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Peridot – Natural Sciences Essay

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Updated: Apr 10th, 2020


Peridot is a mineral found in olivine substances and has a yellowish green color, which is dependent on its iron content. The first reason that explains why the topic is important relates to its ability to help individuals understand the significance of the mineral, while the second reason is its power to facilitate easy identification of the mineral. The essay examines Peridot using factors like general description, physical and chemical properties, diagnostics, formation, and its uses.

General Description

Peridot is a gem that has a green appearance, is part of the olivine substance, and represents the month of August. The chemical formula of the mineral is (Mg, Fe) 2 SiO4, whereas, Magnesium, Silicate, Nickel, And Iron are some of the elements that it contains. The origin of name ‘Peridot’ is vague and people associate it with various terms such as Faridat, Peridona, and Peridot.

It is imperative to highlight that Faridat originates from Arabia and means gem, whereas, Peridona refers to trade and is a Greek word. In addition, others believe that the mineral acquired its name from the French word Peridot that refers to things, which are not clear. Increased effectiveness of medicine when people use cups designed from Peridot is one of the myths associated with the mineral.

Specific Physical and Chemical Properties

Fundamentally, Peridot is one of the gemstones that have a common color and multiple myths. Peridot has a hardness that ranges from 6.5 to seven and a vitreous luster. Furthermore, the mineral has a challenging breakage feature resulting from its hardness. Consequently, the specific gravity of the mineral is between 3.2 and 4.3, whereas its streak is colorless.

The Crystal has a beautiful and sparkling shape and is green in color. The main ion that gives Peridot its green color is iron and its level in the mineral determines its green appearance. The refractive index of Peridot is usually 1,654 to 1,690 ±0.02. Performance of multiple tests is very important as it enables individuals to identify the real gemstones.

Diagnostic Feature

Peridot is a magnificent mineral that has a wonderful appearance and a range of features that are useful in its identification. Besides, hardness, luster, streak, color, and its refractive index, the lily pad is the major factor that confirms the authenticity of the mineral. To confirm the originality of the mineral, experts ascertain whether the stone has the lily pad as its presence provides enough proof concerning its originality.


Imperatively, Peridot is among the gemstones that are challenging to clean or polish. The hardness in polishing is because of the origin and formation of the mineral, which is a result of basal deposits of volcanic rocks.

For the mineral to form, the environmental conditions required include high temperatures and heat, which eventually breaks the stone into small particles. The formation of the gemstone usually takes place in the earth’s mantle where a lot of volcanic activity is present. Some of the countries that have the mineral include the United States, Kenya, Egypt, Tanzania, and Australia.


The high temperatures and heat associated with the gemstone are some of the factors that make it very useful in several modern societies. Some of the two major economic uses that the mineral facilitates include the manufacture of ornaments and the healing component. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are products that increase the economic importance of the mineral because it is the main raw material used in their manufacture. In addition, it is a good healing component for people suffering from ailments like asthma.


Peridot is a mineral that is very useful in modern societies. Formation of the mineral, which occurs in the earth’s mantle, makes it’s hard and fragile. Moreover, the color and appearance of the mineral make it important in the manufacture of various ornaments and cure of ailments like asthma. The three points that are evident in the essay include properties, formation, and uses of Peridot. Therefore, the essay is very important in the study of Peridot.

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