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Scientific Method Essay Examples and Topics

Four Roles of Field Observation

The role of the observer as a participant allows for interaction with the group. Participant as an observer is more of a member of the group than researcher so that other participants may act more [...]
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Medical Education: True Experimental Research

Two groups were used in the study and each group had the characteristics of the true experimental design. Typically, the attributes of the two-group pretest-treatment-posttest design qualify to be defined as a strong true experimental [...]
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Lipid Metabolism: Quasi-Experimental Research

The research design factored both natural situations and pre-existing groups of participants in the category of people with the attributes of the quasi-experimental research design.
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Cholesterol and Human Health: Non-Experimental Research

The article provides a detailed discourse of the significance of cholesterol and its effects on the human heart. The researcher wanted to demonstrate the effects of the dependent and independent variables on the outcome of [...]
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Cause-And-Effect Analysis Tool

Noteworthily, this tool may also be utilized to assess the organizational readiness for change individual factors that prevent participants and stakeholders from engaging in the process of changing successfully and willingly.
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Using Case Studies in Research

The credibility of the findings is not guaranteed. Using a Multiple Case Studies Design to Investigate the Information-Seeking Behavior of Arts Administrators.
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Theory of Knowledge: AOKS and WOKS

On the other hand, the availability of multiple vocabularies in a language may also hinder effective communication and what the speakers can know especially those who consider such language second.
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What is Life Expectancy?

The mortality rate during the years of life span determines the life expectancy. Life span differs from life expectancy in the fact that it represents the maximum years of life that an individual survives, while [...]
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Theory Definition, Building, and Conflict with Practice

The theory forms the interface of systematic investigation, including analysis of data and interpretation, and the cognitive ability of researchers. The problem with most theories is that many researchers find it a problem to make [...]
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Peer Review and Total Information Network

It helps in revising journals thus modifying the works of scholar-practitioners to a better academic product. Some of these academic libraries often limit the access of information by strangers; therefore, only students and staffs are [...]
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Research Methods, Design, and Analysis

From the article Standing on the promises: The experiences of black women, the purpose of the study is clear in that, it sets out to examine the problems of southern black women administrators coming from [...]
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Market Analysis: Scientific Method

In the analysis, the group of companies is said to have met their market needs, both the longstanding and the newly identified through a certain set of thinking.
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“The Whiteness of Nerds” by Bucholtz

In summary, the main idea of the article "The Whiteness of Nerds: Super standard English and Racial Markedness" is that by avoiding the use of particular linguistic forms speakers can set themselves apart from social [...]
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The Definition of Research Methods in the Field of IS

The main research question of the session was in identifying the research methods in IS which are suitable to the changes occurring in the workplace today and which remain central to the core identity of [...]
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Construct Validity and Reliability Test Methods

The scores are categorized separately, and the score of one half is compared to that of the other. Lastly, a comparison of the results is studied to determine the reliability of the study.
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Natural Changes and Theory of Form

One of the characteristics of Aristotle's philosophy is that he based it on real-life things as opposed to abstract ideas. This was a result of his efforts in trying to unravel the mystery of the [...]
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Collaboration in the Research

On the other hand, the research was provided in the same online database and the same field of knowledge and if one came across the information useful for another scholar, he/she shared it.
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  • Words: 547

School Counseling Study: Data Analysis

Thus, in the case of a school counseling program, it is imperative to highlight that data analysis is one of the most sensitive stages of a research study, and the slightest misinterpretation or misjudgment can [...]
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Survey Research Modes

The individual who is responsible for surveying the product has to understand the nature of the potential users of the product and the possibility to reach the users of the product in order to get [...]
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Dynamic Nature of Discovery: Crystal Skulls

Although, Walsh's research revolves around ethics but also the fact that the application of scientific techniques in the process is a realization of how robust it is.
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Problems of Data Analysis in Qualitative Research

The second stage, employing in-depth interviews, will generate the insights needed to add to the body of knowledge about the personal characteristics and self-reported antecedents of bullies.
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Pressure in Work, University and Life

Several studies have shown that men tend to be antisocial when under the pressure of stress while women tend to be the opposite. A varying degree of pressure may cause one to either flee from [...]
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  • Words: 1658

