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Geology Essay Examples and Topics

The Super Continental Cycle and Evolution

Since the development of the theory of plate tectonics, more and more studies have been done regarding the effects and relationship of plate tectonics to the sequential super continental cycles.
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Ways to Explain Plate Tectonics Theory

Plate tectonics is the study of how the planet plates are shaped and driven by geographical forces which are found in the earth, and it is a result of these forces that keep these plates [...]
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The Issue of Age of Earth

This is the trickiest part and the researchers have been toying with the idea of numerous sample rocks articulated that they are from the orbit.
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The Dinosaurs End Causes Theories

The story of the end of dinosaurs begins from the paleontology science of fossils. Among the living generation, there is no one that witnessed the end of dinosaurs and therefore it is significant to use [...]
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Palaeontology. Interpreting Behaviour in the Fossil Record

This brings us to the discussion of the most appropriate methods of analyzing extinct vertebrates and fossil taxa in general that can be introduced to investigate limitations on inferring behavior in fossil taxa and some [...]
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Importance of Science of Geology

The importance of geology is shown in the location of natural resources that comprise minerals, petroleum and natural gas. The importance of geology is witnessed in the detection and control of natural hazards.
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Geological Features: Factors and Forces

The position is situated on the margin of the Bay Area and the Central Valley This is "one of the largest view sheds" that is found in the Western parts of United States.
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Deserts, Glaciers, and Climate

When the wind blows in a relatively flat area with no vegetation, this wind moves loose and fine particles to erode a vast area of the landscape continuously in a process called deflation.
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Origin of Metamorphic Rocks

Having introduced the reader to the origin of the rocks, the paper gives a further discussion on how these kinds of rocks are formed and the necessary conditions if the process of metamorphism has to [...]
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Ocean Circulation in a Warming Climate

These effects will enhance the development of reduced release of radio-carbon depleted carbon dioxide gas and thus the idea of the self-restoration mechanism of the earth to this global warming.
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Geologic Events Log 2008-2009

The study links to Chapter 1 by providing more detailed insights into the origin and evolution of the solar system and the Earth.
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Petrified Wood and Quartz

The subsequent decay of the plant's lignin and cellulose leads to a formation of a petrified wood, a stone- mould like substance.
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How to Analyze Hurricanes?

Traditionally the US researchers gave names to different hurricanes in order to designate their individual structure and hazards as well as the anatomy of it.
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Public Awareness of Earthquake

This will mean that the basement that is involved in thickening and shortening is mechanically required to produce the shape of zagros belt.
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Examination Rocks and Minerals

Texture of Granite: The granite has coarse-grained and even structure with light colour. Moreover, it has been known that some type of quartz rock contains minerals and gemstones of high value.
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Ore Deposits in the Basin and Range Province

The Basin and Range is a wide area where plate-tectonic movements have widened separately the crust as much as 50 percent in the last 15 million years or so. The selected points contain the biggest [...]
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Volcanoes: Volcanic Chains and Earthquakes

The "Ring of Fire" is marked by the volcanic chains of Japan, Kamchatka, South Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, the Cascade Range of the United States and Canada, Central America, the Andes, New Zealand, Tonga, [...]
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  • Words: 1899

Mid-Atlantic Ridge: An Important Site for Geologists

Beginning with Plato and the legend of Atlantis to the relatively recent discovery of the black smokers and the fascinating creatures that live there, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge has been an object of interest and conjecture [...]
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Geomorphic Diversity in Rivers

Though geomorphology widely points out to the science of soil, other practical applications are accounted like measuring the effects of climate change, hazard assessments such as the prediction of landslides and mitigation, river control and [...]
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Physical and Chemical Properties of Copper

The first stage is mining and the copper sulfide minerals which are concentrated with low-grade ores, electrolytic refining, and smelting are done in order to have a pure cathode of copper.
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Linking Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift

Plate tectonics is a hypothetical movement of earth's crust plates: a theory that ascribes continental drift, volcanic and seismic activity, and the formation of mountain belts to moving plates of the Earth's crust supported on [...]
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A Precious Stone Is a Diamond

