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Scientific Method Essay Examples and Topics

Research Instrument Validation and Related Threats

Also, it is imperative to say that another important aspect that should not be disregarded is that the reaction to the study may be affected if students become aware of the purpose, and may make [...]

Instrument Validation and Inspection Methods

Furthermore, it refers to the concept of the probability of the result and the estimations of the liability for these outcomes to be implemented in real-life settings.

Male vs. Female Education Leadership Studies

For a study of the determination of differences between male and female leadership within the educational environment one should consider such things as: Confidence men are thought to be more confident while women apologetic; Bluffing [...]

Data Collection and Analysis

Although I can hardly keep abreast of the work that needs to be completed for both district and state, however, I am encouraged by the fact that most of the data collected will constitute part [...]

Ethical Issues of Biofuels

The ethical concerns surround the usage of food materials in the production of fossil fuels in the face of the starving populations in various parts of the world and the destruction of the environment through [...]

George Orwell: The Kolb Model

It is evident that the survival of the elephant depends on the decision that Orwell will make. The first stage of the Kolb Model is reflected where Orwell tries to describe his feelings after being [...]

Validity, Reliability, and Research Designs

Conclusion validity is the degree to which results of a particular study that are obtained in the course of an investigation are reasonable and could be used to continue the research.

Theory Development and Stretch in Marketing Studies

Having researched the issues of the Journal of Marketing, it is possible to conclude about the contributions made by articles presented in the volumes to knowledge according to such criteria as the development of theory, [...]

Unprofitable Cross-Buying: Research Methods

The strength of the research is in the fact that the researchers used statistical techniques to measure and analyze the number of customers performing definite cross-buying behaviors basing on their profitability or unprofitability.

Indoor Smoking Restriction Effects at the Workplace

Regrettably, they have neglected research on the effect of the legislation on the employees and employers. In this research, the target population will be the employees and employers of various companies.

Investigational Techniques in Sociology and Anthropology

The federal government of the U.S.uses census survey to determine the appointment of associates to the House of Representative. Therefore, such answers allow surveyors to develop a view of social and economic characteristics of citizens [...]

Science vs. Pseudoscience: Finding the Difference

Anytime when one tries to differentiate between 'science' from 'pseudoscience', there is a reference to the Merriam Webster Dictionary."Pseudo" translates to mean fake and the easiest way to identify something fake is to investigate more [...]

Tracking Website User’s Attention Using Eye-Tracking Device

In the course of the study, two websites will be selected for the research. Questionnaires for the participants to respond and, thus, provide their background information for the research will be designed distributed among the [...]

Online Class and Its Outcome Measurement

The focus of the paper will be on the aspect of public evaluation while considering what was involved while evaluating the impact on the class. Therefore, these are some of the outcome measures that can [...]

Action Research for Professional Development

The idea is to enable the practitioners to follow certain actions and reflection procedures to enable them to improve upon the unsatisfactory situation. The prevalent methods or approaches to action research include the use of [...]

Talent Management Study: Theories and Methods

The main benefit of utilizing both theories in the examination of the research topic is that they enable a better examination of the responses of the interviewees as well as the data from the literature [...]

Responsible Research Conduct and Controversies

Therefore, the case when the reviewed is a close friend of one of the reviewers or the editors and the latter are interested in how well the reviewed does in his academic career, certain ambiguity [...]

Social Study: Mamelodi Residents Living in Poverty

The objective of the proposed research is to determine the proportion of the residents of Mamelodi living in poverty. It is important to specify the universe of analysis in order to determine the required theoretical [...]

Coffee Effects on Sleeping Patterns: Experiment

Consumption of coffee before going to bed will cause individuals to have difficulty falling asleep The amount of coffee the subjects drink before going to bed The time after going to bed that subjects fall [...]

Literature Review and Empirical Study Critique

The researchers observed that the interpersonal processes of the targeted teams resulted in improved performance. Such interpersonal processes will eventually determine the performance and success of the targeted team.

The Process of Developing a Research Prospectus

The Research Prospectus indicated a shortage of previously conducted research regarding higher education, thus emphasizing the relevance of the research in this area. The research threw a spotlight on the shortcomings and limitations that might [...]

