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Instrument Validation and Inspection Methods Research Paper


Reliability and Validity of Instrumentation

The process of instrumentation lies in the center of any analysis for both qualitative, and quantitative assessments require an application of certain tools, which assist in reaching particular aims or gaining results. The process is actualized through the use of two primary indicators, which verify the quality of instrumentation. These are validation and reliability. The concept of validity refers to the actual real-life interpretation of the research outcomes.

In other words, it encompasses the practical uses of testing or some particular experimentation. Validity warrants the actuality of results and serves as a consistent link between the investigation and its follow-ups. The notion of reliability embraces the consistency and stability of specific tools, which are applied through the course of the study. Furthermore, it refers to the concept of the probability of the result and the estimations of the liability for these outcomes to be implemented in real-life settings (Kimberlin & Winterstein, 2008).

The importance of validity and reliability, which qualify instrumentation, refers to several aspects of research sustention. First, successful validation of an instrument contributes to providing a guarantee for error eradication. In other words, validity certifies that the outcomes of the investigation are likely to be fruitful and correct. Second, the reliability differentiates the valid sources that provide data for the investigation, which guarantees the quality of the procedure and specifies that the follow-ups should correspond to the correct research designation (Shuttelworth, 2008).

The actual examples of instrument validation may find their reflection in both qualitative and quantitative research studies. The instance of the performance can be demonstrated by describing the process of wavelength accuracy assessment. In this case, the task of the scientist is to verify the concept, according to the calculation of deuterium lines emission as well as sustaining the optical filter calibration. In this case, the experimenter tests wavelength accuracy by determining the values of the peak wave rating and energy spectrum assessment (Instrument validation and inspection methods, 2011).

Describing the Alignment among the Research Components

The alignment of the empirical study components serves as a critical prerequisite for data connection and the validity of the outcome. The theoretical unity of the concepts may be conducted only on the basis of thesis validation. In other words, the author has to differentiate a thesis, which would embrace the entire research question as well as will respond to the theory of the work and its practical application (Hester, 2014).

First of all, it is crucial to differentiate the parts of any standard research work so that to deduce the way of their combining. Thus, one may conclude that every investigation is realized through the introduction of research questions, appropriate samples, the context of the study, literature review domains, the types of data collection tools, and the theoretical background (Trowler, 2015). Matching the constituent elements of empirical studies to real-life experiences is a primary justification of the research realization. In other words, if the components do not combine into a single unity, there is no purpose to implement the findings in the practical experiments, for they do not correspond to the objective reality.

The Conception of Reliability

The concept of reliability relates to the criterion of results consistency. Thus, through the measurement of this component, one may judge the validity of the study results over time. In fact, the category is assessed along with two primary principles. First, it relates to the expression of the results across different timelines. Therefore, it assists in understanding whether the particular results, which comply with the scientific reality today, would be successful in the future. Second, it concerns the consistency of samples that are put in the center of the investigation (Validity and reliability, 2008).


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