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Scientific Method Essay Examples and Topics

Data Saturation and Variability

From a theoretical perspective, data saturation is a critical technique in determining the sample sizes required in qualitative research. From this perspective, variability code frequency and stability is critical to data saturation and the qualitative [...]

Variables and Measurements in Research

For instance, in a study on the use of a limb sock to reduce edematous residual limbs, the limb sock is an independent variable while the dependent variable is the residual limb.

Management Theories and Their Permanence

While considering the permanence of a theory, it is crucial to apply efficient tools for measuring its validity. Thus, one cannot claim that a theory is inconsistent due to the distant timeframes of its foundation.

Epistemological Stance in Management Research

As a result, it appears that while the epistemological stance is significant for any researcher, for the strong constructionism, it is of particular importance, since, for this stance, the researcher is deeply engaged in the [...]

Correlation and Causation Distinction

In such a study data analysis and statistics should include both the patterns that prove causality and the ones that work against it. Only in this case, the study is fair and unbiased.

Correlation and Causation Differences

This will require quantitative data to determine the correlation between the two variables. A positive or negative association between the variables will suggest a causal relationship.

Systems Theory: History and Concepts

According to Hammond, when viewed from the context of history and evolution of social thought, it appears that the science related to unified systems theory is a product of 20th-century thinking.

The Logic of Using Quantitative Data

As far as the types of quantitative data required to show the results of an intervention are concerned, it can be suggested that the information including the grades that the students receive for their performance, [...]

Scientific Contribution to Militarization

Since the discovery of the modern day science, it has been used to advance the societal welfare in a similar way in which it has been applied in activities that contribute to the destruction of [...]

Quantitative Researches Methods

The main peculiarity of the work of this method is the special algorithm that is created for each case. The data obtained with the help of this experiment is taken into account and creates the [...]

Citations in the Scholarly Papers

As stated by both Hyland and Giltrow, citations are used to define the field of investigation and the area in which there is a need for additional research.

Core Readings in Systems Thinking

The topics include the challenges in studying complex systems, qualitative mapping, quantitative models, addressing system failures, and the importance of defining the success of IT projects.

Secondary Data Analysis: Principles and Methods

Statistics is the process of data collection, data analysis and interpretation of the data and making meaningful conclusions and generalizations. Planning involves identifying the target population, methods to use, sources of data, and requirements and [...]

Delambre-Mechain Geodetic Survey

The academy was concerned of the inconsistency of the measurements that were in use at that time, and believed that developing a new system based on invariable natural base would be the solution to the [...]

Quantitative Data’ Analyzing in Social Research

Babbie explores the methods for converting data to numerical forms and presenting them in the form of statistical analyses in terms of quantitative analysis and special features of univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analysis. The first [...]

Survival Analysis Methodology and Application

Finally, the findings of the studies that are discussed in the paper show the usefulness of survival analysis. Over the years, scholars have utilized the discipline in the field of medicine in order to study [...]

Christian Worldview on Knowledge & Truth

The scientific method can be used as a way of seeking knowledge and truth especially by the Christians in trying to explain the existence of God who created the heavens and the earth.

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research Designs

The author of the study aims at exploring the transfer of British retail firms' human resource practices from the United Kingdom to the Republic of China. The study also seeks to establish the limits of [...]

Qualitative Research Methods

Defining a research problem may involve first developing a succinct conceptualization of the problem and later defining its aspects and categories in regard to the nature of the content to be analyzed.

Limitations of Research

In this regard, the research will have to use their responses even when a number of them are simply demonstrating their response biases. In this regard, some of the participants did not want to participate [...]

Research Methodology Concept

Pilot Study The purpose of the pilot test will be to test the credibility of the survey. The first step in qualitative analysis of data will be data reduction.

Merits and Demerits of Qualitative Research

The qualitative research contradiction dwells on the dispute between the supporters and the opposing forces of the study design implementation. Though the reviewed type of the analysis is based on subjective assumptions, it has to [...]

Comparison and Discussion on Best Practice Suggestions

Qualitative research is defined as a type of research that explains phenomena according to numerical data which are analyzed by means of statistical methods and techniques, while qualitative research is defined as an emergent, inductive, [...]

Research critique: Methodology

This model captured the complexity of different variables in the study and therefore made the results to be highly valid. From the large number of measures evaluated during the study, the results were highly comprehensive [...]

