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Macroeconomics Essay Examples and Topics

Global Economics of South America

This has in turn resulted to equitable allocation of resources, increase in the level of production and output, higher rates of employment and the reduction in the prices of goods and services.

Global Economics and European Union

The euro is the official currency of the member states of the European Union. It should be noted that the euro is not the official currency of all the member states within the euro zone.

Global Organizational Environment

Business environment has a key influence on the way business activities are to be carried out and it is necessary for a business to have a comprehensive assessment of all factors that can have a [...]

United States’ economy

The considerably biggest news in the past one week is the discussion over the economy of the United States. Some of the features of the media include the capacity to supply a large population as [...]

Neuroeconomics Definition

Nonetheless, the study of the brain can help in directing and catalyzing the development of new economic models and accelerating the rate of developing these models.

Global Economic (Macroeconomic)

The budgetary position for Australia and Greece has been increasing from 1999 up to 2009 when the GFC occurred making the governments of these countries to reduce national expenditure and increase taxation to curb the [...]

Setting Macroeconomic Policies

Initially, the government sets the inflation target and the Monetary Policy Committee forecasts the expected future inflation through economic statistics and imposes measures to curb it so as to meet the target.

Project Macroeconomics Forecast Component

Compare and contrast differences for the respective statistics prepared by the forecasters From the projection carried out by the CBO forecasters, the economic indicators seem to be at the highest between 2007 and 2010.

European Macroeconomic Policies and Risks

New entrepreneurs need to consider key macroeconomic factors such as aggregate demand polices, aggregate supply policies, fiscal policies, and the policies for the integration of the macroeconomic factors with the European social model.

One Week Macro-Economic Analysis of China

The country has a prosperous economy, and that has been diversity in the economy of the country. The report focuses on the most important goods and services produced in China, GDP per capita, population size, [...]

The labor shortage in the Global Economy

Are not Very Happy" and "The Future of the Global Workplace" it is stated that two of the main causes behind the current labor shortage within the U.S.is the reluctance of companies to train and [...]

Labor Shortage in the Global Economy

Factors and influencers that is/are contributing to the labor shortage in the Global Economy Shortage of labor in the global economy is being influenced by the dependence on the baby boom workers who are in [...]

Global Trends and Strategies within the US

The emerging markets contribute to approximately 37 percent of the global economy but this number has grown to the extend that the emerging economies contribute to 46 percent of the global economy and it is [...]

Macroeconomic Situation of the US

The United States boasts of being a leading economic power in the world, and as a result, the recent economic recession in the country led to the repercussions being felt in almost all the parts [...]

The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables

A case study of the UK and US will be used to illustrate how these variables have an impact on the real exchange markets According to Consumer Price Index can be used as a direct [...]

Calculating Real GDP

This paper gives a mathematical representation of the expenditure approach to calculate the level of GDP and also assesses the effect of changes in some of the variables on the GDP.

Project Sustainability Management

The purpose of this paper is to carry out an environmental assessment for a new project and identify both the positive and the negative factors that will determine the sustainability of the project.

Major Economics Concepts

Additionally, increased demand for goods and services and growth in the average income of the population indicates economic growth. The employment rate shows the number of eligible people in the labour force being absorbed into [...]

Telemarketing Scams against the Elderly

This piece of work discusses in depth the telemarketing scams against the elderly giving insight into the problem of the study, context of the problem, the problem statement, research questions, significance of the study, organization [...]


When the real GDP is constant, the inflation rate follows the same trend and the natural rate of unemployment is not necessarily constant. When the Real GDP is high, the unemployment rate is low and [...]

The Economic Analysis: Outsourced (2006)

Thus, the winners are the leaders and employees of the company located in the host country because they can declare the rules for the business's development and decide what countries to choose for outsourcing.

Economics: Official Cash Rate

To influence the cash rate, the RBA carries out open market operations in the financial markets to influence the supply of primary liquidity available to the financial institutions.

Impacts on Liquidity

The falling over of the Federal government budget deficit weakens the argument that there is too much liquidity in the financial market. The level of liquidity in the financial market entirely depends on the Federal [...]

Raising Minimum Wage

The current economic recession that continues to impact the U.S.economy The main problem with the proposal of President Obama lies in what the article states as the possibility of companies leaving the U.S.due to the [...]

China’s economic model

During the course of the late seventies, the Chinese Communist Party's top officials, headed by Den Xiaoping, started to grow increasingly aware of the fact that the functioning of the country's planned economy had to [...]

Asia and the New World Order

Based on the crisis, a number of analysts have reached the conclusion that the era of the US dominance in the world is almost coming to an end.

National Economic Policy

It is paramount to note that the quantity change in the demand for money is subjective to the elasticity of demand for money in relation to the factors that affect the demand for money.

Long-Run Effects of Fiscal Consolidation

This occurs when the government of a nation uses the consumption expenditure strategy in order to achieve the fiscal consolidation. The use of Fiscal consolidation leads to an increase in the outcome of a nation.

Macroeconomic policy about population growth

Below is a list of twenty developing countries whose population growth was high in the 1960's and 1970's and declined at the beginning of the 21st century; Population growth rate GDP per capita Argentina 1 [...]

Socialist Market Economic System of China

To efficiently deal with the historical question on socialism when in the process of practicing of the transformation of China, the Chinese society emphasized on improvement of the road and distinguished market system.

Macroeconomic Analysis Using an Article

The prize that a commodity or service is worth in the market is accumulated is summed up to the value of government expenditure and overall consumer expenses and is measured against the income value1. The [...]

Macroeconomics and Reality

This demand is affected by the price of the car, the price of other models of cars, tastes and preferences of consumers among others. Many of the models in the article are also difficult to [...]

Mark and Spencer, and UK Economic Policies

It is the duty of the government to make economic policies that can contribute to the economic growth. The fiscal policy is made by the government to ensure the collection of the taxes in the [...]

Fiscal Policy Definition

The rationality of a fiscal policy is also observed when the government informs the population of its budget and the concept behind coming up with that kind of a budget, which is a regular process [...]

Talk About Inbound FDI in U.S.

In addition pollution, the second negative impact that has come about as a result of the introduction of Oil Can Henry's and other established multinationals in Oregon State is the straggling of upcoming locally based [...]

Outsourcing’s Negative Effects

Proponents of this practice argue that the profits gained from outsourcing can be used to better the economy and provide more jobs due to an increase in market share.

The Business Cycle

As aforementioned, the main characteristic of the business cycle is the incline and decline of economic growth. On the other hand, during a decline in the business cycle, there is a contraction in a country's [...]

China Economic Reforms

The difficulty that was encountered during these reforms was to mobilize the farmers and employees to devote much of their time so as to produce excess commodities, and funds to maintain favorable balance of payment.