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Physics Essay Examples and Topics

Energy in Physics and Natural Sciences

The year 1829 marks the time when Gaspard Coriolis came up with the definition of 'kinetic energy' the development that was followed by the introduction of the term 'potential energy' by William Rankine in 1835. [...]

Radiation, Its Types and Detection Equipment

Laboratory #475: using the hand-held Sodium Iodide radiation detector, a search was performed, and the first radiation source was found in the first drawer of the cabinet, next to bio-hood by the right side of [...]

Water-Energy Nexus

That is water used to generate energy and energy used to provide water. Compromises exist between water and energy that are necessary to ensure adequate supply and security of these resources.

Concept of Speed in Physics

Therefore to describe speed it becomes necessary to factor in the amount of time the moving object takes to travel from one place to another as well as the actual distance between the two places.

Energy Resource Plan – Physics

From the preceding, it is vital to conserve both forms of energy to ensure environmental sustainability because the misuse of energy is the chief cause of pollution.

Piezoelectric Nano-biosensor Importance

In the thickness-shear mode of vibration, the overall frequency of oscillation of AT-cut quartz crystal is described by the equation: F defines the crystal frequency, N is a constant of the material used to make [...]

Possible Use of Alternative Energy Sources

Research Aim: To identify the factors which are responsible for the threats of dependency on conventional energy sources Research Objective: To demonstrate how the development of alternative energy sources could overcome the rising cost of [...]

Is Renewable Energy a Viable Option?

One of the most critical questions that majorities ask and the main hurdle to renewable energy is whether renewable energy can ever efficiently become a viable energy option relative to the traditional, ready available sources [...]

Energy Storage Technologies

Overview Flywheel technology is able to store "energy by accelerating the rotor/flywheel to a very high speed and maintaining the energy in the system as kinetic energy".

Bonded Wire Strain Gauges

Bonded wire strain gauge consists of a bendable features and a strain gauge that joins the bendable parts. Bonded wire strain gauge cannot be "detached and used again because of the bond".

Low Voltage Digital Design

In order to ensure that these batteries are effective in improving the performance of the mobile devices, the circuit designs in these batteries are being designed to ensure that they supply more power to the [...]

Nuclear Power — Mega trend

The developmental milestone of the discovery of nuclear fission in the early 30's paved way to the advent of nuclear power as a source of energy.

Nuclear fusion

Physicists use the equation E=MC2 to calculate the amount of energy that is generated as a result of the fusion of nucleus.

Air-conditioning and Heating Systems

To make the best choice, therefore, a careful examination of the necessary requirements, and not only of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of system and its suitability for the particular environment, is critical.

Blue Sky and White Clouds

In this case, light is always scattered as time goes by because of the ocean. This is because light moves slowly in dense air that is always the characteristic of the ocean.

Cannon vs Aristotle

They had a hypothesis, given their argument, that the heavier the object, the faster it would move towards the center of the universe. That is, there was a degree of regularity given a similarity in [...]

Large Hadron Collider

The standard model of studying particle physics is surrounded with several issues in the wake of the anticipated entry of the Large Hadron Collider.

Water Cycle Process

On the reaching the atmosphere water molecules bond together again and come back to the earth surface through the process of precipitation.

Experiment of the Fluid Mechanics

The Experiment was going to be carried out in the following manner: Checking the equipment; Charging the hydraulic bench with water; Placing the plastic caps at the end of the shaft; Increasing/decreasing pressure; Observing the [...]

Carbon Fibre Composites

The specifics of the experimentation will be dependent on the area or dimension of the sheet of carbon fibre, the rate at which it will be applied to the bonding surface and also, the different [...]

The Common Sense Science

The common sense scientists define their profession as one that has the ordinary, nonspecialized knowledge of judgment and that it has the ability to judge the work of scientists.

OHM’s Law and Circuits

Voltage drop across a resistor in a simple series circuit is usually equal to the voltage supplied into the circuit from the source.

