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Time-Space Convergence Consequences Essay

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Updated: Nov 23rd, 2020

Time and space belong to the most important notions that allow us to describe the way that humanity develops. The problems connected to the relationship between these two categories present certain interest for the researchers working in many fields of science such as physics, philosophy, and geography. As for the latter, it studies these categories in connection with humanity and certain changes in its activity on the planet.

Speaking about these categories and the way that they influence each other, it is important to mention the concept of time-space convergence. The latter studies interconnection between these categories and other things related to humanity. To be more precise, an increased focus is put on the growth of technology that is quite rapid in the modern world and the certain impact that it has on the relationship between time and space. This idea is related to the notion of speed that defines a certain distance that can be covered in a certain period. Speaking about time-space convergence, it is important to understand that this process is strongly connected to people and their activity. To begin with, the fact that in the modern world one needs less time to cover a certain distance than it was a hundred years ago is caused by a lot of effort made by people who wanted to extend the opportunities for the entire humanity and address challenges connected to transportation and communication. What is more, time-space convergence is not an abstract notion; instead, it may be presented as a clear physical measurement. To measure this factor, it is necessary to consider the information concerning the time that has to be spent to travel from one point in space to another one. Then, the information that is relevant to different historical periods should be compared.

Nowadays, we use various time-saving technologies all the time, and it seems to have become essential for us. It is possible to list a lot of devices and technologies that cause time-space convergence but their importance and impact that they produce on people should be estimated about a particular historical period. Although the term seems to refer to distance, the devices supporting time-space convergence are not necessarily connected to physical movement. For example, there is a great number of devices and inventions that people need for more effective communication. They include mobile phones, the Internet, social networks, telegraph, and so on. Speaking about the influence that they produce on people and space, it is possible to regard it as rather positive because these devices and technologies help to unite friends and relatives from different countries and provide more people with access to information helping them to develop themselves. Furthermore, they do not seem to hurt the environment (excluding the cases when devices’ parts are improperly utilized).

As for the inventions connected to traveling, for instance, motor vehicles, planes, steamboats, and trains, they can also be regarded as important. Nevertheless, they may pose a threat both to people and space. To begin with, even those means of transport constructed about the most recent technologies can be involved in accidents and it significantly increases human mortality rates. Besides, the emissions from transport are harmful to us and for nature but now we cannot do without such type of transport.

In the end, time-space convergence presents a phenomenon that has both positive and negative consequences. Anyway, it is inherent in the development of humanity.

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