Questionnaire for Character Education Program Evaluation

The true-false questions and the scalar questions may be used as the questionnaire instruments with the purpose to evaluate the students' attainments with the goals of the program or the level of implementation of the [...]
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  • Words: 641

Research Strategy and Web-Based Resources

Guidance is very important and can offer a chance to proper conduct with regard to the web and internet. To solve the problem of using internet for research, it would be proper to attain information [...]
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  • Words: 950

Research Question Types: Advantages and Disadvantages

Considering the descriptive nature of the proposed study, i.e.measuring the response of customers to the properties of the iPad, this paper provides an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of question, in [...]
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  • Words: 628

Fire Protection Technology Article Critique

The authors of the research under analysis argue that the necessity of scaling rules to scale the fire threats and model the fire resistance of objects in realistic fire conditions is rather vital.
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  • Words: 628

Social Research Conduction

A theory is a statement on the possible reasons behind the phenomenon, the laws of nature governing the behavior. Operationalization on the other hand is the process that sets down exact definitions of variables by [...]
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  • Words: 1511

Null Hypothesis on the Basis of Service

In the case of Swanson and Hsu, a null hypothesis can be stated: The only reason for customer switching service providers is due to the pricing, initial failure, and failure to address the initial failure.
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  • Words: 875

Observational Learning Analysis

The beauty of observational learning is that of interest generated by the observer and the subsequent internalization of the concept learned to serve the individual's intended motive.
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  • Words: 599

The Research Process Development

After this, information may be collected from primary, secondary, and tertiary sources; in the course of this process and depending on the results, the researcher gets additional keywords that help to broaden and limit the [...]
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  • Words: 2198

Basic Components of Sociological Research

This way, culture is carried on to generations which they use to identify themselves with hence conserving their way of life.argues that, sociological research is the research done in the field of sociology and has [...]
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  • Words: 746

The Concept of Literary Criticism

Feminist literary criticism is focused on the analysis of texts from the feminist perspective. Feminist literary criticism is based on the feminist theory and broad politics of feminism.
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Issues of Integrity in Qualitative Research

Recall that the research problem in the planned dissertation concerns the personality traits of both bullying perpetrators and provocative bullies in the work setting.
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Measurement and Scaling Concepts

Scaling is a process that entails the assigning of values to variables whereas a response scale is an instrument used to give values to responses collected from respondents.
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  • Words: 575

External, Internal, and Construct Validity

Thus, we reiterate the point made earlier in this submission: qualitative and quantitative methods complement and enhance the validity of a mixed-methods approach to investigating what makes for successful PLC's.
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  • Words: 622

The Pilot Project Research

As the variations of static pressure may be measured by the holes in the sides of the tube, it is offered that the holes will be located far from the tips of the tube, in [...]
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  • Words: 495

Quantitative and Qualitative Methods Integration

The other paper focuses on counting the poor in the world and the paper proposes solutions on how to research on the topic and the negative aspects related to the solutions have also been highlighted.
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  • Words: 2117

The Theory of Classical Conditioning

However, when the sound of the bell was connected with the food i.e.when a dog would hear the sound of a ringing bell, he would get food and it automatically became conditioned stimuli.
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  • Words: 915

Intelligence Quotient Testing

Intelligence Quotients are considered by a vast majority of the modern day society to be apt summaries of a person's mental capabilities and the prospects that a person can hope for in the future based [...]
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  • Words: 533

The Dynamical Method of Hypothesis

In that sense, the method of hypothesis is a perfect example of the inductive scientific approach, as well as the philosophical one. The rationality of this method is similar to the rationality of the hypothesis [...]
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  • Words: 754

Science Definition & Meaning

Revatz claims that science is about the explanation of facts and the environment, and since researchers are human beings, the scientific project is a human one.
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  • Words: 936

Job Training and I/O Psychology

They testify in court and prove the validity and reliability of a given selection procedure in improving the output of the involved cases.
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  • Words: 864

Popper Falsification Science

He refers to Copernicus and Aristarchus's claim that it was not the Earth that was the center of the universe, but the sun.
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  • Words: 631

How to Become an Accomplished Critical Thinker

Critical thinking is a way of thinking that must be taught and practiced before it becomes a habit of mind because critical thinking involves the exercise of a great many skills at the same time.
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  • Words: 2806

Work Life Balance Research Proposal

But, at the same time, the eternal desire to work and the necessity to do it in order to satisfy one's personal needs and the needs of people that a certain person is responsible for, [...]
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  • Words: 3126

Why One Should Study Biotechnology?