The Research Design and Methodology Section

From the given elements of the thesis proposal, research design/methodology and the theoretical framework/approach proved to be major challenges in completing the proposal.

University Bus Transit Survey Research

The method complies with the topic of the work since it regards the university bus transit and requires the assessment of students' responses to the innovation.

Top-Ten Online Universities: Study Design

The main aim of this research is to identify and pick the top ten on-line Universities with the aim of understanding where Colorado Technical University is ranked.

Political Research Methods: Positivism and Realism

Though each of the methods listed above pursues the same goal of defining a link between the variables in a research, there is a tangible difference between the methods that these approaches offer to a [...]

Sources and Types of Data

So long as classroom and other forms of assessment are able to fulfill these particular methods of measurement then the data can be considered a valid means of measuring student achievement.

GPS Technology and Survey Process

This exercise is concerned with: acquiring information regarding procedures of GPS baseline survey Learning a skill "drive" a GPS receiver and the software exercise skills of communication such as writing reports Education of the self [...]

Research Methods for Islamic Cultural Studies

It follows that both ontological and epistemological positions of the inquirer have to be critically examined to ensure that adherence to the absolute orthodoxy of the positivist paradigm does not skew the results of the [...]

Case Study and Its Types in Research

To explore the concept of the case study research method, seven aspects will be addressed: history, rationale, types, areas of research, situations in which the case study method can be used, challenges associated with the [...]

Mixed Method in Motivation and Video Gaming Study

In the study, the authors used both the qualitative method to assess data gathered through interviews and the quantitative method to detect "unique variance among individual difference factors".

Baloney Detection Kit Applied to Dark Matter Definition

The definition proceeds as 'The gravitational constant that reflects an implied resonance featuring an internal symmetry, creating an imposed reflection into the mass structure of the nucleonic forces.' At a glance, this statement seems to [...]

Measurements and Scaling Concepts

The scales are used to define the differences in students' performance."Before the measurement process can be initiated, the business research must identify the concept relevant to the problem.

Experimenter Effects and Control Measures

Apart from the preconceived ideologies of the researcher, effects not properly controlled, and experimenter influence on the participants, there are numerous experimenter effects including the use of inappropriate methodology, biases of the researcher, selective sample [...]

Data Collection Methods for Measurement Study

Measuring adherence to a medication regimen can be determined using focus groups, whereby the participants are subjected to discussions regarding their use of the medication regimen.

Customer Research, Experiments, and Surveys

Currently, Dell is interviewing individuals to assess the usability of its new products in the market. Dell could use business research to ascertain the proficiency of its advertising.

Research Paradigms and Methodologies

While the first one is grounded in the belief that social reality is not influenced by research, the second one is quite the opposite.

Path Analysis Technique

The use of the multiple regression model and the structural equation model as approaches to path analysis have some similarities and differences.

E-Mail Interviewing in Research: Benefits and Limits

E-mail interviews allow researchers and participants to review questions and responses and allow interviewees to reveal in-depth details about questions. Researchers can conduct multiple interviews simultaneously, create a rapport, and help to overcome the interviewer [...]

Questionnaires Creation: Validity and Reliability

The first step in the assessment of the validity and reliability entailed the creation of a questionnaire with items derived from demographic questions, the Active Listening Attitude Scale, and the AELS.

Quasi-Experimental Designs: Merits and Weaknesses

So the first question is - what are the merits of each of the specific designs? The single group posttest only designs are used when the effectiveness of a certain intervention needs to be measured [...]

The Process of Designing a Questionnaire

It is possible to suggest that the best way of designing of a questionnaire is to keep it in compliance with the particular objectives of the research.

Sport Psychology Study and Its Scientific Merit

The paper aims to evaluate the contribution of the study to advance the scientific knowledge base of the identified field of research as well as the improvement of research theory and the field of study [...]

Service Strategy and Innovation Alignment: Study Critique

The article analyzed in this paper is Exploring the alignment between service strategy and service innovation by Lightfoot and Gebauer. The article relied on qualitative data to determine service innovation determinants for different strategies.

