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80 Biodiversity Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Biodiversity Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Threat to Biodiversity is Just as Important as Climate Change
    This paper shall articulate the truth of this statement by demonstrating that threats to biodiversity pose significant threat to the sustainability of human life on earth and are therefore the protection of biodiversity is as […]
  2. Essentials of Biodiversity
    At the same time, the knowledge and a more informed understanding of the whole concept of biodiversity gives us the power to intervene in the event that we are faced by the loss of biodiversity, […]
  3. The Impact of Burmese Pythons on Florida’s Native Biodiversity
    Scientists from the South Florida Natural Resource Center, the Smithsonian institute and the University of Florida have undertaken studies to assess the predation behavior of the Burmese pythons on birds in the area.
  4. Biodiversity Hotspots: The Philippines
    The International Conservation has classified the Philippines as one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world. Additionally, the country is said to be one of the areas that are endangered in the world.
  5. When Human Diet Costs too Much: Biodiversity as the Ultimate Answer to the Global Problems
    Because of the unreasonable use of the natural resources, environmental pollution and inadequate protection, people have led a number of species to extinction; moreover, due to the increasing rates of consumerist approach towards the food […]
  6. Loss of Biodiversity and Extinctions
    It is estimated that the number of species that have become extinct is greater than the number of species that are currently found on earth.
  7. Ecosystems: Biodiversity and Habitat Loss
    The review of the topic shows that the relationship between urban developmental patterns and the dynamics of ecosystem are concepts that are still not clearly understood in the scholarly world as well as in general.
  8. Introduced Species and Biodiversity
    Rhymer and Simberloff explain that the seriousness of the phenomenon may not be very evident from direct observation of the morphological traits of the species.
  9. Measurement of Biodiversity
    It is the “sum total of all biotic variation from the level of genes to ecosystems” according to Andy Purvus and Andy Hector in their article entitled “Getting the Measure of Diversity” which appeared in […]
  10. Biodiversity and Business Risk
    In conclusion, biodiversity risk affects businesses since the loss of biodiversity leads to: coastal flooding, desertification and food insecurity, all of which have impacts on business organizations.
  11. How Biodiversity is Threatened by Human Activity
    Most of the marine biodiversity is found in the tropics, especially coral reefs that support the growth of organisms. Overexploitation in the oceans is caused by overfishing and fishing practices that cause destruction of biodiversity.
  12. How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity
    The disturbance of the ecosystem has some effects on the dynamics of vectors and infectious diseases. Change of climate is a contributing factor in the emergence of new species and infectious diseases.
  13. Aspects, Importance and Issues of Biodiversity
    Genetic diversity is a term used to refer to the dissimilitude of organisms of the same species. Species diversity is used to refer to dissimilitude of organisms in a given region.
  14. Natural Sciences: Biodiversity and Human Civilisation
    The author in conjunction with a team of other researchers used a modelling study to illustrate the fact approximately 2 percent of global energy is currently being deployed in the generation of wind and solar […]
  15. Biodiversity Benefits for Ecology
    This variation of species in the ecosystem is a very important concept and factor that indeed is the basis for sustaining life on our planet. Moreover, the most important supporter of life, which is soil […]
  16. Marine Biodiversity Conservation and Impure Public Goods
    The fact that the issue concerning the global marine biodiversity and the effects that impure public goods may possibly have on these rates can lead to the development of a range of externalities that should […]
  17. Biodiversity Hotspots: Evaluation and Analysis
    The region also boasts with the endangered freshwater turtle species, which are under a threat of extinction due to over-harvesting and destroyed habitat.
  18. Climate Change’s Negative Impact on Biodiversity
    This essay’s primary objective is to trace and evaluate the impact of climate change on biological diversity through the lens of transformations in the marine and forest ecosystems and evaluation of the agricultural sector both […]
  19. Biodiversity, Its Evolutionary and Genetic Reasons
    The occurrence of natural selection is hinged on the hypothesis that offspring inherit their characteristics from their parents in the form of genes and that members of any particular population must have some inconsiderable disparity […]
  20. Biodiversity, Its Importance and Benefits
    Apart from that, the paper is going to speculate on the most and least diverse species in the local area. The biodiversity can be measured in terms of the number of different species in the […]