The melting of rocks in the mantle, or the upper surface of the earth, provides carbon that makes up the diamonds.
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Hudson River’s Ocean Floor Investigation

Mapping the ocean floor of the Hudson River would enable the analysis of sediments and the bottom surface hardness as well as would provide data on bottom features and the depth of the river.
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Plate Tectonics Theory and Its Development

When the asthenosphere reaches the lithosphere, it turns aside, "lifting and cracking the crust" to create the plate edges. The movement of plates is generated by gravity.
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Hypothetical New York Earthquake Case

Therefore, the following faults would be included in the report as potential causes of the earthquake: the 125th Street fault is the largest of all.
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Economic Geology of California

California is rich in gravel, and the gravel extraction industry is one of the actively developed industries in the state. For instance, in California, open-pit mining technologies are often used, and large amounts of soils [...]
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Geology: Port Phillip Bay and Sea Level Changes

Specifically, the fossils of specific creatures, such as the shells of tertiary foraminifera, as well as the meanders of the river channels, which were located in the area, are bound to bolster the hypothesis suggested [...]
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  • Words: 843

San Andreas Fault and Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area

While discussing the San Andreas Fault, it is important to note that it is a strike-slip fault, which can also be characterized as the horizontal right lateral fault which was formed because of the active [...]
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Plate Tectonics and Volcanic Activity

The result of subduction is the older oceanic plates' sinking to the mantle to form volcanoes as weak spots there because the magma breaks the ocean floor.
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Tectonic Plates

Their differences are explained in their mechanical, chemical subdivision and physical properties as illustrated in the table below; The resultant landscapes commonly associated with geological events includes activities such as oceanic trenches, earthquakes, mountain building [...]
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  • Words: 1701

The Paths of Water: Hydrological Cycle

The energy from the sun causes the water on the earth surface to "evaporate back to the atmosphere". Water changes from the gas state to liquid through condensation.
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Rock Forming Materials and Weathering

Minerals are characterized by their chemical composition, specific physical properties, an ordered atomic arrangement. There are several types of rock-forming minerals.
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Weathering: Definition, Types, and Impact

However, drawing a distinct line between the nature of causes is crucial for the further management of environmental issues, which is why most scholars prefer to restrict the concept of mechanical weathering to the effects [...]
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Weathering Processes Forming the Grand Canyon

Other energies also played a part in the formation of the Canyon, such as continental drift, volcanism, the route of River Colorado, and small deviation in the orbit of the Earth.
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Rocks and Minerals: Aplite, Coal, Quartz, Feldspar

While coal rocks are sedimentary rocks formed through biochemical reactions and are mostly related to shale, sandstone, and limestone, they differ from aplite in color since they are black, dark brown, or gray and also [...]
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Lithology Logs and the Spontaneous Potential Method

The differences between the electronic potentials on the surface of different formations caused by the presence of pores and permeable beds allow determining different layers based on spontaneous potential and resistivity of the fluids.
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Japan Oceanic Trench as a Subduction Zone

It is located on the floor of the Pacific Ocean, in the northeastern Japan waters. This result to increase in the density of the oceanic plate, forcing it to move into the mantle.
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The Exceptional Color and Value of a Green Diamond

Thus, he characterizes the origin of the natural green color and the causes of this color in diamonds, explores the safety of irradiated diamonds, describes some of the most famous green diamonds, discusses the challenge [...]
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  • Words: 553

Diamonds, Their History, Structure, and Use

Besides, diamonds are formed during the process of impact metamorphism in the course of the fall of large meteorites, for example in the Popigai astrobleme in the north of Siberia in Russia. Nowadays, diamonds are [...]
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  • Words: 866

Great Lakes Formation and Volcanic Activity

The formation of the Long Valley caldera by an enormous volcanic activity formed the basis of formation of the great lakes such as Mammoth Lakes and Mono lakes along the Long Valley region.
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  • Words: 554

Geology in Petroleum Engineering

This is the case because the foundation of the targeted oilfield structures must be designed in accordance with the aspects of the terrain.
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  • Words: 1103