Narrative Inquiry as a Research Design

The main distinctive feature of a narrative interview is that it encourages the informant to share some crucial happenings of their life and the social context within which these events occurred.

The Concept of Research Impact

It can be argued that research impact is any influence that the findings of a study have on the community. The second component can be measured by reviewing the work from a perspective of the [...]

Academic Productivity and Research Impact

The nature of research impact depends on the subject of study. Technological impact refers to the role of research in the development of novel products and services.

Simple Random Technique’s Application

Opting for an SR sample is appropriate in the given case since it will enable the researcher to mimic the US population in terms of the proportion of different ethnicities.

Social Capital and Its Quantitative Measurement

It allows the measurement of repeated observations over a period to determine changes in behavior. Thus, a cross-sectional design would help identify organizational policies or initiatives that promote the formation of new connections in workplace [...]

Ethics and Human Subjects Study Methodology

The researcher properly identifies the steps that were taken to design the article, beginning with the introduction of the key terms and approaches, providing empirical evidence, and ending with concluding remarks regarding the implementation of [...]

Stage Four in Action Research Paradigm Protocol

Moreover, the representation of the collected information reflects the transparency of the research process and the researcher in representing the information collected from the field.

Research Methodology and Concepts

However, research questions and research variables are two of the most important concepts as they largely define the nature of the study and its orientation.

Qualitative Research of Technical Performance

Although qualitative research proves to be useful when collecting opinions, this field needs the application of quantitative methods to measure the effectiveness of technology maintenance on each of the studied spots.

Feminism and Gender Studies in Science

The first of them is concerned with the empirical observation of the fact that the particulars of one's gender affiliation have a notable effect on how he or she tends to perceive the surrounding reality, [...]

Research Methods and Surveying Techniques

Meanwhile, reliability focuses on the consistency and integrity of the measurements. Obviously, with interviews, the rate of response is high, but they are also costly and time-consuming due to staff involvement.

Relational Networks Study in Community Psychology

The research findings show that the hypothesis is correct, and the context of community psychology may be better comprehend and improved with the help of network and relational perspectives.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Differences

However, it is not always possible to survey all the people in a group of interest, which is why proper sampling techniques are needed to ensure that the results of a quantitative study are generalizable [...]

Self-Completion and Postal Questionnaires for Interview

In comparison to the structured interview where the presence of an interviewer is obvious, the self-completion questionnaire is characterized by certain pros and cons. As a rule, the self-completion questionnaire already contains an answer, and [...]

Reliability and Validity in Research

The validity of a test is an entirely different concept that concerns not only the results of the study but the overall design and performance.

Focus Group Method in Research Process

The implementation of the focus group research method is better than the individual qualitative interview if an organizer of a study wants to have an understanding of how one's product or service is perceived by [...]

Research Challenges with Young Participants

This paper focuses on the deployment of kids as respondents in a study, the disorderliness of studies that involve children, and the consideration of moral practices when involving children in research as some of the [...]

External and Internal Validity in Research

Contrary to internal validity, which ensures the logic and reliability of the experiment's design, external validity aims to establish whether or not the study results can be used to make generalized conclusions.

The Basis of Modern Scientific Knowledge

A lot of the scientific theories and discoveries made in the early modern period, particularly those related to the understanding of our place in the universe, were also revolutionary and in some way defied, or [...]

The Concept of Science: Definition and Components

While it is possible to address the problem by applying a scientific approach, this is rarely done, mostly due to the unpopularity of the concept of science in the popular perception.

Pedestrian Traffic Observation Case

To determine the number of shoppers in a mall located in a shopping center in the metropolitan city. To what extent do shoppers engage in shopping at a mall located in the central shopping center?

Research Sampling: Analysis and Design

The cost estimation will be helpful to consider in establishing the size of the sample. To conclude, the research process is entirely dependent on sampling, analysis and design.

The Aspects of Loss Realization: Theory and Evidence

There are several strengths and weaknesses evident in the approaches used by the authors in the article, The Disposition to Sell Winners Too Early and Ride Losers Too Long: Theory and Evidence to explain the [...]

The Basics and Methods of Social Research

In the light of current events taking place in the United States and impacting people in other parts of the world, I think that it is a good idea to investigate the question of social [...]