💡 Most Interesting Biodiversity Topics to Write about

  1. Defining and Measuring Biodiversity
    Biodiversity is measured in terms of attributes that explore the quality of nature; richness and evenness of the living organisms within an ecological niche.
  2. Brazilian Amazonia: Biodiversity and Deforestation
    Secondly, the mayor persuaded the people to stop deforestation to save the Amazon. Additionally, deforestation leads to displacement of indigenous people living in the Amazonia.
  3. Biodiversity Markets and Bolsa Floresta Program
    Environmentalists and scholars of the time led by Lord Monboddo put forward the significance of nature conservation which was followed by implementation of conservation policies in the British Indian forests.
  4. Earth’s Biodiversity: Extinction Rates Exaggerated
    This is because most animals and plants have been projected to be extinct by the end of this century yet the method that is used to forecast this can exaggerate by more than 160%.
  5. Urban Plants’ Role in Insects’ Biodiversity
    The plants provide food, shelter and promote the defensive mechanisms of the insects. The observation was also an instrumental method that was used to assess the behavior and the existence of insects in relation to […]
  6. Biodiversity and Animal Population in Micronesia
    This means that in the future, the people living in Micronesia will have to move to other parts of the world when their homes get submerged in the water.
  7. Biodiversity: American Museum of Natural History
    While staying at the museum, I took a chance to visit the Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life and the Hall of Reptiles and Amphibians.
  8. California’s Coastal Biodiversity Initiative
    The considered threat to California biodiversity is a relevant topic in the face of climate change. To prevent this outcome, it is necessary to involve the competent authorities and plan a possible mode of operation […]
  9. Loss of Biodiversity in the Amazon Ecosystem
    The growth of the human population and the expansion of global economies have contributed to the significant loss of biodiversity despite the initial belief that the increase of resources can halt the adverse consequences of […]
  10. Global Warming: Causes and Impact on Health, Environment and the Biodiversity
    Global warming is defined in simple terms as the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface including the air and oceans in recent decades and if the causes of global warming are not […]
  11. Scientific Taxonomy and Earth’s Biodiversity
    A duck is a domestic bird that is reared for food in most parts of the world. It is associated with food in the household and is smaller than a bee.
  12. Natural Selection and Biodiversity
    These are featured by the ways in which the inhabiting organisms adapt to them and it is the existence of these organisms on which the ecosystems depend and therefore it is evident that this diversity […]
  13. The Importance of Biodiversity in Ecosystem
    The most urgent problem right now is to maintain the level of biodiversity in this world but it has to begin with a more in-depth understanding of how different species of flora and fauna can […]
  14. Biodiversity Hotspots and Environmental Ethics
    The magnitude of the problem of losing biodiversity hotspots is too great, to the extend of extinction of various species from the face of the earth.
  15. Biodiversity: Population Versus Ecosystem Diversity by David Tilman
    How is the variability of the plant species year to year in the community biomass? What is the rate of the plant productivity in the ecosystem?
  16. Ecological Consequences Due to Changes in Biodiversity
    The author is an ecologist whose main area of interest is in the field of biodiversity and composition of the ecosystem.
  17. A Benchmarking Biodiversity Survey of the Inter-tidal Zone at Goat Island Bay, Leigh Marine Laboratory
    Within each quadrant, the common species were counted or, in the case of seaweed and moss, proliferation estimated as a percentage of the quadrant occupied.
  18. Biodiversity: Importance and Benefits
    This is due to the fact that man is evolving from the tendency of valuing long term benefits to a tendency of valuing short terms benefits.
  19. Biodiversity Conservation: Tropical Rainforest
    The forest is not a threat to many species and that, therefore, helps in showing that conserving this forest will be of great benefit to many species. The disadvantage of conserving the Mangrove Forest is […]
  20. Restoring the Everglades Wetlands: Biodiversity
    The Act lays out the functions and roles of the Department of Environmental Protection and the South Florida Water Management District in restoration of the Everglades.

