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Social Sciences as a Career Field Essay


Science is divided into three main categories namely natural science, formal science, and social sciences. The origin of social science can be traced back to ancient Greece, where philosophers like Plato and Aristotle contributed to the world. According to the philosophers, there was no clear distinction between natural science and social science as it is today. Social science can simply be defined as the study that deals with human society and relationships in society.

Social science mainly comprises anthropology, psychology, economics, sociology, history, and political science. It also includes the study of legal systems and religions of various countries and cultures. Social science uses experiments and scientific methods to come up with human aspects. The methods used in social science are mainly qualitative and are concerned with personal interpretation hence termed as soft sciences.

Natural science and formal science use quantitative methods hence they are known as hard sciences (Trigg, 2001). Social science has been developed into a career due to its complexity and human relations. This profession has had an increase in the number of people pursuing it in the recent past.

What I have learned from studying social science

The greatest achievement I have had from studying social science is learning how to analyze society. The society comprises of the international, local, and national community. With this understanding and analysis of society, I can relate well with the people around me. It has also allowed me to understand the different ways of life of the people in the society. With qualitative methods, I have learned how to make well-informed decisions.

This has provided me with the ability to reason behind the various decisions people make. I can also use my knowledge to make critical decisions on life issues. Many people want to think big, but a lack of knowledge of social science is a hindrance. This may be classified under psychology in social science as it deals with people’s actions and behaviors (Oak, 2000, p.1).

With the help of social science, I can conduct research and come up with a logical finding. Such research may be about people’s ways of life, characters, or even personal life. The findings of the research are important to the concerned party. For instance, if the research is on health matters of underage children, it will be useful to the government and medical experts (Lowa, 2010, p.1). These findings may be used to formulate rules and policies for the government.

They can also be used by organizations to maximize their profits. With the knowledge I have in social science, I can research our political system and patterns of leadership. To me, this is an achievement because very few people can carry out research, analyze it, and interpret the findings.

Additionally, social science has helped me expound my knowledge and understanding of geography and history. I am now able to read and interpret geographical representations such as maps. With this knowledge, I can distinguish features in maps and distances among other details that are present on the maps. I have also gained knowledge of the various continents and countries of the world. This is important to me, as I now know much about my country and the physical world. Sometimes, this may be a prerequisite for certain job opportunities. In most cases, the government’s top positions would need a person to have a good knowledge of his or her country’s geography and history. This gives me an added advantage over other candidates when such an opportunity comes my way.

Social science has also equipped me with a vast knowledge of my country’s history and current issues. It is very important to understand our history to know how far we have come. For example, I can explain to a person how Britain became a democracy. Current events are also important because they keep us informed about what is happening or what is bound to happen (Goss, 1999, p.1). For instance, if I am not updated on the current events on the campus and may be an exam timetable has been released, I may be caught unaware. To avoid such occurrences I use my social science knowledge to keep me updated on the current events happening around me.

Social science is mostly associated with politics hence the development of political science as a study course. Political knowledge of a country is very important to the citizens of that country. A country’s general performance is measured in terms of economics, social, and political factors. The study of social science has helped me understand the political system in a better way. I can now relate political ideologies to the effects on economic patterns and social life. With my knowledge in social science, I have been able to distinguish the government from the nation-state, a concept that is still a mystery to people with no knowledge of sociology and politics.

I am also familiar with the policymaking process and the parliamentary election of my country. In politics, I have also learned more about public administration, conflict resolution, amendments of bills, constitutional affairs, allocation, public expenditure, tax systems, and distribution of scarce resources among others. With this knowledge, I now understand most of the operations of the government and the reasons behind some of the government decisions.

Political ideologies comprising of liberalism, conservatism, socialism, and the center are very critical in understanding the path of New Zealand independence from the British rule. I have learned of the governor who was the servant of the Whitehall, the representative government emergence of the parties, and their functions until the constitution acts of 1986. Social science has made me understand the 49th parliament that was elected in 2008 and the number of members from each party and their compositions in the parliament.

I have been fortunate to understand the electoral systems from the campaign period to the casting of the ballot until results are finally announced and the inauguration of the successful candidates. The government is comprised of three arms. The judiciary is independent of the other branches and deals with the interpretation and formulation of the law. The executive is responsible for implementing laws and making policies. Lastly, the legislative arm of the government is concerned with enacting laws.


From the above discussion, it is clear that social science is important in our daily lives. This is because all our daily activities revolve around the knowledge of social science. Social science helps us relate with others, make informed decisions, and have a better understanding of our society. It also equips us with knowledge of politics, history, and geographical knowledge of our country.

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