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Geography of Melbourne Essay (Critical Writing)


Melbourne is one of the notable regions of Victoria in Australia. The city of Melbourne is located by the banks of river Yarra. With the larger Melbourne extending to the port of Phillip bay.

The city has extensive investments in infrastructure. This paper seeks to discuss the city of Melbourne. The paper will look into aspects of the city that relates to its sceneries, future tourism and events as well as its intended readership.

Intended Readership

Readership refers to the mass that reads about something. The readership of this article is inclusive of all those who have some interest in the city. This is because the individuals with vested interest in the city will be searching for information that pertains to: whether or not their interests will be satisfied and the level to which their needs will be met as compared to other cities and states.

The readers will also be comparing the satisfaction that could be derived from various goods and service provided in the city. One of the major readers is the class of investors. Being densely populated, Melbourne is a centre for business investment at all chains of production.

As a host to about seventy percent of the country’s population, the city has a ripe market for retail goods to the domestic households in it. Primary agricultural producers will for example be interested in the market trends of agricultural products in the city as an initiative to timely plan their productions so as to minimize losses in the perishable and maximize on prize control mechanisms of the city’s markets.

As a centre for major economic activities in the country, Melbourne, though industrially invested, is a major interest to its existing investors as well as its potential investors.

The existing investors would want to know the market trends in and around the region, where they can cheaply source their raw materials, the changing legal and commercial policies it the city and accessibility to the domestic and international market among others. Foreign tourists as well as the locals are also potential readers of the article for basic and professional information.

The World’s Most Livable City

A livable locality is just a place that is worth living in. Melbourne has a variety of reasons that makes it the world’s most livable city. The developments into extensive infrastructure are some of the major reasons that make Melbourne a livable city. These developments include: “Melbourne convention and exhibition centre, AAMI park rectangular stadium, the Melbourne Park” (Melbourne 1).

The exhibition’s establishment of a base for financial and investment facilities make it attractive to any kind of person: the job seeker and the investor. The AAMI Park is on the other hand a social place for sports activities that offers recreational services. With an extensive government investment in water infrastructure, a basic necessity, water is made available for both domestic and industrial use.

The extensive real estates transport and communication systems together with its enhanced security make it a safe and habitable place in the world. Its advanced services that puts it above other major cities in terms of “electricity, water, communications, transport, traffic congestion and airline accessibility” (Melbourne 1) makes a priority to live in.

The Future of Tourism and Events

The city of Melbourne is characteristically, a centre of attraction. The existing investments, opportunities, and accessibility have exposed the city to the international world.

Its recreational facilities like the exhibition and sports centre together with the infrastructure are attractions to tourism and major international events like sports and conferences. There is therefore a possibility of increased tourism and international events in Melbourne in the future (Melbourne 1).


The existing investments in Melbourne city have made it a centre of interest for a variety of people. It has for this same reason become a livable place and an attraction to tourism and events.

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