The Importance of Theory to a Theorist

A theory is very important to a theorist for the following reasons: First, a theory organizes and summarizes knowledge. In conclusion, it is reasonable to assert that theory is indispensable to a theorist for the [...]

Steps in Data Collection

The first step is to know and identify the need for data collection. Approaches and methods to be used depend on organization's resources, the type of issues, and the purpose of data collection.

Three Abbreviated Research Plans

One of the strengths of this approach is that a researcher is able to compensate for the limitations of one approach by utilizing the strengths of the other approach.

Methods of Social Research

A research abstract gives a summary of the study, including the purpose, the methods used by the researchers, the sampling approach, and the study findings.

Positivism and Interpretivism

The advancement of the interpretive method is established upon the criticism of the positivist approach in communal sciences. I and the other supporters of the interpretive research assume that it is crucial for the satisfactory [...]

Multi-Method Research Design

Multi-method research can be considered as one of the most effective designs for the development and study of the most problematic questions.

The Debate about Qualitative and Quantitative

In fact, in the use of questionnaires, various concepts can be put into operation while maintaining the objective of the research because the there will be a clear distance between the observer and the respondent [...]

Researchable Problem Statements

This is because justifying the research problem permits a researcher to continue with the study. Thus, for students choosing the problem to investigate helps guide the progressions necessary in the research.

Recording Spoken Data

Cohen says that unlike the written form, recording spoken data provides a rich source for the analysis process, because besides the message it carries, the researcher is able to analyze the respondents and determine the [...]

Question about Research method

The analysis of the disparity between the two methodologies will analyze various perspectives of qualitative and quantitative research. This owes to the variation in the basic objectives of the two designs.

Social Science Research

The research can publish the results of the scientific method. The researcher can publish the results of the scientific method on the data analysis and interpretation experiment.

How Historians Study History by Use of Religion

This means that cultural artifacts of people such as the heroes of the religion or the prophets who interpreted the religion create the boundaries in what the people subscribing to particular religion believe in.

The Role of Research Process in Society

In this light, the main focus of this method is finding fault with a proposed theory; people already have a notion about what the research to be carried out entails, and they just wait for [...]

Basics of Paradigm

Paradigm is a system of beliefs and theories that have accumulated in the course of human history and have become the basis of modern knowledge.

Limits and Merits of Small sample surveys

A sample survey is therefore the survey conducted on the selected items of the total population. Through the sample survey, Superb Consultants will be able to interview part of the employee population to gather information [...]

The methodological apparatus of natural sciences

Apparently, the quality of today's social research is being hindered by social scientists' inability to understand a simple fact that, just as is it is being the case with plants and animals, the representatives of [...]

Paradigms in Social Science

A business only approach to the study of the viability of the oil pipeline will provide no insight to the extent of the social and economic cost of the proposed project.

The Steps of Scientific Method

She was instrumental in the attainment of results obtained from a research study that focused on treatment of neoplasms. Her research work and achievements in the study of radioactivity have contributed significantly to advancement of [...]

Observation and Perception

On the other hand, the general public relies on observation and perception to develop a view that influences the position of science and scientist in the society.

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

A researcher needs to seek the consent of all people he wants to include in a research study before it is conducted. Therefore, a researcher is able to reveal processes used to come with findings [...]

Validity and Reliability of peer review

Reliable data from a research study should be relevant to the problems that the researcher should solve to help in the decision-making process. For a research to be valid, the results should be verified by [...]

The Cosmic Dance of Siva

Conclusively, the aspect on sex as an element, which contributed to the extinction of dinosaurs lacks enough support to qualify as a fact. Therefore, due to the lack of tangible evidence and a testable hypothesis [...]

Research Design and Methodology

The dependent variables that were being considered for the study and whose measurements were used for determination of the success of the study and to test the hypothesis included the heart rate, which is the [...]

Where Does Knowledge Come From?

Therefore, the basic argument of the empiricists is that the knowledge of the nature of the world is accumulated with time through daily experiences that an individual goes through.

Whig History of Science

In such case, the hypothesis, created according to Popper's theory of falsification, cannot be disproved, and this is what is necessary for science.

The Search for Knowledge

Through the studies of natural sciences, man has realized the reasons why there have been changes in climate and thus has resorted to use products that are friendly to the environment.

Science and Non-Science

One of the most important features of a scientific claim, thus, a genuine science as well, is empirical falsifiability which provides that scientific claim can be either false or true.