Soil Erosion, Its Prediction, Measurement, Control

On the other hand, when there is erosion on the mountain range that gradually removes the crust materials from the surface, this surface becomes lighter as a result of the removal of weight and the [...]
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  • Words: 624

Mid-Atlantic Ridge in Geologic Tour

It is necessary to note that one of the most important economic activities associated with a divergent plate boundary is the extraction of natural resources. Landslides and damaged dams were another major consequence of the [...]
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  • Words: 560

Earth Mapping and Formation in History

During the period of antiquity, the first geologists generally concentrated on the origin of the Earth. Consequently, the Flood led to the discovery of fossils and using Christian argument to demonstrate that it was responsible [...]
  • Pages: 7
  • Words: 1973

Ice Cave and Glaciers in Cincinnati, Ohio

A recent visit that I paid to the Ohio Museum of Natural History and Science has shown that the properties of the local caverns can be simulated in the museum environment and that the model [...]
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  • Words: 1145

The Continental Drift’ Concept

Although a strange interlocking that shapes the coasts of Europe and Africa with those of the New World were found at the end of the sixteenth century, it took nearly 200 years for the empirical [...]
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  • Words: 561

Deep Sea Mining: Salt Extraction

This therefore shows how important the process of evaporation is in regard to extraction of salt from the sea. This therefore explains that sea water is a cheap source of salt in terms of time [...]
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  • Words: 552

Minerals and Their Geological Environments

According to Zussman, minerals are differentiated from each other by their specific characteristics that are as a result of the types of atoms used to form them and the arrangements of these atoms inside the [...]
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  • Words: 1100

Peridot – Natural Sciences

The first reason that explains why the topic is important relates to its ability to help individuals understand the significance of the mineral, while the second reason is its power to facilitate easy identification of [...]
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  • Words: 664

Eradication of Emerald Ash Borer

The input of designers and artists was required to come up with lures, which ultimately led to a 40% increase in the number of EABs drawn from the trees.
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  • Words: 590

Geological Processes of the South Asia

The Eurasian, the Australian, the Arabian, and the African Plates border with the Indian Plate. The crust of the Indian Plate was firmer and thicker that the crust of the Asian plate.
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  • Words: 838

Halite’s Distinctive Characteristics

Drilling of halite occurs in Texas, where wells are drilled to reach the underground deposit of mineral salt. A mixture of hot water and the mineral is called brine.
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  • Words: 572

Yosemite National Park Geology

Volcanic activity and tectonic movements led to the formation of the Sierra Nevada, and the Yosemite with it. Erosion and glaciers shaped numerous features of the landscape as it is known today.
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  • Words: 885

Limestone Mineral in Tuynhuys Building

The interior of the building was fabricated with limestone blocks from this island in the Atlantic Ocean. The limestone used in the interior finishing of the Tuynhuys building came from the Tristan da Cunha Island.
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  • Words: 557

Geology Issues: Earthquakes

The direction of the plates' movements and the sizes of the faults are different as well as the sizes of tectonic plates.
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  • Words: 823

A Trip to the Center of the Earth

The center of the earth is very hot as a result of the materials that are found in it. The center of the earth is estimated to be at a temperature of 40000C.
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  • Words: 608

Plate Tectonics

For instance, where there are volcanic eruptions during the convergence of the plates, magma solidifies on top of the oceanic crust to form a hard surface on the ocean.
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  • Words: 648

Ocean Literacy

From the onset of "human-ocean interaction and exploration in the fifteenth century" and despite ocean being the largest feature of the earth, only 5% of the ocean is known.
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  • Words: 554

History of Hurricane in Galveston

The storm is considered to lie on the 4th category of the tempest hurricane, and it had been recorded as the tropical storm in Mexico Gulf.
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  • Words: 1150

Coastal Erosion of Kivalina Island

Likewise, in Kivalina, the erosion of the coastal lands has led to fear and uncertainty among the people as the environment they depend on for their livelihood changes before their own eyes and the changes [...]
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  • Words: 623

