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Business Problem Matrix and Research Question Hypotheses

Abstract I must pay glowing tribute to the work of Burian et al (2010) as far as the abstract of this research is concerned. This is because I drew a lot of inspiration from the said authors in matters to with the methodology I used. Thus, in adopting the specific methodology of Burian et al, […]

“Private Physicians or walk-in clinics: do the patients suffer?” and “Factors affecting the performance of Individual Chain Store Units (an Empirical Analysis).” Methodology Critique

Introduction The main goal of this paper is to provide a thorough critique for the research methodologies of two articles. The first article is titled, “Private Physicians or walk-in clinics: do the patients suffer?” and the second article is titled, “Factors affecting the performance of Individual Chain Store Units (an Empirical Analysis).” Hise et al. […]

Research Methods for Business Students

Indicative approach Indicative approach of research methodology is whereby research data are used to formulate or generalize a theory based on the observed pattern. Indicative researchers use research questions to narrow the scope of their research without the use of hypotheses. Indicative research is particularly useful when a new phenomenon needs to be explored or […]

Statistics in Business

Importance of statistics in business Statistics is applied in a number of ways in the business sector, thus playing a significant role in business. The fact that statistics majorly entails making crucial decisions makes it quite handy in the planning function of any business (Evans, 2013). For example, when deciding on the marketing strategy of […]

Quantitative and Qualitative Models

In the context of educational research, both qualitative and quantitative research designs have different, experimental approaches (Smeyers, 2005). A qualitative research model provides for an unrestrictive structure that supports an extensive, exploratory research using philosophical theories (Creswell, 2011). In order to dig out applicable themes and patterns, this report includes a modified model of heuristic […]

Airline Industry in Cyprus

Review of the Research Problems According to the introduction and literature review chapters, the aspects that need to be analysed in this research are the perceptions that consumers have on the service quality of the airline industry with particular focus on the airline industry in Cyprus. The aspect of prioritising service quality factors based on […]

Organizational Research: Internal and External Consultants

Introduction Research has been widely used to generate knowledge and to solve problems. This paper will describe basic and applied research, internal and external research consultants and state the purpose of organizational research in using the PC software. It will define research, state how to conduct research, state the research process and show how research […]

Methods of Conducting Exploratory Marketing Research

Introduction Marketing research is a very important concept. It is an element that has been utilized by many organizations in an effort to succeed in their day to day operations. Marketing research can be defined as a systematic process of gathering data that is associated with issues concerning marketing products and services, recording it and […]

Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Method Design in Research of Equity

Quantitative design In order to examine such topic as equity in academic marker, a research can apply several strategies. The choice depends on the type of objective that the study has to achieve. For instance, if the key goal is to test a certain hypothesis, quantitative research methods will be more appropriate. They help to […]

SunSmart iPhone Application

Introduction SunSmart is a nonprofit organization that is located in Victoria. The organization began operating in 1988 through a joint funding of the Cancer Council Victoria and Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (Vic Health). Alongside the core aim of minimizing the human cost of skin cancer in Victoria, SunSmart also aims to promote and improve the […]

Action Research Paradigm Protocol

Implementation of the plan, collection of data, and dialogue According to Action Research Paradigm Protocol (ARPP), a person, who is responsible for the implementation of any plan, must objectively assess the progress and the results. One must make sure that a problem or issue is examined from different points of view and that a researcher […]

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Principles Comparison

Qualitative and Quantitative Qualitative research is an inquisition method used in different disciplines with an aim of gaining an in-depth understanding of research tool. On the other hand, quantitative research is an investigative method used to establish mathematical models, hypothesis and /or theories that links a phenomenon. While qualitative research aims at obtaining a deeper […]

Deakin University’s Market Research

Introduction Market research entangles one of the essential activities that organisations conduct to garner information pertaining to their brand loyalties. In this research, marketing research is considered as “a systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data about issues relating to marketing products and services” (Kotler & Armstrong 2007, p.56). The principal […]

Statistical process control

Statistical process control is the use of statistics to supervise and manage a certain process in order to be sure that it operates to its maximum capability thereby producing results that conform to the required standards. In addition, control limits are horizontal lines that are drawn to scale, a distance of ±3 standard deviation of […]

Critical Review of the Use of Interviews as a Research Method

Interviewing as a Method of Data Collection Interview as a data collection method is used by researchers for several purposes. Factually, an interview is a primary data collection method from individuals or groups on beliefs, practices, and opinions among others. Besides, this technique can be used to gather present or past information. Depending on quality […]