Biotechnology has also been classified as a high-growth industry and it appears that this kind of growth is overwhelming educators in terms of preparing students with up-to-date knowledge; and skills necessary to work in biotechnology-related [...]
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  • Words: 661

Scientific Inquiry Principles and Procedures

Such terms as observations, facts, concepts, constructs, variables, hypotheses, laws, theories, and models, constitute the process of scientific study and are closely interrelated; Davis believes that knowing these terms will help managers to understand the [...]
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  • Words: 569

Critical Thinking Applied to Theory, Concepts and Variables

To effect reintegration and maximize restorative justice, Braithwaite's theory suggested, the shaming approaches needed to: Emphasize a "moralizing approach" rather than punitive social control in order to be relevant to the postmodern American social context; [...]
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  • Words: 1628

Familiarity Can Increase Stereotyping

Thus if a person is exposed to the categorical information in a familiar event then the judged usability would lead to the use of that stereotypical information and ultimately lead to an increase in stereotyping.
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  • Words: 534

Mixed Methods Research and Its Applications

But no matter how rich the content analysis might prove to be and whether there is a "qualitative" consensus in terms of perceived success or not, the bottom line is that restorative justice should markedly [...]
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  • Words: 521

Sekaran’s Steps to Successful Business Research

There are some essential points included in the research process, starting with the picking of a research subject and the working out of an experimental thesis, which is the dispute that is necessary to be [...]
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  • Words: 2659

Rat Behavior and Sucrose Lab Experiment

The results of the research may be helpful for the practitioners and researchers interested in applying the findings of behavioral science in medicine, psychology, and biology.
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  • Words: 1832

Understanding Evaluation Analysis

The anthropological model of evaluation emphasizes the individual understanding, the significance of observation, and the quality of the evaluation context in the process of evaluation.
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  • Words: 1062

A Formulation Case in Biopsychosocial Assessments

Case formulation is a hypothesis about what predispositional, precipitating, and perpetuating factors and mechanisms influence and impact a person's psychological, interpersonal, and behavioral problems/struggles. Case formulation in this sense is a tool that helps to [...]
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  • Words: 1127

“Improving Requirements Elicitation” by Pitt & Browne

Advocating the importance of IRD procedure on the overall success of IS projects, the authors challenge conventional "interrogatory prompts" techniques which are more commonly used to tackle these problems. The authors outright mention the importance [...]
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  • Words: 2309

Stephanie Coontz’s Books on Family History

Part of the reason is because of the changing roles of the institution of marriage and the reversal of roles when men in the olden eras went out to work while the woman looked after [...]
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  • Words: 736

Advanced Information System Evaluation

In this very paper, our assignment will be to assess a research article, namely the article by Allen and March, in respect of the importance of the problem considered and of the adequacy of the [...]
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  • Words: 2528

Steps of Data Collection in Clinical Research

This should serve to identify the research endpoint, next is to identify data requirements that are when, how, and what data to collect. The third is to ensure data precision that is data that is [...]
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  • Words: 574

The Characteristics of a Good Research Hypothesis

It is always a characteristic of a good research hypothesis to be clear, with limited variables, and should be researchable by looking at the researcher's limits before deciding the hypothesis. Thus, a well-framed hypothesis points [...]
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  • Words: 461

Galileo vs. Newton

The Catholic Church disagreed with his advocacy that, the sun was at the center of solar system, because it was no empirically proven and contradicted the meaning of scripture.
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  • Words: 493

The Term “Discovery”, Its Usage and Understanding

This means, a well-substantiated and discovery, followed by the spread of the corresponding information, eliminates the necessity for each person to test the validity of the discovery and to obtain experience in this area: for [...]
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  • Words: 1785

Cyclic Voltammetry Method

Cyclic voltammetry is described by smooth increase of a working electrode potential from one potential limit to the other and back.
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  • Words: 1045