📌 Simple & Easy Biodiversity Essay Titles

  1. Cold Water Coral Ecosystems and Their Biodiversity: A Review of Their Economic and Social Value
  2. Benchmarking DNA Metabarcoding for Biodiversity-Based Monitoring and Assessment
  3. Prospects for Integrating Disturbances, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Using Microbial Systems
  4. Enterprising Nature: Economics, Markets, and Finance in Global Biodiversity Politics
  5. Institutional Economics and the Behaviour of Conservation Organizations: Implications for Biodiversity Conservation
  6. Fisheries, Fish Pollution and Biodiversity: Choice Experiments With Fishermen, Traders and Consumers
  7. Last Stand: Protected Areas and the Defense of Tropical Biodiversity
  8. Hardwiring Green: How Banks Account For Biodiversity Risks and Opportunities
  9. Governance Criteria for Effective Transboundary Biodiversity Conservation
  10. Marine Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas for Penguins in Antarctica: Targets for Conservation Action
  11. Ecological and Economic Assessment of Forests Biodiversity: Formation of Theoretical and Methodological Instruments
  12. Environment and Biodiversity Impacts of Organic and Conventional Agriculture
  13. Food From the Water: How the Fish Production Revolution Affects Aquatic Biodiversity and Food Security
  14. Biodiversity and World Food Security: Nourishing the Planet and Its People
  15. Climate Change and Energy Economics: Key Indicators and Approaches to Measuring Biodiversity
  16. Conflicts Between Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration Programs: Economic and Legal Implications
  17. Models for Sample Selection Bias in Contingent Valuation: Application to Forest Biodiversity
  18. Optimal Land Conversion and Growth With Uncertain Biodiversity Costs
  19. Internalizing Global Externalities From Biodiversity: Protected Areas and Multilateral Mechanisms of Transfer
  20. Combining Internal and External Motivations in Multi-Actor Governance Arrangements for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

👍 Good Essay Topics on Biodiversity

  1. Balancing State and Volunteer Investment in Biodiversity Monitoring for the Implementation of CBD Indicators
  2. Differences and Similarities Between Ecological and Economic Models for Biodiversity Conservation
  3. Globalization and the Connection of Remote Communities: Household Effects and Their Biodiversity Implications
  4. Shaded Coffee and Cocoa – Double Dividend for Biodiversity and Small-Scale Farmers
  5. Spatial Priorities for Marine Biodiversity Conservation in the Coral Triangle
  6. One World, One Experiment: Addressing the Biodiversity and Economics Conflict
  7. Alternative Targets and Economic Efficiency of Selecting Protected Areas for Biodiversity Conservation in Boreal Forest
  8. Analysing Multi Level Water and Biodiversity Governance in Their Context
  9. Agricultural Biotechnology: Productivity, Biodiversity, and Intellectual Property Rights
  10. Renewable Energy and Biodiversity: Implications for Transitioning to a Green Economy
  11. Agricultural Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services of Major Farming Systems
  12. Integrated Land Use Modelling of Agri-Environmental Measures to Maintain Biodiversity at Landscape Level
  13. Changing Business Perceptions Regarding Biodiversity: From Impact Mitigation Towards New Strategies and Practices
  14. Forest Biodiversity and Timber Extraction: An Analysis of the Interaction of Market and Non-market Mechanisms
  15. Poverty and Biodiversity: Measuring the Overlap of Human Poverty and the Biodiversity Hotspots
  16. Protecting Agro-Biodiversity by Promoting Rural Livelihoods
  17. Maintaining Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability
  18. Landscape, Legal, and Biodiversity Threats That Windows Pose to Birds: A Review of an Important Conservation Issue
  19. Variable Mating Behaviors and the Maintenance of Tropical Biodiversity
  20. Species Preservation and Biodiversity Value: A Real Options Approach

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