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Economics Essay Examples and Topics

Macroeconomics Fundamentals and Terms

The unemployment rate is also used to evaluate the purchasing power of consumers in a particular economy. It is used to estimate the value of a currency and the purchasing power of consumers in a [...]

Islamic Banking Principles and Relevance

UAE populace is Muslim dominated; considering the rate of growth of Islamic banking and the championing of equitable reward to the factors of production in the Islamic financing system.these gains include achieving country wide and [...]

Jordan Economy and Its Comparison with Qatar

When comparing the standard of living of Jordan and Qatar, it can be seen that the difference is actually quite low, primarily due to the significant amount of investments the Jordanian government has made into [...]

Walmart Company’s Financial Reporting

The Audit Committee Charter has the mandate to assist the board of Walmart in monitoring the integrity of the firm's financial reporting procedures, and the controls used for the implementation of ethics and compliance.

Globalization: Theory and Practice

Although the word global has been in existence for the last four hundred years, the term globalization is believed to have been coined in the early 1960s. In the late 19th century, advancements in freight [...]

Spain Economic Conditions

It is rather unfortunate to note though that due to both the debt crisis and the recent real estate bubble burst, banks within the country have been reluctant to lend money to all levels of [...]

Internal Revenue Service Transformation

The stakeholders in IRS transformation included the government, outside institutions, IRS employees and the public. The organization lacked mechanisms that could allow the presentation of taxpayers' records in a simple and clear manner understandable to [...]

Financial Planning and Control in Business

The other function of financial planning and control is to offer external guidance on corporate affairs to stakeholders, in order to enable them to have full access of appropriate economic and financial performance of a [...]

Business in the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab

Additionally, the companies take the advantage of the free market to merge and amalgamate. The GCC member states have unified customs regulations and procedures that contribute to enhancement of cooperation among member sates.

Bank of China Limited

The objective of this paper is to provide a report on the Bank of China's IPO of 2006. This listing was also one of its kind in Shanghai's since it was only the Bank of [...]

Financial Statements: Role and Types

Fixed liabilities are the debts that a firm is supposed to pay within a long period of time. An income statement is used to show the quantity of money received and money spent by a [...]

Global Economic Order: Losers and Winners

Globalization dictates that for any sustainable economic order to be achieved, the deregulation of major economic events is critical, such as applying uniform policies and rules in the production and distribution of products and services.

Business Activities Globalisation

Secondly, competition is a major factor and driver of globalisation in the world today. The existence of competitors in a business environment contributes to globalisation of business operations, as it seems to be a competitive [...]

Dubai City Crisis: Rise and Fall

The size of a city serves as a measure of economic performance and it also focuses on the existence and development of a positive feedback of a given city.

Sheikh Zayed Housing Program Analysis

According to their announcement which was made at the beginning of the year, the organization is determined to ensure that all citizens of this country, especially the poor, are helped to get decent housing in [...]

Zakat Fund Growth Monitoring

In order to achieve its mission of fostering the role of Zakat among Muslims, Zakat Fund has developed an online platform, which allows users to calculate and remit payment too. The ease of payment and [...]

What Are the Limitations of the Lewis Model?

The main limitation of the Lewis model is that there were two models: that of Lewis's original ideas and advocacy for the economic development of the tropical countries, and the Lewis model advocated by Fei [...]

World Cocoa Market: Past and Present

In the year ending October'12 there was a deficit of 119,000 tonnes of cocoa production as compared to the demand. This is converse to the increasing demand of cocoa and the increasing prices of cocoa [...]

Effective Business Environment in Canada

In the course of its operation, the camp has mainly targeted children both in the domestic and international market. For example, a firm can use the Internet to improve the market awareness of its products [...]

Islamic Banking: Tools and Techniques

As a result, their investments are based on comprehensive ethical considerations on the business, the products produced and services provided, the policies and strategies and the effects of the business to both the society and [...]

The Saudi Arabian Market Macro-Analysis

Most of the public expenditure aims to reduce unemployment rates and increase the growth of the non-oil sector; The fiscal and monetary policies should maintain a steady money flow in the next 12 months because [...]

Belgium Macroeconomic Data Analysis

In Belgium, expenditure by the central government and the regional governments is separate. In 2012, central government expenditure was 23% of the total government expenditure.

The Trickle-Down Economics Definition and Aspects

In economics and politics, the term trickle-down economics or Reaganomics is the pejorative term for the theory that taxing the wealthiest individuals in society less will in allow those individuals to invest more of their [...]