Nuclear Power’ Two Opposing Sides

Thus, should possession of nuclear weapons be based on the desired end as to justify the means? It is acceptable to purport that nuclear power may be used if such is meant to promote peace [...]

The Concept of String Theory

The effort to understand the seemingly dimensionless nature of fundamental particles and the four dimensional nature of matter and space in one theory has led to development of string theory. The string theory is the [...]

Rainbows and Blue Skies

When observed from the side of the container holding the water, it is possible to observe the beam of white light by the blue light, which is scattered.

Wind and Solar Energy

Fthenakis, Mason and Zweibel also examined the economical, geographical and technical viability of solar power to supplement the energy requirements of the U.S.and concluded that it was possible to substitute the current fossil fuel energy [...]

Color and polarized light

The perception of color depends on the sensitivity of its wavelength to the relevant parts of the eye. In spite of the fact that there are varieties of eyes in the animal kingdom, it is [...]

The Interference of Colors

This occurrence is in contrast to destructive interference whereby the amplitude of the resultant wave is lesser than that of the original.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

One of the tools used in the separation of lights is the spectrometer and it separates the natural light into the diverse wavelength contained therein.

Dangers of Nuclear Power

The external supply of power to the nuclear plant was disrupted by the earthquake. In addition, organization of the nuclear plant was responsible for some problems that were experienced.

How maglev trains work

It is the force that is created to achieve both goals, to propel the car and levite it vertically at the same time. According to the author, the train is propelled forward after it is [...]

Different Sources of Energy

However, while the wind and hydropower are renewable sources of energy, fossil fuels are not renewable. Wind energy and hydropower are some of the alternative sources of energy that have been explored.

Ballistics Science

Finally the expandable bullets are the type of bullets which upon hitting the target they expand since they are fired under high velocity.

Can you study paranormal scientifically?

Indisputably, psychologists assert that it is impossible to study phenomena that are related to paranormals. Additionally, it is evident that paranormal phenomena are not constant and they vary in degrees from one individual to another.

The Path of Light

The fundamental difference between light waves and other types of waves is in the ability of light waves to travel in a vacuum.

The Formation of Rainbows

When the rays of sun land on the surface of the earth, they cause the temperatures of the earth to increase, leading to evaporation of water in the water bodies such as rivers and lakes.

The Role of Lenses in Optics

Harris proposes that the focal length relates to the concave and convex lenses because it is part of that system, when it is looked at in relation to the focal point, thus defined as the [...]

Color and Light

History in the physics lesson indicates that Isaac Newton was the inventor of light since 1672; he applied the logic of a prism to discover that the prism could split the sunlight to various colours [...]

Rainbow and Its Various Aspects

The main cause of the formation of rainbow is the refraction and dispersion of the sun light which occur in the event of rainfall or any other form of moisture that could be present in [...]

The Concept of Photons

Photons have a wide range of characteristics and the following are just some of them according to the photon theory of light.

Concept and History of the Lasers Usage

This is the case due to the fact that, these properties are the primary determinant of the ability of a laser light to interfere with itself in order to give out the desired interference patterns.

Why Nuclear Energy is Not Good?

Even those who say net production is cost effective for unit of nuclear energy produced may not be saying the truth because most of these estimate forget that nuclear energy is recipient of many government [...]

Energy and Momentum

Ke= mv2/2 From eq taking the negligible potential energy we have E t = Ke = mv2/2 Kinetic energy is therefore related to momentum in the above equation. As mentioned in the literature energy is [...]

Quantum Teleportation

This is required so that the change in the state of the particle at the location of the event to be identical to the observed change at the other end.

The Wonders of the Universe

In his book Hawking while reviewing the writings of the Newton as well as Einstein, he discusses the role of God in the creation of the universe.

The Evolution of Electricity

In one of her works Diana Bocce observes, "The kite experiment helped Franklin establish a relationship between lightening and electricity, which led to the invention of the lightning rod" This is considered one of the [...]