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Why Gay Marriage Should Not Be Legal Essay

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Updated: May 20th, 2020

Regardless of the changing societal systems, norms, values, ethics, behavioral patterns, since time memorial the institution of marriage has been one of the most valued institutions in all societies, because of its role in continuation of the human species. Yes, I cannot deny that not all individuals marry with an aim of raising children, but could we be alive today to cherish the kind of choices we make in our daily lives had our ancestors not given birth to our parents.

Therefore, because marriage is a consecrated unification of a male and a female, ready to sacrifice all that is at their disposal for the continuation of the human species and societal values, I believe all individuals should respect it hence, the need to illegalize gay marriage.

It is important to note that, regardless of nature of value systems adopted by a society, we can never detach the union of a male and a female from its cultural, holy, and natural foundations, without interfering with societal systems, norms, and values (Messerli 1).

With the increasing number of same sex marriages, I believe unless the government takes serious legal steps, soon such marriages will entirely erode the significance of marriage in societies. The gay alliance should be illegal, because the union between a male and a female in matrimony is of great significance not only to an individual, but also to societies.

Yes, I cannot deny that, as normal couples, gay couples can also handle all financial needs of their family however, what kind of values will such couples instill in their children or children in their neighborhoods? As research studies show, such unions have many negative influences on growing children hence, the likelihoods of such children developing desired societal norms and values are minimal.

In addition, although gay parents have the potential of bringing children, such children lack the parental love that mothers and fathers can provide, because you can imagine the many questions that children brought up in such families always ask themselves.

It is important to note that, all societal and religious values form the primary pillars of any society’s well-being. Therefore, because the society frowns at the mentioning of gay marriage, most children brought up in gay marriages suffer from stress and psychological torture, as most of them are never comfortable in associating with their peers.

Because of psychological suffering that these children have to endure, most of them will engage themselves in deviant behavior, for example, substance abuse and criminal activity (Patterson and Redding 31-39). Considering this, it therefore means that, allowing the practice to continue in our societies is a disrespect of children’s rights; hence, greatly jeopardizing the well-being of future generations.

Yes, the argument by supporters of gay marriages that the constitution should give equal protection to all individuals’ rights is correct.

However, although this is the case, do gays recognize the impact of their practice on the general societal systems, more so the marriage institution? In addition, it means that, accepting of this like a practice is like accepting matrimony between relatives, because the society needs so. Therefore, it is important to note that, the effects from this domino effect will greatly affect other societal practices hence, the need to abolish the practice completely from the society.

On the other hand, although the constitution should provide all individuals with equal freedoms, the society must not fail to recognize that, to some extent accepting gay marriages may render “normal” marriages to lose meaning.

Hence, because no individual is special, there is need for the law to limit granting some legal rights to practices that will alter the normal peaceful and accepted societal lifestyles. Supporters of gay marriages should always bear in mind that, the joining of a female and a male in matrimony is a natural practice that has been there since time memorial, and not a law created practice (Bidstrup 1).

From a religious point of view, the joining of two individuals of different sexes in matrimony is of great significance not only to the church, but also to maintaining healthy relationships between the state and religious organizations (Bidstrup 1). Yes, although the argument that not all individuals are religious fanatics is correct, one thing they supporters of gay marriages fail to recognize is that, there is no way we can separate the church and the state.

Although not all individuals believe in church doctrines, it is important to note that, the church is one pillar of the society, whose contributions are enormous as far as the peaceful co-existence of individuals in societies is concerned. Therefore, it is of great significance to respect church doctrines, because of the contributions churches make to societies to ensure people live peaceful, loving and supporting one another

On the other hand, although most supporters of gay marriage associate it with reduction of sexually transmitted diseases, as research studies show more than seventy-five percent of gays at one time in their lives are promiscuous and never use protection.

Therefore, the argument that gay marriages can reduce transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is refutable, because research has proved that, instead of reducing it increases the prevalence and spread of deadly infections, for example, HIV and AIDS (Shea, Wilson, Ranali, Paulaitis, Castagna, Raabe, and Lafrance 1-2).

In conclusion, considering the impacts of legalizing gay marriage to the social health status, norms, values of the society and practices cherished by the society, in my view there is need for the government to enact tough legislation to prevent the practice from spreading. Such legislation should ensure all societal members give the marriage institution the respect and sanctity it deserves, it being the primary determinant of the continuation of the human species.

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