China Chamber of International Commerce

The main aim of this institution is to enhance the development of foreign trade between China and other countries. China council for the promotion of International Trade provides several quality services to businesses in China [...]

Federal Budget Deficits: Cost and Benefits

Huntley notes that the most important consideration when discussing the benefits accrued from this type of deficits is that the economy is not slowed down by any margin contrary to the perception of some economic [...]

The US Monetary Policy: Federal Reserve

The transfer of value of the property and other assets also takes place based on money. It is notable that this leads to a low circulation of money within the market.

Bahrain Bay Economic Development

It is also to place the location on the map and make it known to organizations and other investors so that the region becomes the center for business and industrial activity, as well as for [...]

The Banking Industry and Interest Rates

The government and the central rates have been the major bodies used to determine the interest rates. The main purpose of this study is to determine how the interest rates affect the Competition in the [...]

Manchester United Club: Big Debt Problem

The acquisition of the English soccer club Manchester United by the American investor Malcolm Glazier in 2005 triggered a controversial argument in regard to the ability of the investor to handle the club's financial matters.

Sweden Gross Domestic Products

The increased rate of growth is the result of the increased productivity that has been experienced in the country. The labour productivity and economy productivity in general improved in Sweden more as compared to other [...]

Dubai Model: Trade and Tourism in the UAE

The primary critique of the Dubai model for growth and development is that it has focused on utilizing property development as a means of measuring the growth and success of the region instead of the [...]

Dollarization in Zimbabwe: Positive Effects

This perpetual state of uncertainty has led to the emergence of hoarders in the Zimbabwean economy. Dollarization helped the country recover its economy, and this led to the revival of the collapsing sectors.

Prospect and Future of Euro

The article provides a detailed understanding of the impact the fall of Euro will have on the economies and the reasons why such a future is expected to arise.

“How to Judge Globalism?” by Amartya Sen

The concept helps in raising the standards of living of people in developing countries through the spread of knowledge. Appropriate use of globalization may lead to the mitigation of poverty in the world.

Multinational Firms Impacts on the Economic Growth

Although Byres affirms that MNCs may have a positive economic impact on their host countries, he says the economic sectors that align with their operations benefit from the companies, at the expense of other economic [...]

The Royal Bank of Canada

The move is controversial in the public arena because of the current state of the Canadian labor market. The interest of the public is usually difficult to capture or measure because of the indefinite and [...]

Inflation Tradeoffs and the Phillips Curve

In the findings, Lucas concluded that the there is a direct relationship and variance in the tradeoff between full employment and inflation rate at a particular level of input in the countries studied.

Speculative Growth: Hints from the U.S. Economy

Thus, one of the main strengths of Caballero, Farhi, and Hammour's investigation is in the fact that the researchers propose the discussion of the episodes of speculative growth in the economy of the United States [...]

The Coase Theorem: Key Economic Components

The essence of the Coase Theorem is rather hard to nail down; according to the existing definition, the Coase Theorem is traditionally referred to as the concept of economic efficiency achieved through the decrease of [...]

Monopoly Regulation Problem in Economy

The Sherman Antitrust Law was passed in 1890 to check the growth of monopolies in the US, which was probably the first attempt to curb monopolies through government control in the country.

Lithuania Economic Issues

The economy of the country is in a poor state and Lithuania also has to deal with the issues concerning emigration due to the economic problems.

Securities Markets in the UAE

Concerning the impediments to the growth of bond markets in the UAE, 78% of the participants stated that the UAE government over-relies on oil as a source of fiscal revenue.

The Economy, Monetary Policy and Monopolies

The interest rate denotes the cost of credit services; the employment rate is an indicator of the percentage of the population that is employed while the inflationary rate is an indicator of the ratio of [...]

The Long Bow Village Economic Reform

Despite the fact that originally, the economical reform that was carried out in the Long Bow Village, was intended for the fair distribution of the land resources, some of the aspects of the procedure were [...]

The Economy of Singapore in 2010-2012

The purpose of this report is to analyze the economy of Singapore and it will concentrate on the historical background of this country, human development index, monetary authority of Singapore, banking sector and major players, [...]

The UAE Economy and Growth in 1990-2012

At the same time, the government entered in the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement to provide 100% foreign ownership and zero taxes; in addition, it was the prime goal of the policy maker to create [...]

The US Unemployment Benefits Evaluation

The timeliness of these statistics is essential for the gauging of the labor market health and in extension, the performance in of the economy in general. The analysis of the data provides for the selection [...]

New Technology Trends Used in Banks

4 Mobile and online banking have managed to keep clients out of long queues in the banking halls. The safety of mobile banking has enabled the majority of clients to sign in.