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Bahrain Bay Economic Development Case Study

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Updated: May 28th, 2020

What are Bahrain Bay’s four foundational philosophies, and how might they be used as marketing tools?

The first one is the community development and greater involvement with the support that can be directed at people who already reside in the area. The focus has also been changed from businesses and people living there presently, towards the future and changes that will happen to the community and companies. The surrounding area will feel the effect and, thus, would be the goal in the plan for prosperity. Another philosophy is to support any interests of the community, such as the sports team. It is imperative that Bahrain Bay becomes a part of the history and heritage of the people, and so, both will benefit from the mutual support and interests.

What would you see as being Bahrain Bay’s mission?

The mission is to develop the region and move towards a stable economy. It is also to place the location on the map and make it known to organizations and other investors so that the region becomes the center for business and industrial activity, as well as for the community to enjoy the facilities and the surrounding area. It looks far into the future and makes their goal a reality. The close cooperation with many widely known companies enables it to secure success and a positive outlook.

What is the MIPIM, and why was it important for Bahrain Bay to target its potential customers, investors, developers, and retailers?

MIPIM is a real estate show that is known worldwide. Numerous organizations present their projects and developments. It is a place where a lot of investors are found, looking for properties that can be used for offices, governmental buildings, sports, industrial sectors, residences, and many more. Bahrain Bay has set out a plan that shows properties that were already sold and those that are still available. This will allow potential buyers to choose the location that benefits their business. The participation in the MIPIM makes Bahrain known to the world, and as it is a developing location, many will be interested in taking part in the project.

Why might the Kingdom of Bahrain be an attractive location for overseas investors?

The eastern culture offers much diversity and interest to the international market and travel. People enjoy the environment and innovations that help the nation to prosper. It is becoming a very stable region with an enormous market and great possibilities for business. As it is a new market, people will be interested in coming and visiting, as well as invest because it is a promising location with the developing cultural values, business, and technology. The architectural designs are of the highest standards and are bound to attract people.

What are Bahrain’s closest competitors for inward foreign investment?

There are many businesses and organizations in the close by Saudi Arabia that might become competitors for Bahrain Bay. Some of the banks, buildings, and construction companies are among the few, as the nature of the involvement is very common. Airlines and the transportation industry is another area of competition. In reality, the project has involved many worlds known companies, and all are interested in taking part in the business.

What part of the marketing mix is related to football sponsorship, and what function does it perform?

By sponsoring the football community and the team, Bahrain Bay invests in the domestic well being and popularity of the nation. The much-needed support will create a positive image but, more importantly, establish strong relations with the public. Bahrain Bay does not make it seem like there is interest; it has a sincere belief in the strength of the project and the people that are so closely involved in the community and culture. By bettering the social fabric, Bahrain Bay sets itself apart from other organizations and adheres to the needs and wants of people.

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