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Economics Essay Examples and Topics

Global Economy: Cheap Fashion and the Human Price

Rosenbloom and Larsen advance that as a result of globalization, "businesses from various parts of the world interacting and dealing with each other is expected to be the normal state of affairs for the majority [...]

Microeconomics of Customer Relationships

The contentious issue of the articles is measuring the contributions that customers provide to the development of the company. In the provided article, the author explores the Net Promoter Score model of quantifying customer's contributions [...]

Islamic Bonds “Sukuk”

The rising demand for investment options in the form of bonds and securities has led to the use of Sukuk or Islamic securities which have become progressively more acceptable to the Islamic community in some [...]

Bank of America: Strategic Initiatives

In a communistic economy, the government owns the better part of the instruments of nation's economic propagation and the government through its established instruments of governance dictates the manner and the protocol of the resources [...]

Income and Substitution Effects

The substitution effect on Adam's case will depend on his rationality for the reason that the reduced price means an increase in disposable income for chicken, and a constant income for vegetables.

SAMBA’s Integrating Customer Focus

A research on the progress of the organization is on the strategy and segmentation of customer relationship. Evaluate and analyze the marketing strategy of the bank in terms of customer relationship.

China and India: Opportunities and Challenges

The countries of the West are likely to get dissatisfied with the China and India's opportunity to excel them. The economic growth of China and India shows that soon their power is likely to excel [...]

Economic Crisis in the USA

As such, the future of USA economically is in the hands of the Chinese if the government and the business owners will not provide a solution to the bombes launched against the country.

House Prices in the Real Estate Market

Increase income leads to high demand for houses; hence, leading to increase in house prices. For instance, house prices plummeted considerably between 1990 and 1992 in the UK because high interest rates made mortgages expensive.

Is MBA Program a Good Investment?

The amount that is required to undertake the MBA program can be invested in a bank at a discount rate of 3%. However, he has to consider the opportunity cost, which is the cost of [...]

Globalization and Islamic Societies

As Featherstone states, 'the root 'global' seems to possess a self-evident quality in its suggestion of not only the expansion of the scope of our social relations to the planetary limits but also in the [...]

Individualism and Economic Order

Nevertheless, starting the analysis of the main ideas of these authors, it is vital to outline the background and the main processes in society that triggered the growth of the interest towards these issues.

Shanghai Composite Index: Market Crash

On the face of it, the most evident part that is likely to experience the major harm from the China stock market crash is the global companies that owned the relevant stocks.

Community Development Block Grant Funds

The primary goal of the paper is to understand how the benefits of the Community Development Block Grant funds can help the federal authorities improve the situation in long and short-terms.

South Africa’s First National Bank

Critically evaluate the research on leadership, organizational transformation, and emotional intelligence as presented in the case study outlining the merits and limitations of these concepts as applied to FNB' organizational context The topic of leadership [...]

Shoe Manufacturing in America

This essay presents an analysis of an article about the military shoes and local manufacturers and the economic effects of promoting local shoe manufacturing industries to supply the products.

US Government Budget: Sources and Expenditures

The main sources of the U.S.'s national government revenues are payroll taxes and individual income taxes; another source is the corporate income tax. 11 The appropriations are responsible for the provision of a large part [...]

The Article “Backyard without Fences”

The article focuses on the changes in the current the consumer products market, exploring the most profound factors that might prompt the declining of the "fence" that initially protected the markets of most consumer products [...]

Effects of War and Peace on Foreign Aid

Recently, the leadership of Kenya discovered that a number of organizations operating in Kenya have been using foreign aid to support the operations of the Al-Shabaab terror group.

GCC Fixed Exchange Rate Regime and the Greek Case

Reflectively, Greece became the victim of instability in the currency exchange rate as a result of the common Euro currency. As a desperate measure, a member of the GCC affected by the fixed exchange regime [...]

Tariffs’ Pros and Cons

However, the establishments of the regular local tax programs and economic growths have minimized the significance of tariffs in the industrialized states.

The UAE Economic Statecraft Policy Evaluation

1 Defining the performance of an organization in a variety of ways and facilitating the development of employee motivation, the given phenomenon can be considered the ultimate goal of the organization in question as well.

Australian Agriculture Global Issues

The random trend in the foreign exchange market is a macroeconomic issue that has significant implications on the export market prices and the appreciation of the Australian dollar.

Social Class and New Form of Consumption

Marx describes the workers as 'a class in itself' in the sense that they share the same objectives and relationships to the means of production, that is, they are laborers who are paid in wages.

India and Globalisation Barriers

The first section explores the concept of globalisation and outlines the barriers to globalisation. The second section is a case study of India, which is one of the countries ranked below position 70 in the [...]

International Business in Norway: PEST Analysis

In Norway, the four factors influence the flourishing of the international trade. The political school of thought of the regime running a government also influences the delivery of certain goods like merits goods, the education [...]

WG & YW Consulting Firm Financial Plan

Consequently, the revenue plan for year 2 is as provided below: The income for year 2 also shows that the company is on a profitable trend. In addition, the total income for year 3 will [...]

The Improvement of the U.S. Economy

Mainly, the paper targets the issues of the U.S.fiscal debates, the introduction of the American Reinvestment Act. According to the review of the content of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the beneficial reformations, which [...]

Systemic Risks

The UK culture entails the archetypes of human activities and representations accompanying the UK and its citizens. In such a system, the head of state and the head of government are two different people.

Russian Potential in Financial Consultancy

When diversifying, it is important to analyze the new market that the company will be operating in to ensure that the diversification will be of assistance to the business. In the country, there is freedom [...]

Project Investment Analysis and Its Role

In the case of new ventures, project investment analysis provides the basis for the profitability of a project by reviewing the financial implications of a proposed project against expected returns over a specific period of [...]

Amazon Coins as the New Type of Currency

Even though the Amazon Coin as a concept works perfectly well within the environment of the Amazon online services, being both legal and economically reasonable as opposed to bitcoins, it is still considered alien to [...]

Morgan Stanley Company Investment Objectives

The other intention was to meet and exceed the diverse needs of the company's clients. In the case of Morgan Stanley, the company provides more that 2500 investment alternatives to clients in over 150 organizations [...]

Sustainable Economic Development

Sustainable economic development entails the ability of the present human beings to meet their needs with the available resources without trashing the ability of the future generations from doing the same.

Finance: Sequestration Concept

In the US for example, people agreed that the sequester was bad for a long period of time since they were in fear of the country hitting another recession due to all the major cut-backs [...]

Economic Development: GDP and Quality of Life

The quality of life measures economic development after accessing the internal components of the economy. Nevertheless, GDP as a measure of economic development in a country fails to distinguish economic transactions contributing to the well [...]

Foreign Direct Investment Reasons

They are engaged in distributing capital all over the world since they are able to determine which country to invest in after assessing the cost of doing business in order to realize maximum profits for [...]

The Two Faces of World Globalization

The people from the rural areas often have neither the knowledge nor the experience for the well-paying jobs in the city making them lose on the opportunities that brought them to the city.

American Financial Crisis and Its Prevention

The interviewee brings about the idea of bureaucracy and political aspects that contributed to the problem, highlighting the corruption and ineffectiveness in the government when bailing out the institutions.

The State of the US Economy Today

The stated systems are currently the ones threatening to bring the economy of the United States to its knees and thus an intervention in the same is inevitable if any progress is to be made.