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Statistics Essay Examples and Topics

Concrete Deterioration Statistical Analysis

Concrete deterioration is a major issue in the construction industry because it reduces the durability of structures, weakens the stability of buildings, causes the loss of lives, and contributes to the loss of property.

Statistical Data Analysis in Education

In their article "Hold My Calls: An Activity for Introducing the Statistical Process," Abel and Poling described the specific statistical activity that can be used in the teaching-learning process at the secondary level to explain [...]

Correlation Types and Their Uses

If only the first assumption is not met, namely, in the case when one of the variables is dichotomous, then the point-biserial correlation should be used. The interpretation of this coefficient is similar to that [...]

Statistical Decision-Making in Behavioral Sciences

Thus, to ensure that social and behavioral studies are conducted in an effective and efficient manner, several statistical models are developed to ensure that the treatment of variables results in the generation of accurate results.

Central Tendency and Its Measures

The measures of central tendency differ in how much use they make of the data, especially of the extreme values, but they are all trying to explain something about where the center of distribution lies.

Statistics and Research Designs in Psychology

The similarities between descriptive and inferential statistics are in the fact that these two types of statistics operate the definite data which are the results of the observations or experiments conducted within the definite sample.

Statistics in the Everyday Life

Moreover, when persons have to present the solution to this or that question or decide how to act in the definite situation they also use the statistical data on the issue as one of the [...]

Gender-Scores Relation: T-Test Analysis

Pratt and Cullen noted that the computation of the t-test statistic provides a measure of the equality of the hypothesized mean and the statistical mean, which is expressed as the standard deviation of the difference [...]

Descriptive Statistics and Statistics Anxiety

For example, for the typical cases, the mode, the median, and the mean measures are recommended; for exploring the nature of the distribution of the variable, the test of Skewness or Kurtosis is applied; and [...]

Statistics: Independent Variables and Noise

Marking out the variables in research enhances the understanding of the test that is being carried out. As a result, the researcher is expected to reduce the resulting variability at the end of the study.

Statistics: Regression Models and Diagrams

Seeing that the ability to change throughout the study can be viewed as the basic feature of a variable, it is reasonable to assume that the subject matter may help identify the correlation between the [...]

Statistical Methods in Business Research

Most of the items in the questionnaire used a 5-point Lickert-type scale, and data were analyzed using a descriptive statistical method involving the tabulation of frequency distributions and the development of simple bar charts to [...]

Research Methods for Business Students

The deductive approach of statistics is different from the inductive approach in that it aims at testing hypotheses instead of formulating theories, like is the case with the indicative strategy.

Statistics in Business

For example, when deciding on the marketing strategy of the business, statistics helps in getting the actual data that can be used to advertise the products of a business.

Airline Industry in Cyprus

According to the literature review, service quality is measured by the tangibility of the consumer's surroundings which is represented by objects or subjects, the reliability of the service provider, the involvement and interaction of the [...]

SunSmart iPhone Application

The sampling method that is being proposed to ensure that the data collection method for the questionnaire is a link to the survey via the home screen of the SunSmart iPhone application is random sampling.

Deakin University’s Market Research

Thus, the chief purpose of this research is to provide information on the effectiveness of the new campaigns in shifting the attitude of both potential and existing students of the Deakin University to the Deakin [...]

Statistical process control

Once the data has been collected, the information is transferred to a control chart where it is used in plotting the data points. Cambridge, MA: CRC Press.

Health Information Technology Adoption

Results showed that adoption and use of information technology in the Health sector was influenced by utility of information technology, level of difficulty, influence by others, and liberty to choose. In addition, the aim of [...]

Qualitative Research

This will help determine whether the new idea that the company will be introducing will work in the market and whether its impact on the total income of the company is a risk worth taking.

Service Failure and Customer Satisfaction

To determine the relationship between service recovery strategies and customer satisfaction To determine the results for appropriate service recovery procedures Several factors contribute to service failure in the air transport industry.

Analysis of Variance

Analysis of variance, which is also known as ANOVA refers to the techniques employed to analyze effects of categorical factors. Analysis of variance, which is also known as ANOVA refers to the techniques employed to [...]

Prenatal and Post Natal Motherhood

The statistical procedures mentioned in the study included data collection techniques, sampling methods, the null and alternative hypotheses, probability distributions, the level and type of test done, and the rejection criteria on the significance of [...]

Correlational Research

In particular, the study seeks to prove the connection between the variables and analyze the main characteristics and nature of this connection.