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Economics Essay Examples and Topics

Huawei Company in the Context of China Economy

The purpose of this paper is to analyse Huawei's strategies and policies in the context of China as an emerging market economy with reference to the specifics of the varieties of capitalism as an institutional [...]

Social Cohesion in Hong Kong Transitional Housing

The government has invested heavily in providing public housing to families, but a lengthy period of planning and construction has led to the necessity of semi-permanent transitional housing that can be utilized on a rotational [...]

San Francisco Social Housing

The technology boom of the 21st century, which saw many large corporations expand their presence in the San Francisco metropolitan area, led to an influx of a well-paid workforce to the area.

Bitcoin and Ripple in the Next 50 Years

Many countries such as India, Indonesia, and Japan among others have endorsed the use of Bitcoin and Ripple, despite the lack of clear policies on the operations and sustainability of such new digital currencies.

The Allied Group: Stock and Bond Issues

The purpose of this report is to determine the cost of new common stock for the Allied Group, calculate the dividend yield, compute the after-tax cost of new debt, and provide recommendations regarding raising capital.

Dubai Expo 2020 and Economic Development

Regardless of the fact that that are still no published economic evaluations about Dubai 2020 because of the lack of relevant data, it is expected that from the economic perspective, all costs devoted to the [...]

Political Risk and Legal Restrictions in Tanzania

Business development and growth in a region strongly depends on the socio-economic and political climate which exists in the country. Furthermore, the government has committed to investing in training and education for the population to [...]

Why Should the Penny Be Retired?

This paper argues that the penny should be eliminated due to several reasons: pennies they are useless, they harm the environment, and they cost the government and taxpayers money. Also, pennies are harmful to the [...]

The Allied Group: Investments Issues

The purpose of this paper is to determine the payback period for each project, the NPV and IRR for these proposals, and recommend what project can be selected by the Allied Group for investment.

The Financial Regulation Shortcomings

Existing laws and guidelines in different regions require that such organizations adhere to strict requirements and procedures in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the existing economic structure.

Knowledge-Based Economy

Active discussion of the importance of the knowledge-based model of economic development is related to the emergence of influential results in certain successful economies, among which the UAE is one of the best examples.

African Governance and Entry of Multinationals

The research idea for this study is premised on understanding whether there has been a general improvement in political and economic governance structures in Africa to support the current wave of MNC entry on the [...]

Behavioral Economics in China

Behavioral economics can be defined as the study of the effects of psychological, cultural, emotional, and cognitive factors in the process of making economic decisions involving individuals and organizations.

Determinants of Profitability of UK Companies

The selected independent variables of each of the models were the liquidity ratio, the gearing ratio, the asset turnover, the inventory turnover, the collection period, the credit period, the interest coverage, the market capitalization, and [...]

Real Estate Investment Decisions

Real estate is a complex investment that requires an investor to have a good comprehension of the most significant aspects that often influence one's ability to make decisions that are well informed and intelligent enough.

Foreign Exchange Markets Assess

The proposed way of viewing alterations in the interest rate contributes to the management of challenges associated with the location of future exchange rates, locate the current interest spot rates, and changes in the foreign [...]

Carl Menger’s Economics Theory

The massive numbers of the latter kind render the loss of a thousand uninteresting to the man, but the loss of even one of the ten fruit trees leads him to starve, and he is [...]

Trend Following as an Investment Tool

In a study by Li et al, futures markets differ from one country to another, hence implying the possibility of the use of trend-following yielding profits in the U.S.and not in China.

Trade and Policy: Main Aspects

The US Agricultural and Enterprise policies tackle production and productivity from the perspective of the farmers. For instance, in coffee production, the US is a member of the International Coffee Organization, which exports and imports [...]

Sanctions for the Russian Economy, Oil & Gas Sector

When Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, the US and the EU responded by imposing economic sanctions on the Putin administration. This paper discusses the consequences of the sanctions on the Russian economy by focusing on [...]

Bond Market and Banking in Gulf Countries

State-owned organizations sometimes engage in insecure projects in order to gain a competitive advantage, which is expected to lead to the establishment of a beneficial connection between corporate measures and state control.

Free-Market Economy and Its Benefits for People

For developed countries in the Northern hemisphere, the traditional economy is a thing of the past whereas, for developing countries, it is something to enhance and overcome on the way towards a free market.

Public and Private Goods Relating to Taxation

The perception of the economic values of public versus private goods is directly tied to the concept of taxation. Before connecting the concepts of public and private goods to the existing measures of taxation, it [...]

Higher Education Financing and Economic Growth

Throughout the article, the author uses data to show that increasing government spending on higher education has a negative impact on economic growth, and it leads to a decrease in the number of students joining [...]

Budget Management Tools in Atlanta and Georgia

Unlike the budget system of Atlanta/Georgia, the federal government's budget is required to follow certain rules to propose or implement the budget, for example, the resident initially submits the budget request to the Congress, and [...]

Rational Behaviour in Consumer Economics

Therefore, even though rational behaviour would dictate that an employer use the services of a contractor for the supply of goods and services, the irrational decision to use employees is informed by the principle of [...]

Uneven Impact of Global Crisis on Capital Movements

Some researchers have posited that the uneven recovery is due to the different levels of economic activities in various countries, political factors, country specific advantages and other factors such as the level of integration in [...]

Social Housing in China

The Chinese economic boom in the last 30 years has contributed to the increased urbanization of the country, while a growing population and the influx of migrants to cities has led to a severe shortage [...]

Norwegian Central Bank’s Interventions

The central bank of Norway popularly known as the Norges Bank was formed soon after the separation of the country from Denmark in 1816. In this intervention, the bank aims to improve the exchange [...]

American Charter Schools’ Demand and Supply

The analysis of the performance of the charter schools to that of the public and traditional schools illustrated that the performance of the charter schools was exemplary as compared to the low rates of performance [...]

Brexit for Trading Patterns and Capital Flows

Brexit is a commonly used inference to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The predominant issues that characterize the exit of Britain from the European Union are the economy and immigration.

Financial Issues: Budgeting

When it becomes apparent that changes should be carried out in the budgetary allocation, the departmental staff and the principal investigator review the terms and conditions of the cost principals to determine whether the change [...]

Buyer-Supplier Relationships

The major principles of cooperation are joint efforts and supported interdependency that can lead to the development of competitive advantages. According to the extended typology of buyer-supplier relationships suggested by Kim and Choi, the collaboration [...]

Mexico: Country and Supplier Research

It neighbors the United States on the Northern side, the Pacific Ocean to the south and west, Guatemala and Belize to the East, and the Gulf of Mexico to the Southeast.

Financial Crisis of 2008

Economics specialists have argued that the global financial crisis of 2008 was caused by a combination of factors, including the abundance of cheap credits in the macroeconomic environment as well as counterproductive decision-making in governments [...]

Allocating Fixed Costs and Budgeting

Most of the cost allocation methods focus on the accumulation of cost; at the same time, ABC is different in its nature and is used for the purpose of maximizing the accuracy of the product [...]

Peru Economy and Business Risk Assessment

To create suitable conditions and effective management strategies for the long-term success of the organization, the risk committee must focus its efforts on identifying and analyzing the scope of possible risks as well as the [...]

Elasticity Effect on American Economy

Consequently, the primary goal of this paper is to highlight key economic ideas displayed in the article, determine the impact of elasticity on them, and underline its effect on the economy of the United States [...]

Tanzanian Economic Drivers and Governmental Role

This growth has been influenced by the steady development of local private corporations and the consumption of local products and services. Some of the minerals are also used in local industries and construction which has [...]