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Tattoo Disadvantages Essay

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Updated: Mar 15th, 2020

Over the years, people have gone for body piercings and tattoos for several reasons. Those who get tattooed argue that it helps them gain recognition from the rest of society. Although tattoos may be socially beneficial, there are many negative impacts of getting tattooed. In this regard, I do not accept tattoos.

Tattoos have more negative impacts than positive impacts. Therefore, people should not go for tattoos because of the negative impacts outweigh the benefits. Some of the reasons why I disagree with tattoos are disadvantages of them as career limitations, negative self-esteem, negative impacts on health, as well as decreased involvement in community affairs. Tattoos are a disadvantage to job seekers since they limit career opportunities.

Moreover, people who have tattoos tend to experience difficulties when interacting with others, and they may experience low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness. Tattoos compromise the health of people since body piercing can cause skin infections. Tattoos also limit involvement in community affairs.

The first reason why I do not prefer tattoos is the fact that they limit career advancement. Employers do not like hiring people who have tattoos. Most workplaces have negative attitudes towards people having tattoos, and it is always hard to get a job when one has a tattoo. On the same note, it is challenging to be promoted when one has a tattoo.

In some cases, employees may even lose their jobs when they wear tattoos because employers do not encourage tattooing. It is believed that tattoos may affect an organization negatively.

For example, in some professions such as business, law, the military, education, and medical professions, people are not supposed to wear tattoos if they want to work in these spheres. Although some professions encourage people to wear tattoos, the employees have to dress in clothes that hide the tattoos.

The other reason why I disagree with tattoos is that they lower the self-esteem of the person wearing them. This happens due to the fact that tattoo wearers always feel anxious and they may also experience depression. People wearing tattoos may develop feelings of low self-worth and low self-esteem because they may not fit into the rest of society.

For example, tattoos may lead to labeling and stereotyping of the individuals wearing them. As a result, the tattoo wearers may not feel as being a part of society and may isolate themselves from other people in society. In addition, persons wearing tattoos may be considered as outcasts and deviants by society. Society views tattooing as deviant behavior, and this lowers the self-esteem of the tattoo wearers.

Thirdly, I disagree with the idea of getting tattoos because they negatively affect the health of the tattoo wearers. The wearing of tattoos may affect health negatively since it may lead to some diseases. Several health complications emanate from the wearing of tattoos. These complications include infections, allergies, as well as chronic illnesses like hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Hepatitis B results from the use of one needle with several clients without properly sterilizing the needle. Another health hazard posed by tattooing includes the use of the same ink for several clients. This is risky because there can be mixing of the ink with blood.

For example, Hepatitis can be transmitted through ink that is contaminated even when the needles have been properly sterilized. As a result of the health risks posed by tattooing, tattoo wearers cannot donate blood since their blood may be contaminated.

Finally, I disagree with an idea of tattooing because it leads to discrimination and the lack of involvement in community affairs. As a result of tattooing, people may not manage to pursue their goals and interests in society since they cannot associate with other people. For example, persons who used to be members of a gang may not be accepted in society despite the fact that they have reformed and become good citizens.

Gang tattoos are always feared in society, and people wearing such tattoos cannot mingle with other people in society. This explains why former members of gangs are not allowed to participate in meaningful activities of society.

Therefore, they may not contribute to the well being of society, especially with regard to the matters of national importance. Although tattoo wearers may be having significant ideas that can lead to development, their ideas may not be embraced.

While concluding this study, it is worth noting that some ideas can be employed in order to address people’s perception regarding the issue of tattooing. One of the approaches that can be used is creating awareness about the negative impacts of tattooing. Tattoo wearers should be advised to go for healthy methods of tattooing. This way, they will avoid the health risks that result from tattooing.

The society should also be sensitized to accept people with tattoos and not to discriminate against them. As such, a tattoo wearer should be treated like any other person who has rights and privileges.

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