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Firm Extension: BreadTalk in Bahrain Report (Assessment)

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Updated: May 3rd, 2022

The entrepreneur first had to seek educational knowledge before going into business. He had graduated from NYIT with a bachelor degree in Marketing with his passion in the world of business. After graduating the entrepreneur first worked with Tameer, a real estate company as a Marketing Executive.

This work would aid him gain experience and knowledge about managing and marketing a business. He would also gain with accumulating capital through hi salary. He left the real estate business due to the crash which occurred in 2008. He joined Gro Capita which deals with Forex a couple of years later with a promotion to be a Sales Manager. From here he had realized the opportunity of BreadTalk.

BreadTalk which is a Singaporean franchise has been expanding in Asia from one country to another. This franchise which was started in 2000 has over 300 outlets currently in Asia. The entrepreneur having identified the expansion motive of this company in the Middle East, had an idea of BreadTalk expanding to his country. With this idea he wanted to snatch the opportunity of been the Regional Manager of Bread.

Having identified this opportunity, the entrepreneur left Gro Capita and lead in the introduction of BreadTalk in Bahraini. The bakery opened in Bahrain in 2009 and recently it opened a branch in the City Centre. BreadTalk started producing pastries with different fillings and designs, toast bread, cakes, and biscuits.

The entrepreneur could not become the Regional Manager for Bahraini but with his experience he became the Operations Manager. With the large competition in Bahraini, BreadTalk had to ensure quality services for customers as a way of ensuring their satisfaction.

Here the entrepreneur been the operations manager was faced with the duty of ensuring customer satisfaction was offered. He had encountered his first problem with a late delivery on a customer and had to allow discount on the customer to better the situation. As a way of competing the entrepreneur had to avoid the main challenge faced by BreadTalk. This challenge is ensuring high standards of customer satisfaction. The operations manager had to take the next step of training employees on quarterly basis.

This was to ensure they are well equipped in handling customers and offering high quality services. The manager had to introduce a system of taking in customer feedback on the company’s products and services. This aided in understanding the customers’ tastes and preferences. This would help the company to adjust products and services to satisfy customers’ needs as well as become innovative and introduce new products and services.

The other step was to compete with rival bakeries. In competing with its competitors, BreadTalk offers many products creating a variety for customers to choose from. The bakery offers cakes, toast as well as other products which can be compared to those of their best competitors due to their high quality. Even though BreadTalk offers its products at a more higher price, but due to their high quality and variety, they still maintain their customers.

BreadTalk have a research and development department that researches on current trends in the market. The department then develops new and innovative products which offer customers with new products occasionally. In Bahrain, the entrepreneur has ensured use of experienced chefs. These chefs create new innovative products of high quality.

In ensuring that BreadTalk generates high returns, operation manager has ensured high quality products are produced. Thus even if the company charges high prices than other bakeries, customers will still prefer their products. This has ensured that the company earns high profits. Introduction of new products quarterly a year has also promoted new increased sales thus more returns for the bakery.

The opening of BreadTalk in Bahrain had an impact on both the business environment and the country. In a business environment, we have two types of environment, that is, external as well as internal environment. This project increased the revenues for owners of the business due to its expansion in Bahrain. The value of the owners increased with is expansion in Bahrain.

Employees also benefited from the investment of BreadTalk in Bahrain, offering them with employment as well as benefits associated with employment. The employees has also been given a chance to exploit and use their innovativeness as well as creativity in coming up with new products for the company. The managers has also benefited from the opening of the bakery in the country. Managers have been given the chance to exploit their managerial skills in ensuring that the company succeeds.

The opening of BreadTalk in Bahrain has also had an impact on the external environment of the business. The franchise has brought more competition to Bahrain for local bakeries. BreadTalk has a variety of products which are of high quality, sizes, and packages. Thus the company has ensured a variety for consumers to choose from as well as quality products for consumers’ satisfaction.

This has increased competition greatly in Bahrain which has led to production of variety of products and services that are of high products. BreadTalk has also lead to increased innovation and creativity among competitors. This is because it has been offering new products and services quarterly.

BreadTalk in Bahrain has also had an impact on customers in the country. The bakery has offered customers with a variety of products and services to choose from. The bakery has also promoted quality products and services for customers even among other bakeries. The customers has also benefited from the research department of BreadTalk through production of new products quarterly. BreadTalk has also changed the bakery market entry perception for new firms.

This is because it has made it very competitive in terms of a variety of products and services as well as their quality. The bakery has also lead to improved technology in the bakery industry through its use of new and latest technologies in its production. Through its research department the company has been able to explore and create new technologies through its innovative department. These technologies through competition have also been applied by other bakeries. This has lead to production of quality products and services.

BreadTalk has also had an impact on the country. Bahrain trough investment of BreadTalk has benefited from increased gross domestic product. The country’s economy has thus benefited from production of BreadTalk.

The country’s international business image also improved with foreign companies like BreadTalk investing in Bahrain and succeeding. The country has also benefited from employment provided by the company. The country has also enjoyed increase revenue from taxes corrected from the bakery. This has enabled the country to develop in terms of infrastructure as well as other sectors.

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