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Research in Nursing: How It Should Be?

In contrast to the statistical significance, clinical importance provides the interpretation of results in the broader context of existing knowledge in that field.
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Power Analysis: Effective Sample Size

It is commonly used to determine the appropriate sample size that is necessary to detect the effect of given research at the desired level of significance.
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The Functions of Statistics

Statistics can be defined as the collection of information from a certain set of data. The analysis of data enables one to arrive at solutions to problems.
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Serbian Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Inclusion

The purpose of the study consists in the attitude of mainstream teachers towards the inclusion of children with disabilities. The study deals with the inclusion of students with diverse abilities in a normal classroom Correlational [...]
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GSS Dataset Analysis Using SPSS

It includes the statistical assumptions of the test, SPSS syntax and output including the mean, median, mode, range, minimum, maximum and standard deviation of the two variables, and a chart describing that data.
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Postharvest Biology and Technology

Whereas one-way variance analysis is used in measurement of the significance of the effects of a single factor, two way variance analyses facilitates measurement of the effects of two factors/variables simultaneously.
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Wal-Mart Employee Satisfaction Survey

This concurs with the general feeling 60% of the employees have that the pay they receive is not commensurate with the work they do as shown in the corn bar graph above.
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Biodiesel: Statistical Fallacy & Critical Thinking

In this article, the author quotes a world bank report that argued that Bio fuels in American and Europe has pushed food prices up by more than 75 % contradicting another White House report that [...]
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The Le Petit Firm: Plan of Action

For example, if the study as in this case is about customer needs and perception with regard to a bar and restaurant business, it is possible to ask people from the population about this.
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Statistics: Definition, Types, Risks

For instance, if there is statistical research and data pertaining to the foods which aggravate diabetes, it has the potential of influencing a great many lives.
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Simpson’s Paradox Definition

Another purpose of this work is to consider the possible implementation of the Simpson's Paradox to the events that took place at Nuclear Tests Sites in Nevada, and namely the events that happened to the [...]
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T-Method and Linear Regression Predictive Methods

DasNeogi and Cudney state that the purpose of their study is to compare the effectiveness of the T-method and the linear regression method when applied to measuring a country's food self-sufficiency.
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Bottling Company: Statistics Case Study

Employees then measured the amount of soda in each of the 30 bottles and tabulated the findings for further analysis. The mean for ounces in the 30 bottles sampled is less than the recommended 16 [...]
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Statistical Process Control in Educational Settings

The theory of constraints overcame the difficulty leading to the beginning of the improvement process. Statistical Process Control also determined the control limits through the utilization of all the models in the control set and [...]
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Travel Agent Analysis and Development Forecast

As the study hypothesized that the presence of mobile applications and gender determine the number of times services were booked in the high street in the past year, the study utilized analysis of variance.
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Sampling Types and Processes

Sampling refers to a statistical process where part of a given data from a target population is selected and used as a representative of the whole population. On the other hand, a sampling unit is [...]
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StatCrunch Statistical Tool in Hypothesis Testing

05? To prove or disapprove of our professor's claim, I carried out research on the average proportion of clothesperweek population and analyzed the results/findings using StatCrunch. The variable of interest is the average proportion of [...]
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Statistics: Correlation and Simple Linear Regression

In this paper, regression analysis is performed to predict the relationship between the time series and the time spent watching television each day measured in minutes. This is further supported by the predicted values obtained [...]
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Gun Control in the US: Empirical Analysis

The data collected include the total number of fire arms in the US, the number of people living in poverty, number of people consuming alcohol, population between 18-24 years, and unemployment rate. The number of [...]
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Life Expectancy and Its Factors: Econometric Model

For instance, this study attempts to model the life expectancy of people on different variables to answer the fundamental question of "how can researchers use econometric factors to predict the lifespan of a person"?
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Camp Out Event and Job Satisfaction Correlation

Did the campout event of the company improve the level of job satisfaction among employees? The means the level of job satisfaction among employees who did not attend campout event is 26.
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Study Period and Exam Scores Correlation

The study period is a predictor variable because it influences the outcome of the exam score. The descriptive table below shows that the average period of study of 80 students is 13.
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Statistical Profile of School District, Seattle WA

Estimating the education level of the population, it can be stated that the largest part of the population has a bachelor's degree with the higher rates of the female population in this category and the [...]
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Top 100 Female Tennis Players and Their Earnings

A pie chart display of the data shows that the individual country which had the highest number of female tennis players in the 2010 chart of best female tennis players was Russia, with a 14 [...]
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  • Words: 1447

Statistics: Confidence Intervals and Regression

In reference to the meaning of a confidence interval in the context of problems in statistics, it needs to be said that this tool is often referred to as the value that can help to [...]
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  • Words: 1183

Wine and Brandy Shipments in Australia

The following is a set of 100 raw data about brandy sales in Australia measured in thousand liters of alcohol. The frequency distribution and histogram of brandy sales for Australia are illustrated below.
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Graphing Problems Presenting Data

From the information on the graph, it can be deduced that the distance from the town is a factor considered in pricing. This is so because the graph shows that item 46 is the furthest [...]
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  • Words: 643

