes to this, majority of individual always imagine that, offering of fascinating bounties to their spouses, is the only way of showing gratitude for either their love or something good they have brought into their lives.

Although to some extent this may work, it is important for such individual to note that, any form of appreciation so long as it is thoughtful, is a way of expressing love regardless of its magnitude or value (Bruner, 2010, Para. 14-16).

Communication is the third main “medicine” to any successful and cheerful matrimony. Although it sounds simple, this concept encompasses many ideas, which range for the expressive mechanisms to adoption of appropriate mechanisms of presenting and expressing ideas in a family.

Regardless of how much partners may be engrossed in their personal jobs or activities, it is advisable for them to at least spare even a half a hour every day; time that is crucial for reflection into their journey as one family. In addition, such moments are crucial for discussing personal developments and dreams; hence, in many ways a promoter of peace in a marriage (Pantley, 2010, Para. 15-16).

On the other hand, sparing of such times, in many ways is a mechanism of appreciating each other, for it is necessary for individual to appreciate their spouses’ presence in their lives. As concerns communications, it is also advisable for all spouses to speak straightforwardly on any concept, which they feel is pressing them or they feel their partners should know. One of the worst mistakes done by most couples is the engagement in mind games.

Such a case occurs in most marriage scenarios where individual have in them fears that, if they say something offensive to their spouses likelihoods of strife are high. Although this might be the case, it is important for all individuals to note that, it is better for one to express such issues with good intentions, rather than keeping it to them, thus causing silent suffering; hence the need for their partners to listen (Anna, 2006, p.1).

Adoption of correct resource management policies in a family has also a crucial role as far maintenance of health relationships in concerned; them being primary components, which make marriages. It is important for all individuals to note here that, resources encompass everything owned by a family ranging from the simple household equipments to money saved in private accounts.

This is one of the primary points, which all couples should discuss even before they engage themselves in marriage. In most marriages, money is the backbone of all undertakings; hence, misuse or poor management can lead to a lot of strife among partners, more so when it comes to times of bankruptcy or low-economic times.

Considering this, it therefore becomes necessary for all couples to ensure they lay family plans together, through family discussions; depending their personal and collective objectives (Quilliam, 2010, pp. 2-3)).

Although all these factors are important in ensuring that a marriage works, it is important for all individual to note that, the entire marriage issue is a commitment that starts somewhere. That is, before making the decision of settling down, it is important for individuals to take time with their spouses to be.

This should be the case primary because, it is better for individuals to avoid the temptation of settling down with somebody they do not understand or know anything about , than facing a failed marriage (Collins, 2010, p.1).


In conclusion, it is important for all individuals to remember that, building of happy marriages is not a onetime endeavor but rather it involves the acceptance that one is matrimony hence; dedicating all their efforts, time, resources, and anything that is at their disposal to ensure their commitment lasts.

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