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Economics Essay Examples and Topics

International Political Economy Perspectives

It is also important to add that the idea of the conflict is leading in the three perspectives as it is accepted that there are conflicting forces that try to control production and wealth distribution.

Neo-Liberal Globalisation in Australia

However, during the 1980s, Australian government abandoned the open-minded approach to public policy to embrace a deregulation and marketisation approach that led to the adoption of neo-liberal policies.

Financial Crisis of 2008 and Consumer Behavior

Although the main cause of the global financial crisis that began in 2007 was the bursting of the housing bubble, economists largely agree that the ensuing recession was the outcome of a combination of several [...]

Foodco Company Performance: Financial Analysis

In the case of Foodco, the number of foodstuff suppliers in Dubai is relatively large due to the presence of local, regional, and international competitors. In the UAE foodstuff industry, the number of suppliers is [...]

Exporting Camel Meat from Australia to China

Meanwhile, China is also implementing various programs to increase its camel population and grow the market share of camel meat, but that is unlikely to deter market penetration of the Australian camel meat into the [...]

Government’s Role in the Japanese Economic Miracle

Many scholars are in agreement that the Japanese government, under the auspices of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and subsequent agencies, was at the core of the so called economic miracle with the [...]

Shared Value Capitalism by Porter and Kramer

Though the authors could have been more precise, the article can be regarded as effective as it provides a brief account of the concept of shared value. In conclusion, it is possible to note that [...]

Chinese-Canadian Bilateral Trade

The value of consumer goods imported to Canada in 2006 was about $12 billion. For example, Canada imports about 60% of its toys and sports equipment from China.

How Kuwait Trade with Germany and Turkey?

Among all the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council Kuwait confidently occupies the position of the fourth most significant market for the goods from Germany. Kuwait's culture is very different from the one of Germany.

Canada and Colombia’ Coffee Trade

Consequently, countries that produce the commodity founded the Association of Coffee Producing Country to augment the International Coffee Organization. The perfect conditions for the growth of the variety in the country are found between 1200-1800 [...]

Canada-China Trade: Petroleum, Gas, Energy

China is a strategic partner in Canada's energy industry because it is the single largest oil consumer in the world. For many decades, the Canadian government has only invested in building oil pipelines to transport [...]

Excessive Business Regulations and Corruption

For the purpose of the paper, business regulation is taken to mean the laws and institutions established by governments to govern the establishment of businesses either by local citizens and companies or by foreign investors.

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Analysis

Being the central bank of the Saudi, the institution is entitled to handle financial transactions affairs of the government, production of the national currency, strengthening Saudis currency, and overseeing insurance companies, finance companies, and exchange [...]

Impacts of Culture on Consumer Behaviour

In addition, the impacts of the environment on the conduct of these consumers are made evident. For example, in the field of marketing, the phrase refers to acts and patterns of purchasing and buying.

Sustainable Organizations and Human Factor

The research results show that the human factor does affect the sustainability of an enterprise in a rather negative way, leading to the threat of developing such problems as inequality, poor job design and the [...]

The World Bank’s Structure, History, Activities

In this work, the organizational structure and mission of the Bank are explained, a brief history of the Bank is given, various aspects of the activity of the World Bank are studied, their effectiveness assessed, [...]

Cultural Sensitivity: China and the USA Perspectives

Most companies enter the market with there own ideas and expectations of companies in such economies and that can lead to barriers and difficulties in communication and integration of management and other fields of partnering.notes [...]

Bahrain Economic Development

Furthermore, the government of Bahrain pays attention to the diversification of the economy because this task is critical for the long-term development of the country.

Asia’s Ascendance in the Modern Global Economy

Considering the past and current economic performance of many countries in Asia such as India and China against past and present economic performance of western economies, it is to predict a shift in economic power [...]

Economic Indicators and Healthy Economy

The economy as we know it today hinges on consumer spending; the more consumers spend within a given business year, the healthier the economy is since this improves the amount of monetary liquidity that is [...]

Chinese Government Spending and US Economy

The paper first looks into the different sectors where the Chinese government has increased it's spending to the greatest extent and how the increase in Chinese government spending affect the US economy, business, and political [...]

Microfinance Institutions: Economic Services

MFIs also play a significant role in spurring the economic development of a developing country as they often contribute to the formalization of the informal sector by ensuring that small enterprises are able to access [...]

China’s Economic Development and Social Problems

Despite the profitableness caused by the development, the wealth is still available only for a small number of people, and the majority of the Chinese population cannot afford such ordinary things as education and medical [...]

Hilton Worldwide Company: Financial Ratios

In order to analyze Hilton Worldwide's performance within the industry, it is important to compare financial ratios against the company's past performance for the year of 2012, competitors' performance, and the industry's averages.

Japan’s Economy and Endaka Process

The main discussion centered on the dollar development in relation to the Yen currency. For example, the heightened price of the dollar on the Japanese cars led to a drop in their competitiveness.

2008 Financial Crisis in Dubai

In order to address the collapse in the real estate market observed in Dubai in 2008, the Emirate's authorities focused on elaborating stricter regulations on developers of the housing projects and on the buyers. 26 [...]

General Agreement on Tariff and Trade: Influences

The reason for this is that, due to the Agreement's tariff-reduction effect, it is possible to increase the rate of the manufacturing processes' 'specialization', which in turn allows the generation of the additional 'surplus product' [...]

Political Economy of Trading States

Improvements in the competitive advantage theory include the Heckscher-Ohlin theory that calls for the use of the most abundant factor of production to gain a competitive advantage for a state.

Economic Development in Vietnam

The people of Vietnam had humble hopes that their country could now manage to move away from the rank of the poorest countries in the world by 2010, a position it had perpetually stayed in [...]

Gas Prices in the American Auto Industry

Here, just like in the 1980s, the automakers have failed to heed the suggestions of most analysts who note that the oil prices are bound to remain high for the longest time ever due to [...]

Business Challenges in the International Market

This paper is going to discuss ways through which the differences in the legal and political systems create misunderstanding and, at the same time, the manner with which it offers business opportunities in the international [...]

Globalization and Its Significance to Business

This international trade has led to the establishment of modern seaports and airports that handle imports and exports and, in the process, help in developing infrastructure. Innovations and inventions are vital to the various stages [...]

The Rising Cost of Gas

The high cost of gas in the cities has been attributed to the variety of gas blends, and the specific requirements for various parts of the country.

Price Discrimination Concept in Economics

Price discrimination is the resultant price of selling same commodities at different prices to different people by the same trader; the trader basis his prices of perception, quantity sold, location, buyer's social status and social [...]

Middle Eastern Markets Entry Strategies

This claim implies how successful colonisation of new markets in the Middle East calls all organisations seeking to establish businesses in this region of the world that is characterised by political instabilities to consider the [...]