Alfred Wegener’s theory of continental drift

Although Wegener provided a lot of evidence-based on the discussion of continental fits and results of investigations in paleontology and paleoclimatology, the scientist failed to explain the mechanisms which made the blocks move, thus, only [...]
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  • Words: 1107

2008 and 2013 Sichuan Earthquakes in China

This was the worst and the most devastating earthquake since "the Tangshan earthquake of 1976 in China". In addition, impacts differ based on the number of fatalities and damages to property.
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  • Words: 1415

A Proposed Geological Disposal Facility

The primary purpose of the underground research facilities revolves around the detailed investigation of the entire repository site, in this context; the central objective is to explore the general processes that are placed into consideration [...]
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  • Words: 3545

Mitigation for earthquake and eruption

Since the energy is mainly derived from the sustained stress and deformation of the underlying rocks, the precursor signals of earthquakes especially in seismic zones are majorly based on the careful study of the earth's [...]
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  • Words: 579

Earth’s Materials and Forces

These waves are also valuable for defining the distance between the place of earthquake and the seismograph. Intensity and magnitude are two parameters that are used to measure the strength of an earthquake.
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  • Words: 830

Oil and Gas Drilling Industry

The oil and gas drilling industry is a section of the larger oil and gas industry. The drilling industry heavily depends on the prices of oil and gas on the international market.
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  • Words: 4432

Geology and its Significance

The major sub-disciplines of geology include economic geology, which involves the study of mining and petroleum, geochemistry, which involves the study of the structures of different Earth materials, and sedimentology, which involves the study of [...]
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  • Words: 811

Geothermal Project in Eden

The project section describes the setting of the engineering project, and the social, economic, and environmental issues surrounding the same. The construction of a geothermal power plant and the subsequent extraction of geothermal power from [...]
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  • Words: 1729

The Asphalt History

Asphalt is the product that remains after distillation of crude oil although it could also be found as natural deposits in sea and lakebeds. Asphalt is the core product in the construction of roads and [...]
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  • Words: 2429

Natural Gas, Oil, Coal, and Uranium in Russia

The country holds the largest natural gas reserves and is among the top ten in terms of crude oil reserves. In addition, Russia is the fifth producer and the third largest exporter of coal in [...]
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  • Words: 1148

Sculpturing of the earth’s surface

The aim of the article is to popularize the concept of flooding as an external force that acted in shaping the earth as much as glaciation.
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  • Words: 1973

Problems in Geology of Eldorado Springs

It gives a description of the soil formation in the area. The Eldorado springs mapping of landslide deposit, and specific surficial deposits, field evaluation of engineering characteristics of each unit of map, auger drilling, sampling [...]
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  • Words: 386

Earth’s Structure and Formation

Hence, knowledge of the isotope that was present during the formation of the rock and the rate at which the unstable isotope changes can be used to establish the age of the rock depending on [...]
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  • Words: 894

Geology: Introduction and Overview of Methods

With regard to the above-presented report, the purpose of the paper is to recreate the gradual stages of geological and stratigraphic changes in the identified area with the help of the information obtained from the [...]
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  • Words: 1067

Grand Canyon Geology

Other forces that also contributed to the formation of the Grand Canyon are; volcanism, continental drift, some vibrations in the orbit of the earth and many others. This is what caused the layers of rocks [...]
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  • Words: 547

Geology of California

The type of rocks found in California are diverse because it is said that, the state experiences some of the most diverse geological forces; which have in turn created some of the most diverse mineral [...]
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  • Words: 1454

Latest Japanese Earthquake

The rate at which the pacific plate undergoes displacement is at eight to nine centimeter per annum, hence the plate subduction of the plate led to a discharge of large amounts of energy leading to [...]
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  • Words: 992

Critique of the geologic article

The urgency of the research presented in Simulation of adsorption of gold nanoparticles carried by gas ascending from the Earth's interior in alluvial cover of the middle lower reaches of the Yangtze River is connected [...]
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  • Words: 1181

The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

The earthquake was accompanied by a great tsunami given the high magnitude of the earthquake that reached 9. The third disaster was the meltdown of a number of nuclear plants following the tsunami.
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  • Words: 870