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South Illinois University’s Smoking Ban Benefits Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Nov 10th, 2020

Unsolicited Letter of Recommendation

The issue of banning or allowing smoking in public places and institutions has been a matter of lasting discussions and arguments. A primary goal of this intervention is compliance with demands to improve the health and well-being of the society. Educational institutions are among the stakeholders interested in banning tobacco use and smoking on their campuses. South Illinois University has been a pioneer in introducing smoke-free policies.

Its campus was one of the first to be announced tobacco-free with only some locations for smokers. At present, SIU is going to ban smoking on every object of its property. Although few people can doubt the necessity and appropriateness of this intervention, the smoking ban provokes big debates involving both smokers who consider their rights violated and non-smokers who desire to breathe smoke-free air. The purpose of this letter is to assess the possible benefits of the plan and provide an analysis of the costs and consequences of the smoking ban introduction.

The benefits of smoking ban implementation are evident. First of all, it addresses the concern of public health. Since not many people are conscious enough to give up smoking, the official ban can stimulate their decision to get rid of this bad habit. Also, it would satisfy the demands of non-smoking people who are the victims of passive smoking at present. It is known that secondhand smoke can have more negative health consequences than smoking itself. Secondly, the ban on smoking is going to reduce the amount of litter dropped by students, teachers, and campus staff.

It will contribute to the improvement of campus territory and cut the expenses on cleaning and garbage disposal. Thirdly, the smoking ban would help to free more time for rest and education. The time that is wasted on finding a cigarette, a place to smoke, and smoking itself can be spent on some more useful activities. Finally, a global benefit for the environment should not be left without attention. Thus, the smoking ban is going to improve the environment and reduce air pollution. It is closely related to the health aspect.

Nevertheless, it is worth to expect objections from active smokers. They appeal to the violation of their right to behave the way they consider appropriate. Students or teachers who smoke can demand the organization of a place to smoke outside campus to uphold their human rights. Such a situation can cause some extra expenses. However, the expected benefits of the smoking ban are more significant.

Some interventions can be introduced to reduce the risk of negative reactions and stimulate students’ compliance with the ban of smoking on the campus. One of the possible ways to announce the ban on students and teachers and observe their reaction is by informing them through various means. For example, meetings with administration and healthcare representatives can close the information gap concerning the hazardous impact of smoking and the benefits of giving up. Another intervention that is likely to reduce negative reactions to the smoking ban is a competition for smoking students. Thus, those students who do not smoke on the campus longer than the others can get a prize or other kind of encouragement.

On the whole, with appropriate measures preceding the ban introduction, it is not likely to provoke any negative reactions. The ban on smoking is an expected intervention that has evident benefits. Students, as responsible citizens, should be aware of its importance and necessity and support the initiative.


To all respected students of SIU

From SIU administration

Dear Students,

Please consider the following information.

At present, the health of a nation and the well-being of future generations is a primary concern of our government and should be the responsibility of every citizen. You, as the best representatives of the society, have to be aware of the necessity of personal contribution to health preservation and providing the sustainability of the environment. It is evident that the problem of smoking is a burden of contemporary society. It has a negative influence on your health, the health of the surrounding people, and the environment. Thus, it is crucial to consider and abide by the following interventions.

First of all, SIU made a decision to ban smoking at all university properties. After the ban is introduced, no one will be allowed to use tobacco or smoke even in distant territories. It is the demand of time and a vital necessity for the community which has obvious advantages for the students. Those students who do not smoke support the initiative and realize its positive sides. They will be able to satisfy their right to clean air without smoke and will appreciate the possibility of not being secondhand smokers anymore. We expect them to help with explaining the advantages of the smoking ban to those who prefer smoking and have this addiction.

The following part is for the representatives of the smoking community. Please review the suggestions and respect the decision of the university. Pay attention that one of the benefits is the opportunity to save some money. Cigarettes take a substantial part of the budget and breaking the bad habit is going to provide some spare money for something more interesting and useful than smoking. Another advantage students can experience is more spare time.

They will not need to go to buy cigarettes, go to the distant territories where smoking is allowed, and waste time breathing in polluted air. University administration is going to provide students with more locations for leisure and rest on campus. There will be open spaces with comfortable seats and free books and magazines to spend free time between or after the classes. Giving up smoking on campus will give more spare time for communication and education as well.

Finally, the greatest advantage of stopping smoking that is not usually considered by students is health. Young people do not realize the negative impact of bad habits on their health. They are still strong and fresh and do not see any harm in a cigarette. However, they should look a few years ahead and see their future. Most of them are likely to have a family and would want to have children. Those who do should think carefully about the possible risks of their current smoking provokes. Thus, contradictions to the smoking ban can be reconsidered.

Summarizing, it is worth to mention that the future is in the hands of today’s youth. Their health and prosperity depend on the decisions made today. The young people should be careful in resolutions on lifestyles and preferences because they are significant for their development. Thus, students should evaluate all pros and cons of the healthy life or opposition to the smoking ban and make the choice they would not regret in the future.

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