“Is Scientific Progress Inevitable?” by Irvine

The author and his daughter visited the medicine wheel that is located atop the rolling Moose Mountains outside of Regina. With the purpose of these structures lost to time, the author underlines that progress can [...]

“To Work Better, Rethink Stress” by S. Lyons-Padilla

In their study oriented to examining the role of mindsets in employees' perceptions of and reactions to stress, Crum et al.applied the quantitative methodology associated with conducting an experiment based on a series of three [...]

Criticism and Discussion in Science Evolution

The great significance of the given phenomenon is also proved by the fact that people have always been trying to determine the frames that limit the further evolution of scientific thought and to obtain pure [...]

Adult People’s Mean Height Statistics

The choice of a research method depends on the aim of the research and research questions put. Thus, one of the principles of an ethical research is concerned with the provision of the necessary information [...]

Surveys for Creating TV Campaign Ads

Other strengths of the questionnaire are its scalability in scientific analysis, the anonymity of the respondents, and flexibility in timing, irrespective of the aspect of a research topic or its complexity.

Stratified and Cluster Sampling in Research

According to Vaus in the article "Surveys in Social Research", the author talks about the number of things that need to be noted about the connection of correctness and the amount of the sample.

Group Assignment: Challenges and Approaches

In order to draw a narrow and convincing content, I had to do a lot of secondary research on the organization culture to the general perception in the practical work environment.

Relationship Between Fact and Theory

Considering the philosophical direction of this paper and the need to discuss the importance of facts regarding theories and vice versa, it could be difficult to find out which domination is possible and reasonable.

Foundations of Conducting Research

When conducting research, the fundamental distinction to remember between the inductive and deductive methods is that while the deductive method focuses on evaluating theories, the inductive method concentrates on creating new theories using available data.

Perception of Love in Young Adults by Kokab & Ajmal

The abstract used in the original research paper provides a general overview of the study, and identifies the purpose of the paper, outlining the methods and steps taken to highlight the key points of the [...]

Role of Quantitative Analysis in Project

The study questions represent the data analysis, obviously, the structure and nature of the information reveals that investigations can be performed.

Multitasking with Equal Attention: Social Research

When it comes to the structure of the paper, it will include the literature review of studies previously conducted on the concept of multitasking, the description of the research design and the results of each [...]

Qualitative Data Collection Methods

Observation is quite similar to the method mentioned above as the researcher is not involved in the process. Nonetheless, this strategy can help the researcher to address the research goals and elicit participants' ideas on [...]

Validity and Qualitative Research

It remains apparent that the validity and reliability of the results are dependent on the skills and competences of the researcher.

‘Formulating a Research Problem’ by Ranjit Kumar

The seven steps described in this chapter of the 'Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners' are: "identifying the problem of the research; acknowledging the importance of formulating a research problem; mentioning the sources of [...]

Standard & Poor’s 500 in Multiple Regression Model

Each model is discussed in the following under separate headings to understand variables included and their impact on changes in the value of the S&P 500 over a period of 31 years. The multiple-regression model [...]

Paradigm and Research in Education and Technology

Paradigm is important to the study of research because it helps examine and extract knowledge from the world. A research study describes the method and process used to test the research hypothesis and question.

Pragmatism and Transformative Paradigm in Research

The purpose of this paper is to review pragmatism and the transformative paradigm concerning mixed methods research, analyze how these worldviews are applied in real-life contexts, compare assumptions that are typical of these paradigms, and [...]

Single and Group Design of Psychological Research

Altogether, both single and group designs are used in science to obtain the feasible and credible data needed to trace the evolution of a certain phenomenon and make a conclusion related to its main peculiarities.

Correlational and Longitudinal Study in Psychology

The goal of these studies was to demonstrate how attitudinally congruent social networks in comparison to attitudinally heterogeneous social networks could be related to the factor of attitude strength in different individuals.

Analysis, Evaluation and Synthesis Approaches

All sources chosen for the literature review support the constructivist theoretical framework specified by the author in the introduction due to the fact that the findings consistently align with the notion of students' active participation [...]
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