Probability, Sampling, and Regression in Business

When the salary is measured with the help of the mean, the highest salaries of top managers and CEO are also calculated in order to present the average, and the final number can be higher [...]
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  • Words: 697

Equity in Academic Labor Market

The purpose of this study is to examine the impacts of gender on a teacher's perceptions of the compensations he/she receives, the level of organizational support, and opportunities for career advancement.
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Arab Spring: Research Design and Timeline

In this view, since the study examines the perceptions of the citizens of the Arabian states, a cross-sectional design is the appropriate design for the research.
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Birth Rates in England and Wales from 1991 to 2015

The descriptive statistics output for the number of live births in England and Wales from 1991 until 2015 is as follows: The pivot table for the data: The frequency table for the data is provided [...]
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  • Words: 1483

Analyzing and Improving a Test Using Statistics

Only 10% of the respondents preferred variable 0 while 90% of the respondents preferred variable 2. The total number of respondents was 10, and therefore, most of the respondents preferred variable 2 to variable 0.
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Business Statistics and the Regression Model

The coefficient of multiple correlation of one means that the independent variables powerfully predict a dependent variable, while the coefficient of multiple correlation of zero means that independent variables do not predict the dependent variable.
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Job Satisfaction Statistical Research

We believe that these data sets will form the basis of a comprehensive data analysis, and the results will reflect the true situation on the ground.
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Linear Multiple Regression

The second model shows that the independent variables, parenting style and sibling aggression, and the dependent variable, aggression have a weak positive correlation coefficient.
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  • Words: 647

Inferential Statistics for Plant Fertilizing

Inferential statistics make conclusions and predictions, about the whole population, basing these on the information obtained from the sample. Similar sample information such as trends can be used to predict the outcome of an element [...]
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  • Words: 695

Sampling Methods for Employee Selection

In the first stage of data collection, the selection of the division manager and six managers was based on convenience sampling as the sample was chosen based on ease.
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  • Words: 1466

Factor Analysis of a Large Data Set

To use factor analysis to determine the nature of the underlying relationships, we have to use this set of random data as our data are set in SPSS.
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  • Words: 1680

Custom Random Number Generator

The number is generated in a predictable manner and is pseudo random in nature. The generated random number is 3.
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Correlation and Regression in Statistical Research

Regression, on the other hand, reverses this relationship and expresses it in the form of an equation, which allows predicting the value of one or several variables based on the known values of the remaining [...]
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  • Words: 1370

Econometrics: Corporate Growth in Empirical Model

The article under consideration is a work by Geroski et al."Are Differences in Firm Size Transitory or Permanent?" The research question is "What are the differences in grow rates of firm and what is their [...]
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  • Words: 2798

Hierarchical Linear Regression and Multilevel Modelling

Further, the addition of variables into the model is not done by the software like the case of stepwise regression. From the results of the t-test, it can be deduced that attendance of multicultural workshop [...]
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  • Words: 1276

Simple and Multiple Regression Techniques

In the paper, it is established that the simple regression is similar to the bivariate correlation except for the bivariate correlation does not separate between dependent and independent variable.
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  • Words: 1197

Microsoft Excel in Modern Business Statistics

Examples of in which research results would be communicated to other members of the company, and explanation of how the research would be communicated as well as technology that would be used to demonstrate the [...]
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  • Words: 655

Data Cleaning Strategies in a Multivariate Research

The study I chose to analyze in this paper is a multivariate statistical analysis of cigarette designs and their effects on reducing the presence of various negative components within the smoke that enters the person's [...]
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  • Words: 1438

Principal Components and Exploratory Factor Analysis

The focus of commonality is significant for the overall analysis for it provides the sum of all correlation values in the component matrix, and thus, it indicates the extent to which the component matrix captures [...]
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  • Words: 1456

Principal Component Analysis

Since students experience anxiety in the course of learning SPSS, the questionnaire aims to measure and ascertain the extent of SPSS anxiety. In essence, the study aims to use PCA in revealing principal variables that [...]
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  • Words: 1768

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences Exercise

In this exercise, multiple regression analysis is carried out to investigate the impact of different factors including Usefulness, Male-Dominated Field, Tutor Attitudes, Confidence, and Age that are considered as the independent variables affecting the Self-Efficacy [...]
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  • Words: 642

Fundamental Statistical Concepts and Applications

The researcher identified the correlational method as the best way to study these relationships and provided three hypotheses to be studied in this research: There is a statistically significant positive relationship between student-teacher rapport and [...]
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  • Words: 1433

ANOVA Measures: Advertising and Customers’ Behavior

The duration of advertising, persuasiveness, and gender are three variables that I would employ in repeated measures ANOVA. The duration of advertising is an independent variable that exists on a continuous scale of the number [...]
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  • Words: 903

Statistical Analysis System

SAS is similar to the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences in terms of capabilities and field of applications. However, the former seems more challenging and harder to learn due to the complexity of user [...]
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  • Words: 288

Hypothesis Testing for Single Population

The null hypothesis clarifies the deficiency involved in the relationship between the forecaster and result whereas the alternate hypothesis illustrates the occurrence of the relationship.
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  • Words: 882

