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Mathematics: The Language of Nature Essay

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Updated: Mar 6th, 2022

Reaction 1: The importance attached to mathematics as a science, and a collaborator for physics has fast gained credibility and recognition, especially in the context of its logical reasoning and scientific principles that supports its theories and practices. It is also seen as claiming to be the fountainhead of thoughts that have been generated through interpretations of surreal mathematics.

Reaction 2: The success gained by mathematics could be largely attributed to the fact that it is a language that has quantitative utility value; it does not relate itself with mundane business applications, but is more concerned with abstract relationships and also in terms of seeking relations within relationships, in order to critically examine the principles or theories themselves, rather than the empirical application of such tenets. (Peat & Mickens, 1990).

Reaction 3: The language of mathematics, especially in its pristine form, has been popularized because it is the only quantitative method that could possibly address theories of physics, more so, in contemporary times. The Cartesian grid, for instance, has been a striking illustration of mathematical suzerainty over physics. (Peat & Mickens, 1990).

Reaction 4: The debate whether mathematics could be treated as a language needs to be seen in the context of the fact that in certain cases, it deals with codified quantitative data which has very little to do with the abstract and conceptual thinking attributed to languages. The fact remains that mathematics may not be treated more than a technical language due to absence of conveyance of human emotions and feelings.

Reaction 5: Drawing comparison between mathematics and music, it could be said that while both follow logical order and precision, music is a sense experience that transcend normal senses, and “seeks a harmony between the four basic human functions; thought balanced by feeling and intuition by sensation.“ (Peat & Mickens, 1990).

Reaction 6: In reaching a nexus between mathematics and functioning of the human brain, it is seen that both have patterned hierarchical level of thinking and logical functioning. As a matter of fact, the brain needs to seek assimilate and correlate data in a structured and orderly manner in order to solve a mathematical problem. It is also seen that the science of mathematics also lends itself for structural integrity and coherence.

Reaction 7: The aspect of archetype cannot also be ruled out, in that scientific arguments and validations of many great mathematics have originated not from rigorous pursuit of study but from their intuitions, or gut feelings. It would also not be improbable to surmise that these hunches could form the premise of major mathematical breakthroughs in future, too. (Peat & Mickens, 1990).

Reaction 8: It may be concluded that theories that mathematics as a precursor to physics may be valid, sustainable, and may lent credence to the reality of our very existence on earth, but it is essential that a wider perspective be taken in order to ake stock of the goals and objectives of scientific studies. It also needs to be assessed and judged in order to be able to make critical appreciation of the various empirical and scholarly treatise of mathematics as a major quantitative and value based subject amenable to interpretations and future studies.


Peat, F. David., & Mickens, Ronald E (Ed.). (1990). Mathematics and the Language of Nature. Mathematics and Sciences. (Word Scientific, 1990). (provided by the customer).

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