Critical Review of the Use of Sampling as a Research Method

An overview of sampling methods In the study of a particular phenomena present in the population it may not be possible to examine each member of the population. This is because populations under research are often too large. In this context, researchers use samples to draw conclusions on phenomena under study for large populations. Sampling […]

Critical review of use of observation as a research method

Introduction Direct observation involves looking and recording of target behavior. Many researches rely on the use of direct observation despite the fact that issues have been raised with regard to the accuracy of the observers. It has been observed that the data that is provided is not always commensurate with the widespread use of observation […]

Why Self Administered Questionnaire should be used in Students’ Poll Survey

The choice of data collection technique is of fundamental importance in any research process since it primarily determines if the data collected will assist to answer the key research questions in a convincing manner. A good choice is that which facilitates the systematic and objective collection of data or information about the phenomena under study […]

Health Information Technology Adoption

Kijsanayotin, B., Pannarunothai, S., & Speedie, S. (2008). Factors influencing health information technology adoption in Thailand’s community health centers: Applying the UTAUT model. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 78(2009), 404–416. In this article, authors reported findings of a research conducted in Thailand. The study sought to explain factors that influence adoption and use of health […]

Proposal. Qualitative Research

Purpose For this project qualitative analysis will be conducted using the focus group discussions. The primary aim of the task is to point out the sentiments of Nando’s consumers to the new delivery framework developed by Nandos. The focus shall be on quantifying the attitudes of consumers to Nando’s as an institution, and the services […]

Service Failure and Customer Satisfaction

When customers exhibit signs of dissatisfaction regarding the services of a particular organization, it is crucial for the organization to take corrective measures. Always, customers expect to get value for their money. The failure to address service failure may drive away customers and adversely affect an organization’s reputation as dissatisfied customers tell potential customers about […]

Methodology of data collection

Introduction This section focuses on various aspects of data collection. It includes methods of data collection, analysis and presentation. Every research project applies a certain research method to achieve its objectives depending on its goals. In this research, the researchers were interested in gathering information about issues related to bullying. The researchers interviewed sampled respondents […]

Decline in Customer Numbers in the ‘Films 4 You’ Company

Introduction and theoretical framework Market research is a form of strategy employed by organizations to gather information about the organization’s customers or the market. It is an important aspect for any organization that is seeking to investigate some of the issues that face the organization. Market research aids in getting vital information in order to […]

Exploratory, Descriptive, and Causal Research Designs – Compare & Contrast

Research design is a tool that is used in carrying out marketing researches. The design is supposed to give in detail the procedures that are supposed to be followed to solve problems that marketing researches present. The major approaches used in researches include exploratory, causal, and exploratory research designs. Information requirements, measures, and scales have […]

Assumptions when Using a Chi-Square Test

Introduction Any statistical test that uses Pearson’s chi square distribution, frequently shortened to chi-squared distribution, is known as a chi-squared test. This statistical test is used to compute variations in the frequency distribution of certain events observed in a population with those of a specific distribution. The events under consideration must be mutually exclusive, that […]

Analysis of Variance

Introduction Various statistical models can be utilized to analyze variance. These models can be also employed to conduct statistical tests. Moreover, they are also essential in determining whether the methods of various groups are similar. In this regard, analysis of variance generalizes t-test into multiple groupings. Some of the main reasons why analysis of variance, […]

Prenatal and Post Natal Motherhood

The Report The report was based on the study of the impact of depression screening on prenatal and post natal motherhood and effects of early interventions. A rigorous selection criterion was applied in collecting relevant data for analysis to answer key question (KQ) on the impact of early interventions. The study was assessed against predetermined […]

Sampling and Sampling Distributions

Sampling is one of the main concepts that are used in modern statistics. This process can be described as the selection of elements from a certain set in which elements have some common qualities. This activity is based on the assumption that it is possible to understand the properties of a certain population by examining […]

Sampling Techniques in Education

Random sampling is a sampling technique where all elements in a population have an equal probability of being selected to form the sample. It means, therefore, that elements are chosen arbitrarily without following any formulae (Babbie, 2010). This technique is unbiased and it gives true representative statistics, especially when the sample size is large. In […]

Correlational Research

The primary goal of correlation research is to describe and evaluate the relationships and associations between the variables. In particular, the study seeks to prove the connection between the variables and analyze the main characteristics and nature of this connection (Gravetter & Forzano, 2011). In addition, it should be noted that correlational approach to the […]

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Introduction When carrying out an analysis, it is vital that a person opts for a methodology depending on the subject of study. In essence, there are two ways of carrying out an analysis: qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis (Babbie, 2010). These two analytic methods vary by their application of measurements and statistics in deductive reasoning (Dey, […]