Spencer’s Inventory Statistical Measurement

The next thing for generalizing the sample statistics is the calculation of confidence interval which is a range of value derived from the sample statistics and contains the possibility of having the unknown population parameter [...]
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  • Words: 1061

Confidence Interval

According to the developed hypothesis, it becomes clear that a confidence interval parameter of with a random variable of X, the confidence level of p, and the following sample: is called a bordered interval.
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  • Words: 601

Impact of Supplemental Instruction on Business Courses

The analysis of this scientific work will help to determine whether the overall performance of the paper is accurate or vague and whether the statistical methods used in the article can be considered to be [...]
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  • Words: 851

Unemployment and Suicide Rates Correlation in the US

The problem of correlation between the levels of unemployment and suicide rates has been previously investigated in the research literature. However, the association between unemployment and suicide rates was discovered in the data collected during [...]
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  • Words: 1829

Decision Tree Analysis Statistics

This is probably based on the excellence that the tree is capable of offering, as against other neural networks- since the decision tree is a representation of rules.
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  • Words: 1137

Descriptive Statistics Importance

In addition, descriptive statistics would enable the analyst to evaluate the spread of the marks. While inferential statistics utilize samples from data, descriptive statistics tend to use the whole data.
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  • Words: 567

“Mindless Statistics” by Gerd Gigerenzer

In order to support his argument, Gigerenzer discusses the 'null ritual' in detail, concentrates on Fisher's and Neyman-Pearson's ideas and associated misunderstandings, refers to the researchers' feeling of guilt, focuses on collective illusions, discusses the [...]
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  • Words: 673

Hypothesis Testing in Practical Statistics

However, it is necessary to explain to the management of the restaurant the significance of the test. In conclusion, hypothesis testing is an important method that helps to determine the effectiveness of different solutions.
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  • Words: 623

Time Series and Causal Models in Forecasting

The casual technique is a quantitative method that relies on the interpretation of the behavior of the casual relationship between two variables and the independent variable.
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  • Words: 618

The Repeated-Measures ANOVA in a General Context

It is suggested that in order to compare the repeated-measures ANOVA and the one-way ANOVA, it is essential to compare the power of paired samples t-tests and independent samples t-tests.
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  • Words: 575

Hypothesis Testing and Variance

05 and the t value is greater than t critical. The question: Is there a significant difference in the Intrinsic Satisfaction for male and females?
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  • Words: 887

Concrete Deterioration Statistical Analysis

Concrete deterioration is a major issue in the construction industry because it reduces the durability of structures, weakens the stability of buildings, causes the loss of lives, and contributes to the loss of property.
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  • Words: 3396

Statistics of Drinking and Income Levels Relationship

As such, the paper answers five questions that interpret the quality of the results and the deductions of the findings. First, the paper will explore that type of regression model the researchers of the work [...]
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  • Words: 822

One-Way Between-Group Analysis of Variance

One-way implies that the question only has one independent variable while the measure between groups implies that there are various subjects or cases in every group.
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  • Words: 562

Statistical Data Analysis in Education

In their article "Hold My Calls: An Activity for Introducing the Statistical Process," Abel and Poling described the specific statistical activity that can be used in the teaching-learning process at the secondary level to explain [...]
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  • Words: 870

Tuberculosis Statistics Among Cigarette Smokers

The proposal outlines the statistical applications of one-way ANOVA, the study participants, the variables, study methods, expected results and biases, and the practical significance of the expected results.
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  • Words: 846

Correlation Types and Their Uses

If only the first assumption is not met, namely, in the case when one of the variables is dichotomous, then the point-biserial correlation should be used. The interpretation of this coefficient is similar to that [...]
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  • Words: 657

Statistical Decision-Making in Behavioral Sciences

Thus, to ensure that social and behavioral studies are conducted in an effective and efficient manner, several statistical models are developed to ensure that the treatment of variables results in the generation of accurate results.
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  • Words: 2217

Antimalarial Drug Efficacy: Statistical Analysis

In this study, the dependent variable will be the drug efficacy levels, which will be based on the study participant's parasitemia. The purpose of the proposed study will be to determine the efficacy of the [...]
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 1213

Performance Appraisal-Feedback Program Statistics

The null hypothesis holds that the feedback program has no influence on the performance of employees. The descriptive statistics below show that there is an apparent difference in the SEM scores before and after the [...]
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  • Words: 1184

Drug Efficacy: Factorial Analysis of Variance

The dependent variable will be the efficacy levels which will be measured by determining the parasitemia of study participants. The independent variables will be drug dosages of 100mg, 150mg and 200mg.
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  • Words: 552

Central Tendency and Its Measures

The measures of central tendency differ in how much use they make of the data, especially of the extreme values, but they are all trying to explain something about where the center of distribution lies.
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  • Words: 830

Statistics and Research Designs in Psychology

The similarities between descriptive and inferential statistics are in the fact that these two types of statistics operate the definite data which are the results of the observations or experiments conducted within the definite sample.
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  • Words: 619