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The Situation in Bahrain: Rebellion Report

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Updated: Jan 8th, 2022

Although there are many countries all over the world that demanded changes in their political order at least once in their history, Bahrain is probably the one that should be spoken about as the most long-termed undemanding country. Bahrain has been an amazing place of utmost liberality within the conflicts of turbulent Persian Gulf region. However, the last month real changes have been brought to Bahrain political settings by upheaval in Egypt and Tunisia. Needless to say, disregarding the religion beliefs every parent wants the best for his children; hence people understand that democracy would be the best choice, though hardly achievable for Arabic countries. As such, the rebellions of terrorist protestors in the Kingdom of Bahrain took place in order to make difference for the country they live in and for their own lives, though in a very mean way.

Many videos on the situation in Bahrain witness that one of the political leaders entered the crowd of protesters and tried to talk to people, though they do not want to hear anything about negotiations after so many people were killed and injured by police during rebels. However, there is another side of the coin. So, why are there tanks in the streets of Manama? This report is going to reveal the unknown side of the rebellions’ suppression, namely the fact that not only protesters were injured and killed as it is claimed in mass media. Also, the paper will unveil how the thirst for democracy and political changes is treated in Arabic countries, such as Bahrain, and the outcomes of undemocratic arrangements.

So, since the first time the riots started being so-called disobedient to the government on Sunday, February 13th, police tried to settle everything peacefully. However, once people blocked both sides of King Faisal Causeway police started resisting the rebel to let other people go to their works. The police was unarmed, however. All the more, the crowd of 350 protesters had knives and daggers, so fourteen policemen had sustained injuries, they were stabbed.

So, it is now difficult to decide whether it was a harsh resistance of the crowd that entailed such serious outcomes on both of the sides: government and protesters, or the police acted too violently against people which resulted in their own injuries. What needs elaboration here is the actual political system in Bahrain. There is a very sharp debate of Shia against Sunni nowadays in Bahrain. Since 1971 Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa – the king – has been in power, so now Shias demand his resignation for the sake of democracy. The reason is that the royal family is blamed of discrimination of Shia population in Bahrain, which makes it possible to revolt after the events in Egypt. Besides, the population of Shia is approximately 70 percent.

World mass media have been convincing people that Bahrain’s people were treated violently, and there were several of them killed and riots were treated unfairly via unexpected suppressions. However, it has to be said that the term ‘terrorists’ fits the situation perfectly, because some of the political resisters were really violent towards police and other government representatives. For example, there is a wonderfully shot video in the Internet that shows how rioters and terrorists attack doctors in Bahrain for no reason. Whether it is Islamic temper that takes over the sober mind or an utmost anger towards any government members, the fact of unreasonable violence is evident. While police officers adhered to orders to disperse the crowd, the actions of terrorists can be ranged as hasty steps or violence expression. As per other nonprofessional videos laid out in the Internet on well-known sites, the video of an officer being ran over and then kicked after that is the most outrageous, to my mind. It seems like people are merely going mad and are taken over by a feeling of hatred, which directly contradicts their goal of achieving constitutional monarchy in the country because democracy is something way different from what they present by treating policemen like that.

On Wednesday, March 16th, three police officers were killed in Bahrain. The interesting fact reported by Jordanian news agency is that police was trying to relocate protesters for they covered a very important channel for the Kingdom. These clashes resulted in three police officers’ death. Once again it has to be noted here, that police was firstly unarmed, the teargas and live rounds were used, which proves governmental actions to be a nonviolent intention from the very start. Moreover, terrorist cannot be considered pure victims, since of the three policemen was run over by a vehicle and other three were killed intentionally, too. It seems like Bahraini citizens do not realize the seriousness of the king’s attitude towards his people and are probably involved in the row of riots in Egypt and Tunis. It is hard to explain to people of two countries (for example Egypt and Bahrain) how various the political orders and political authorities’ attitudes are. While Egyptian people riot reasonably to some extent, in Bahrain the uprisings are thinly veneered with willingness for democracy, whereas what really matters is the misunderstandings between Shia and Sunni. However, this should not become an excuse for the latter to use other country’s political events to start riots, although those are also Arabic. What is important is to understand what government does for its citizens disregarding political moods within the same nation, though in different country. Besides, disregarding the mass media reports, 450,000 people rally went out cheering for the King and his family with love and support.

Moreover, it has to be mentioned that Bahraini people did not cherish the free education, free health-care, houses with a low amount of payment monthly for a specified time, etc. This is going to turn all the way around once constitutional monarchy takes place in the country. Every citizen will be obliged to pay taxes on everything through their purchases in the local stores and separately laid taxes as well, just the way in happens in the United States, for example. However, the Bahraini people do not understand that with the political order changes, the lives will change immensely. While free education is available to anyone now, it will become an issue of wealth in future. Yet, live coverage videos where protesters hit doctors only proves total disrespect for the governmental free medical care, for instance. Moreover, all international laws of freedom of emergency were violated when protesters did not let the emergency vehicle through when the policeman was hit by a car.

In a word the blocking of the main highway in Manama was against all principles of protesting in a peaceful manner. Therefore, it is hard to claim that Bahraini people understand the democracy correctly. Nevertheless, it is important to give all people the right of freedom of speech and other democratic advantages that US exercises perfectly. Besides, several important bases of the US are situated on the territory of the Bahrain Kingdom, so it plays an essential role in relationship of the US and Iran. There have been several debates flashings between Shia and Sunni for the past years, mostly because the country is ruled by Sunni dynasty which seems unfair to Shias, therefore minorities wanted the dynasty to be overthrown. Evidently, a great role in uprisings played Egypt and Tunisia, though it is essential to keep world peaceful, that s why Great Britain has already withdrew about fifty licenses for weapon export to Bahrain and Libya. This should decrease probabilities of further deaths among people of Bahrain.

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